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Ayecon is probably the most well-known jailbreak theme of all time, and for good reason; it was groundbreaking upon its initial release, harnessing the power of the then newly-christened Retina display for insanely detailed and hyper-skeuomorphic app icons.

But when Apple decided to switch things up with iOS 7—ushering in its first post-Forstall release and shedding tons of skeuomorphic weight in the process—Ayecon no longer felt fresh and new. Ayecon is like the anti-iOS 7, because it heavily depends on the now outdated skeuomorphic identity of iOS 6 and below.

When the iOS 7 version of Ayecon was released earlier this year, it was met with mixed reactions due to its polarizing nature when compared to iOS 7. Although some pledged unequivocal allegiance to the legendary theme, not a few were disappointed that it didn’t usher in something new, something more iOS 7 appropriate, something, well, more flat.

Surenix’s first new theme since Ayecon is the perfect answer to the semi-collective “meh” heard across the jailbreak community. Instead of trying to shoehorn an old theme into a mold it was never intended to fit, a fresh new start was warranted. Ayeris is that fresh start.

Unlike Ayecon’s heavy-handed approach to design, Ayeris is a much more subtle re-imagining of iOS 7. We’ve been testing Ayeris for the past few weeks on our day-to-day devices, and we’d like to show it to you now. Check inside for our full hands-on review and video.

Installing Ayeris

Ayeris will be available for $3.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. You will, of course, need a jailbroken iPhone in order to use this theme. Ayeris is an iPhone only jailbreak theme that requires the WinterBoard framework.

Ayeris WinterBoard

Once you download and install Ayeris, you’ll need to open WinterBoard and enable the theme. Ayeris features three sections to enable via WinterBoard, and you’ll need to enable all three sections in order to get the full Ayeris experience.


Like Ayecon, Ayeris comes bundled with a plethora of themed app icons. All of the stock iOS app icons have been tweaked and themed to match the overall style of Ayeris, and many of the popular third-party applications have been themed as well. In fact, there are well over 200 different app icons that have been themed and tweaked, some drastically, some not-so-drastically, but generally for the better.

If you find that a particular app you like to use hasn’t been included with Ayeris’ icon-set, Surenix has set up a form so that users will be able to submit requests. He says that he plans on doing frequent updates to implement new icons and UI changes throughout the life of the theme.

Six beautiful new wallpapers are included along with some updated status bar icons, and system-wide UI tweaks in stock apps like Mail and Safari. Again, the updates and tweaks are nowhere near as drastic as Ayecon, but the changes are noticeable if you pay attention.

Stock app icons

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the stock application icons. All of the app icons have been changed in some way. Some of the changes are limited to the color gradients of the app icon’s background, whereas others are complete alterations from top to bottom.

Stock Icons Ayeris

Stock iOS 7 on the left, Ayeris on the right

Safari UI tweaks

Safari Ayeris

Notice the buttons at the bottom, stock iOS 7 is on the left

Mail UI tweaks

Mail Ayeris

Again, notice the subtle differences; stock iOS 7 is on the left


Ayeris Wallpaper

Six new wallpapers compliment the new app icons

Ayeris is the result of many months of meticulous designing, re-designing, and starting from scratch. Just in the brief time that I’ve been beta testing the theme, there have been several iterative changes that have switched-up the look in subtle areas.

This is not an overt punch-you-in-the-mouth sort of theme. This is a wine taster’s theme. It’s aimed at a sophisticated palate, one who has tired from the themes that simply try to do too much. It’s a theme for those of us who realize that Apple’s designers have some really good ideas, ideas that don’t necessarily need to be totally thrown out to pasture. Maybe Apple’s designs just need a little tweaking? A subtle shift from here to there, a curve instead of a hard angle.

But sophistication won’t exactly come cheap. Ayeris will be available for $3.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. For some, that could be pushing the limits of what is acceptable from a pricing standpoint, or perhaps users will appreciate the amount of work that has been put into this theme, and reward Surenix accordingly.



One thing’s for certain, if you generally enjoy the look and feel of iOS 7, you should definitely try this alternate take on Apple’s design if at all possible. Whether it’s better than iOS 7’s design as a whole is going to be up for personal debate, but I don’t think there’s any question that it is. I plan on keeping Ayeris on my daily driver for the foreseeable future, and I’m willing to go out on the limb and say that many of you reading this will too.

