Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, currently touring the United States this week for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual conference, is planning a swing through the Silicon Valley, the first California visit from an Israeli prime minister since 2006.

He’s scheduled to have lunch with Apple CEO Tim Cook later today and will meet with WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum, a Jewish Ukrainian immigrant who made a fortune by selling his startup to Facebook for $19 billion last month

Following his lunch with with Cook, Netanyahu will head to Stanford where he will meet President Hennessy and do some national TV interviews.

Perhaps the two men will discuss launching official Apple Stores in Israel?

Netanyahu will also sign an agreement with California Governer Jerry Brown which will enable Israeli companies to tap resources of the California Innovation Network (CIN).

The CIN is comprised of sixteen iHub business incubators located around the state and the agreement is mutually beneficial as iHub members get to benefit, too, should any new interesting technology come out of Israel.

The California Israel Chamber of Commerce already co-operates with tech titans like Facebook, Microsoft, PayPay, eBay, Oracle and others. It’s worth pointing out that more than 150 Israeli-based startups are now located in Silicon Valley.

Netanyahu said his country has “a huge concentration of engineers.”

“And from what I gather, they’re crazy over there just like we’re crazy over here, working all hours of the day, going killer on startups and project ideas,” he remarked.

Apple operates three research and development center in Israel.

In 2012, the iPhone maker opened a second Israeli development center in the town of Haifa, in addition to its previous R&D facility in the country. Last year, a third R&D facility went online in Israel, staffed with 150+ former Texas Instruments semiconductor engineers who are working alongside Apple’s wireless and semiconductor teams in California on new chip designs.

More importantly, Israeli startups helped develop some of Apple’s cutting-edge technologies. For example, Apple in December 2011 bought the Israeli flash memory developer Anobit for the reported $500 million to help advance and optimize reliability and performance of flash storage utilized by Mac and iOS-based products.

And of course, July 2012 brought another acqui-hire as Apple snapped up a company called AuthenTec for $356 million. AuthenTec was the world’s top supplier of smart sensors and its talented engineers moved to California to help develop the iPhone 5s’s Touch ID fingerprint reader.

And just last November, watchers were stunned learning that Apple purchased Israeli 3D sensor technology company PrimeSense for the reported $345 million.

Fruits of that partnership have yet to materialize.

For what it’s worth, pundits speculate that the PrimeSense deal is an indication of some sort of gesture-based Apple TV interface because PrimeSense tech, chips and designs power the original Microsoft Kinect motion sensor for the Xbox 360.

Another possibility: PrimeSense’s 3D tech could improve Apple Maps.

Yet another possibility: folks who joined Apple from PrimeSense are said to work on camera hardware for future iOS devices and TV products, according to sources briefed on Apple’s plans who talked to 9to5Mac‘s Mark Gurman.

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    New World Order ????

    R.I.P. Privacy !! R.I.P. Humanity !!

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      Nobody is forcing you to use these you know.

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    peace treaty may be very soon for Israel. BIBLE PROPHECY

    • Where is the peace :/ on killing people & take their land???

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        April 15th

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        If you watch South Park you’ll already know the answer to this 😛

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      Israel is a big start up nation.
      waze viber and many more.
      just for your knowledge google Israel diffence force.
      the IDF never attacks inoccent ppl.
      also google israel negotiation and look at the huge support of israelies in peace.

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    Yes! Finally!!! Israeli people invented many things like flash storage (diskonkey), the touch id sensor and many more! Israel deserves at least one official apple store because even iPhone 5s 16 gig costs more than 1000 dollars!

    • Hyr3m

      Flash memory (both NOR and NAND types) was invented by Dr. Fujio Masuoka while working for Toshiba circa 1980.
      Also, I seriously doubt that fingerprint sensors were invented in Israel but w/e…

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    Why it’s not our home? It’s a country called Israel and not Palestine.

    • Hyr3m

      You can set your “home” in someone else’s backyard; all you need is a set of wooden boards and a doormat. That doesn’t mean your claim is legitimate or your excuse for doing so is valid enough to justify apartheid and crimes against humanity.

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    Israel NEVER called “palestine” before.

    just for your knowledge I think you should learn how to google things yourself, the place we came from is Israel and we were here before the arabs came here.


    today in Israel there are around the 1,700,000 arabs which are 21% of the population in Israel.
    They are considered as Israeli arab and they all get the SAME RIGHTS as any other israeli guy gets and they all get and Israeli ID.

    Israel support peace and this is why we NEVER attack inoccent ppl.

    This is why we support negotiation and why we are release prisoners terrorists with blood on their hands!!

    we will never get a true peace when there are Islamist groups like hamas hezbollah al qaeda and many more and supporters to these groups.

    sry for my spelling rules my english aint perfect.

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      i wish all the world will understand it!

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      • Tom

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        You have to understand what Zionists were before the illuminati started using their name and growing the movement and what they became after (and what happened/who they were willing to sacrifice in order to create their own illuminati state in the middle east).

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    Any real and educated Jew will tell you that Zionists are heretics. There’s currently a sort of apartheid in Israel and this “country” has claimed for a long time that the Geneva convention doesn’t apply to them. Zionists are the most antisemitic people on earth. Semitic people are the local inhabitants of these regions, not the Ashkenazim (yes, it says Nazi in there… [National Socialism = NaSo]) who started WW2.

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    Israel = Real Terrorism

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      No bro that’s not true!
      I’m Israeli, and I’m all up for peace in here!
      Maybe we’re being annoying with the peace talks, but Arabs blowing themselves up in here just to kill Israelis is not the way to go.
      Every action Israel does is a response for Arabs actions.
      I want peace man, but it’s not gonna happen unless both of us will want it!

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