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When Apple officially announced CarPlay, its highly anticipated vehicle integration project, yesterday, it noted the feature would support third-party music apps. The list it provided, however, was rather short including just iTunes Radio, Beats, Spotify, Stitcher Radio and iHeartRadio.

So what about all of the others? It’s not looking good. Pandora confirmed with MacRumors last night that CarPlay will not include integration with its popular streaming music service, at least at launch. Despite this, the company says that Apple “continues to be a valued partner.”

Here’s the statement via MacRumors:

“At this time, Pandora is not integrated with Apple CarPlay. As a first mover in the auto space, we continue to broaden our relationships with OEMs while also exploring other opportunities to expand our presence in the car. Apple has been and continues to be a valued partner.”

It’s unclear why Apple chose to leave apps like Pandora off the launch list, but the site speculates that it could be because its service is so similar to iTunes Radio. They both offer station-based, customizable radio stations based on a user’s preference in genre, artist and listening habits.

But to be honest, Pandora probably isn’t too concerned with the launch omission, considering its app is already integrated with over 100 different vehicle models (BMW, GM, etc.) and various aftermarket devices. And from the sound of it, it’s working with Apple for a future CarPlay deal.

For those who missed it yesterday, Apple unveiled CarPlay at the Geneva Motor Show. Previously referred to as ‘iOS in the Car,’ the feature enables iPhone users to access Maps, Messages, Phone and other apps via their in-car controls and display to allow for safer operating while driving.

CarPlay will debut in vehicles from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo this week, but will be made available by dozens of other manufacturers at a later time.

  • on3simpleclick

    I would love to see some after-market headunits from companies like Sony, Pioneer etc, sporting the Carplay operating system. The integration with the
    cars might not be as tight, but it would be awesome having it in my car nonetheless. Definitely would buy it to replace my current headunit.

  • hkgsulphate

    How about Cydia in the future? :p

    • on3simpleclick

      Oh, I can definitely see it being jailbroken. It is still essentially iOS.

    • I thought it’s just a screen that your iPhone can airplay to.

      • Chliii

        It is. Basically it’s just the air play feature bundled into an app. Jailbreak devs will have unrestrictors in no time, as long as 7.1 ends up be jail broken itself…

    • diggitydang

      I can just see everyone taking apart the dashboard to get a USB cable running to the back of it, hooking it up to a laptop on the passenger seat to run evasi0n…

  • Judge

    I can’t believe that this car play is getting so much news. Guys have been putting iPads in their cars for years. I have one in my car and love it

    • True; iPad + Velcro. Now we can get our local car dealer to retrofit a CarPlay Dash hopefully. Its just a dashboard with a screen running the Carplay app.

  • Judge

    Again this is news? Google videos ipad in the car this has already been done

    • blastingbigairs

      I think your iPad being in your car is cooler than this is going to be honestly. I think this will be a dumbed-down version of IOS with limited capabilities. For example, no Pandora???

      • Judge

        Let’s see $299.00 iPad mini or $199.00 nexus 7. Custom mount $100.00 or cheap $30.00 mount. I can use ALL the functions of my iPad instead of just certain ones. I can connect via Bluetooth or aux cable. Still use my data plan. I can take it out at will (doctors office, shopping) to use. Much cheaper than a Ferrari

      • blastingbigairs


  • Guest

    The picture on the leftt is a ipad mini installed into a toyota corolla and the one on the right is this new car play in a benz (right from Cnet’s wensite)….hmm which one looks better and has more functionality? You decide?

  • Judge

    The one on top is an ipad mini installed in a Toyota Corolla the one on the bottom is this new Car play in a benz. Which one looks better? which one has more functionality? You decide