Ayeris is what people probably expected from the updated version of Ayecon for iOS 7, but Ayecon is Ayecon, and it can never be changed. Skeuomorphism is what made Ayecon so special, and it wouldn’t have been right for Surenix to ditch its design to appease iOS 7 users. Instead, Surenix did the logical thing and created a from-scratch iOS 7 theme called Ayeris, and it’s really good.

What do you think? Do you plan on using Ayeris on your iPhone? Share your thoughts about Ayeris in the comment section down below.

  • addicted to BVB! :)

    anyone knows where i can find the homescreen wallpaper? 🙂

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Settings –> Wallpaper & Brightness?

      • Alex Miamorsch


      • Brian Brown


      • Jonathan

        I think he means the one shown in the example above.

      • addicted to BVB! :)

        i mean if you don’t have the theme, i won’t buy a theme just to have that wallpaper 😉

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        As nice as the wallpapers in Ayeris are I actually prefer the stock wallpapers 😉

      • addicted to BVB! :)

        nah, don’t like that one 😀

  • Mario Britten

    Oh my god I want this so bad but I cannot buy it because I have no PayPal account :'(

    • Alex Miamorsch

      amazon payments?

    • Liam Mulcahy

      make a Paypal account its not hard

      • Mario Britten

        I’m not old enough

      • Jonathan

        Ehm, how old do you have to be? I’m 14 and have one.

      • Mario Britten

        I heard you have to be 18 (Europe)?

      • Cesar D

        I’m 14 too. Yeah, you need, but who cares? I mean, no one will see, no one will care, and no one will notice. So, why not?

      • Mario Britten

        I thought there was an age verfication or something and that’s why I didn’t even try to create one..maybe now I will 😀

      • Falk M.

        Paypal don’t massively care. Money doesn’t stink and solid verification would increase their costs.

  • Rot Kelfer

    $4 for this? no thanks.

    • Leonard Wong

      I agree with you.Ayecon is $3 and it is acceptable but $4 for a theme is quite pricey.

      • Mark Keeble

        Agreed, Especially when most of the icons are just iOS 7 stock with a few subtle changes. I mean I bought Ayecon, but $4 for mostly iOS 7 stock icons. no thanks

    • ehX

      I’m an Apple fanboy, but I’m not blind. You pay a crapton of money for an iPhone or an iPad when a good chunk of that cash goes to the brand and nothing else, but then you complain over a $4 theme? You have the money…

      • Sean Clark

        I prefer having $4 extra in a pocket than a theme. Screw me, right?

      • Rot Kelfer

        no, I don’t have the money, I spent it on the iPhone

      • Anthony Antunez

        The icons are not a massive redesign like the Ayecon ones and for $4 you can get other heavily detailed themes that took a lot more time to make then simply going into photoshop and slightly redesigning an existing icon. I love Surenix and his themes but $4 for slightly different icons from the OS you get for free with the device already? Not worth it IMO. This should be $2 at most.

  • Leonard Wong

    Sorry,I am going to be the first one to not agree what you guys said.
    I have to say that not all his creations is awesome including this one and exclude ayecon.
    Ayecon is really a great design done as a theme but Iris change is too subtle and I don’t feel it bring the vibrancy of the icons.

  • Brian Brown

    Wallpaper ?

    • Hak Attack

      Do you really not pay attention to the shots? It’s default with Ayeris.

      • Brian Brown

        “Do you really have to seem like a complete piece of shit?” Lol

        Usually someone throughout the thread would post the wallpapers after accessing them from ifile

      • Brian Brown

        Like c’mon now, you kind of set yourself up for that one…

      • Hak Attack

        Unfortunately, I do not have Ayeris. I would have sent them in to you. But 3.99 is just too much.

      • Brian Brown

        Completely understandable

      • sam

        wallpapers- hxxp://rghost.net/52633626

      • Brian Brown

        Yeahhhh. SAM!!

      • Brian Brown

        I’m unable to access the link though buddy


      • sam

        link is working just replace hxxp with http
        here is another link – hxxp://rghost.net/52648896

      • Brian Brown


      • Brian Brown

        They look great with space blueberry too man. Thanks Sam!

      • Brian Brown


  • Litchy

    I never themed before because I always thought it looked like someone is trying to hard. Today is the day that I get my first theme.

    Surenix just took the already good looking iOS 7 and got rid of the few things that don’t look good and optimized everything a bit. Perfect!

  • CPDigitalDarkroom

    Not really impressed with this, not the game changer Ayecon was.

    • 0_o

      Lol. Ayecon wasn’t a game changer. You people are crazy.

      • Rot Kelfer

        I agree, I understand someone might find Ayecon interesting, but calling it a game changer? Come on!

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    Finally found my dream-theme, thanks surenix <3

    • MrShutEmDown

      wake up, you still have a lot of stock icons with just some added glare. Could’ve used that $4 bucks to buy coffee and stay up.

      • Siddharth Desai

        Why does it gripe your ass if he bought it with his money?

      • MrShutEmDown

        I’m pretty sure there’s other ways to speak as an adult without cursing.

      • ehX

        If you have an iPhone or iPad you had money to waste on buying a product for the (awesome) brand. It’s not like you don’t have the money or anything.

      • Thiago Vaccaro

        Dudes, why are you guys even argueing? (sorry about the english), i LOVE detailed textures, and at the same time i LOVE flatness, Ayeris has both of then, and until today i couldn’t find ANY themes that is gorgeous, detailed and flat. So, why wouldn’t i buy this? 4 dollars? Really? Not expensive at all. And Surenix made a brilliant job. Every single individual in this planet has their own taste. Just respect it.

      • Rot Kelfer

        stop telling people they have money just because they own an iPhone.

  • Thanks, Surenix, already bought it!

  • Prasoon Singh

    Too bad I don’t have money 🙁

  • At

    I wouldn’t pay this much for a theme, right now I’m stuck on flatshadow7. Also, ios7 lockscreen weather is worth the 1.49!

    • Jonathan

      No offense, but ew to the gloss layer.

      • MHCsk

        Yea, it looks like iOS 3 or somethin’.

      • Hey! iOS 3 is pretty. I still use it on a daily basis.

  • Jedediah Kramer

    Surenix did great justice to the icon for Paper! Hell Facebook should pay him and use that icon design.

    • Surenix

      I guess I’ll wait for the email from Facebook 😛

      • Jedediah Kramer

        They should send you one about those wallpapers too. That first green night sky one is simply beautiful

  • Merman123

    It looks stock. So many other arguably better and free themes. It’s only because It’s by Surenix that people bandwagon. Any other dev would be getting s*** for charging this much for that.

    • MrShutEmDown

      I thoguht I was the only one thinking people were hyping and buying this off of the developers name. Then again, I’m that way with all Apple products 🙁

  • weztimonial

    i can’t look at that map icon

  • Cameron Chao

    i think many of you are overrating surenix, this theme looks good, but just good, not $4 good, its not as nice as flat7 and a few other themes out there that are free. I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a theme priced above $3 either.

    • Surenix

      It’s true when they say, “there’s a first for everything : P” or you’re not looking at the right place.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Icons looks pretty DAMM cool. The only negative part is your wallpaper selected for this demo. It’s simply kills the unique look of the icons. The Wallpaper just too busy for my taste. Just my opinion.

  • Fevostone

    There is a theme called ultraflat witch is just as nice.

  • Trove

    The greatest theme is the Elite Pro series no other theme csn garner millions of views and forum posts like Elite has just look at ModMyi Site thread.

  • Yawwwn

    Lol this is shit. Ugly like iOS 7. Ayecon wasn’t that impressive either there are way way better themes.

  • Kyle Adams

    I’ll stick with Solstice.

    • Rot Kelfer

      I used to love Solstice, then I tried Soft Remix, and I can’t go back.

  • Jhon

    $4 is too much for this theme!

    Ayecon was worth the money but this is not 🙁

    Sorry surenix but this has disappointed 🙁

  • MHCsk

    In my opinion Jeff really overhypes Surenixes themes.

  • iDB

    is there a way to download it for free?

    • JS3

      go to hell you fu*king pirate!!!! support the devs and all their hard work!!!

      • Rot Kelfer

        maybe if the theme wasn’t so expensive, people wouldn’t need to pirate it. greediness doesn’t pay.

    • Abi Manyu

      of course, google is your bff 😉 but since its a new theme, i think the ‘free’ version will starting to appear tomorrow

      • Elvis Rodríguez

        I think that a demo version would’ve be the best option towards people curious about the theme yet unwilling to pay $4.00 for it-just a lot-. Anyway I’m no seeing myself getting this theme for its price.

      • Elvis Rodríguez

        I bought the theme to review it :-/ and. I still waiting for a bigger interface change for $4.00. It’s a decent theme and well build and stable. But it’s very much the same interface you already have. However I’m optimist to see what’s on the built since I bought it now…..

  • JS3

    im sorry but why is it that EVERYONE including Jeff forsure, puts this surenix guy on a pedestal. this this is almost exactly like stock ios and you guys are acting like its some huge accomplishment…. there are MANY of beautiful themes that put this one to shame and they get ZERO spotlight. Now dont get me wrong im very greatful for this guys work as ayecon is a wonderful theme but i just feel as if he gets over hyped by too many ppl….

    • MrShutEmDown

      I completely agree with everything said. Popular developers get the attention. I’m still waiting on AltKeyboard 2 after the “end of january” promise date. A3Tweaks gets a lot of hype on IDB too.

      • Surenix

        Hard /good/ work takes time. Or you can do it yourself. 🙂

      • MrShutEmDown

        Or I can support another theme. That’s one of the few perks of the jailbreak community, some actually enjoy the art of jailbreaking and tweaking, and don’t need to be financed at a peak rate to do it.

        I’ve purchased your theme out of support, but my opinion stands.

  • CAS

    I like this theme, in fact is the first one I ever bought, but I agree that there are some themers than deserve a spotlight like surenix.

  • hkgsulphate

    Apple should hire this guy

    • MrShutEmDown

      For what? They designed majority of the icons he added glare to for this theme.

      • ehX

        Look at the Game Center icon. Surenix actually KNOWS what he’s doing when designing icons. In my opinion he’s better than Apple, and I think that’s kind of sad that their design team makes such ugly icons like Safari, Game Center, and Photos. He’s better than their team, so yes, I think he should be hired.

  • Rares

    The first and the last wallpapers look so delicious!

  • Dan

    it’s nice, but doesn’t bring enough change, not worth 4$ imo. I recently got Carla theme and I’m happy with it.

    • Big fan of Carla myself too! I wanted to get away from some of the Apple icons, not tweak them. Carla is great and should get a review ob here.

  • Barry

    Unrelated, but I want to know: What do you guys think of my homescreen? I made really slight adjustments.

    • JS3

      how did you get the square/circle look to the stock icons? i need that tweak

      • Barry

        You mean how I got the icons rounded?

      • JS3


      • Barry

        Go to Cydia and download Icon Masks, it’s a theme for Winterboard. When you downloaded it, go to Winterboard and then to the themes. Slide down until you see ‘(M)Square Rounded (50%)’

      • JS3


      • Barry

        Let me know if you like it. 🙂

  • Martin

    Looks nice and all, but not sure about the 4$ charge. Buying it anyway 🙂

  • Daniel Beecham

    WTF $4???? No no no no, i Have Ayeco

    • Soleros

      Where do you find it?

  • Roger Simons

    I have to agree.

    I love Ayecon, but Ayeris just doesn’t do “enough” to make it worth the purchase this time around.

    I’ll pass.

  • dpmit

    Such a beautiful theme. I personally am a fan of a stock-type looking phone, but hate most of the stock icons. I think this theme is a perfect balance of stock and themed. Truly great work on this one, bought it the second I saw the reddit post. I understand where some people are coming from liking themes that stray way off the path of Apple’s original work, I used to like that as well, and personally I don’t think this is a theme for those people. But for the people that do like the stock look, this theme compliments perfectly. $4 is pretty steep for a theme, but if it’s something you’re going to use for a while, and if you like it as much as I do, it’s well worth it when you see it on your homescreen. Throwing negative thoughts out on a theme you don’t even like is overrated. Great job Surenix!

    • Surenix

      Thank you for your support 🙂

      • Imitsu

        I am totally agree. I have waited all day since I saw the name on IDB. I was so excited and it worth it so much. I was a great fan of The Elite series rather than Ayecon. But iOS 7 I loved the flat design and like a lot of people, I haven’t found yet the precious. I have one question to Surenix: I want to submit one icon name Avplayer and the form URL in the article doesn’t work. I just want a color gradient adjustment to fit the other icons. Hope to see it in the next update.
        I completely recommend it.

  • Blip dude

    Wait, this is why Ayecon hasn’t been updated as it should?? I think I’ll take skeuomorphism any day (I got Carla and Ayecon installed right now). Don’t get me wrong, I can understand some people enjoy the simple subtle changes that can make the stock OS much much cleaner, but personally, something like this is worth $1 at best. For $4 I think I’ll pass and continue to hope that Surenix will continue to update Ayecon unlike those other that promised updates but never delivered. Perhaps if the price was lower I’d considered it, but as it is I know I am not missing out on much.

    • Surenix

      Pricing anything is extremely tough but I feel $3.99 for ayeris is right.

      ayecon released back in late iOS 4 days. I could have been like other developer and designer and charged $1.99 upgrade fee from iOS 4 to iOS 5. Then charge $1.99 again from iOS 5 to iOS 6, and again from iOS 6 to iOS 7 but I didn’t. I also released over 20+ updates while I was actively supporting ayecon full time.

      Think about this for a second.

      • I think that Ayecon owners should and would have gotten at least a $1-2 off for this. I was very surprised by the price myself and I have always been a bigger supporter of your work.

      • Surenix

        ayeris and ayecon are 2 different things. I don’t expect Apple to give me a 50% discount on iPhone 6 because I purchased iPhone 5s. Maybe? 😛

      • Sam

        Surenix has put in a lot of effort into this theme. Although appearance wise it looks really subtle, even those minor changes to this level of detail take quite some time and a lot of effort. I am saying this out of personal experience as I tried to do just a small part of this myself, and believe me, it took much more time and effort then I thought it would.

        So until you can out up something yourself, appreciate others who do so. Yes, it is expensive. So what? Its a free world. Buy it if u want to, don’t criticise if you can’t do it yourself.

  • Guest

    pff. Ayecon is a bad ripoff of much better themes. Funny how you’ve always had such a hardon for it..

  • Rico Haze

    Sorry Surenix, well appreciated but the subtle differences are not worth $4. As of right now Elite 7, is the most thought out theme in Cydia, in my opinion.

  • El_Salvador503

    wallpaper please

  • Jonathan Talbot

    I usually don’t like putting themes on my iDevice running iOS 7 because I just love the icons but this theme…… WOW!!!! awesome! Should be supported for iPad though

  • Fragio

    $4 for it is too expensive.. The whole theme just change a little bit of the default icons. It is not really worth it. And I think Jeff is too pushing Surenix products. As you can see Jeff always said Surenix’s products are awesome. Despite the fact that most of it does, but this theme would probably not.

    • Surrenix does do quite a bit for the jb community. Lots of tweaks on your phone probsbly have work done by him. Just sayin’…

  • Lionelle

    Bought it and I’m very dissapointed…

  • Super

    Someone post the wallpapers!

  • Weak

    Lol you’re all poor bastards. You’re complaining about the price. For me this theme just sucks in comparison and just in general. I theme because stock iOS is garbage even more so with iOS 7. This theme is too similar to iOS 7 stock and therefore it sucks. Even if this was free I wouldn’t DL it.

  • JS3

    i feel bad for the developer… hes getting so much hate for this theme. at the same time tho if it where only like 2 or 2.50 i bet it wouldnt be half as much hate. i think his work is great but he had to of seen this coming. 4 bucks for such subtle differences…? had to of seen it coming man…..

  • Bob

    No thanks. I love my set up 🙂

  • ehX

    I don’t mean to be cynical, but is anyone else getting a bit pissed off that a guy on the internet is making smarter design choices and in general seemingly a better graphic designer than Apple’s own freaking team? Seriously, he what Surenix does with this theme compared to the stock iOS 7 isn’t more creative as it is “what Apple should have done in the first place.”

    It’s kind of ridiculous. This theme is beautiful to me and I would definitely pay $4 for it, but the fact that Apple can’t do something like this (just look at the Game Center and Safari icons) is starting to get on my nerves.

    • Derp

      You’re talking about a company that took 7 versions of its OS just to bring in toggles.

    • Rot Kelfer

      it’s one way of looking at it.

  • Matt

    It’s pretty much the same thing, except a bit more feminine.

  • Rafael Castillo

    I love how Surenix is so meticulous. He definitely deserves a spot designing with Apple or a major company.

  • Micaiah Martin

    A lot of money for something that adds a some different colors and rounds the corners….Not trying to dis his work….just saying, $4 is a little much.

    – From one designer to another.

    • Surenix

      I’m truly sorry to say this but if all you see is “some different colors and rounds the corners”, you need to rethink your “designer” title.

      • Micaiah Martin

        Here is what I see: A lighter, but tiny color palette, A different approach to some of the icons, A border radius applied to many of the icons, Some UI shifts, and a little bit more simplification of some UI elements. Now don’t get me wrong. I love it, truly I do. I am just saying that you are logically asking too much for something that is not going to be very noticeable to the user nor anyone else. This is somthing what Apple does and we always criticize it. Where there is a minimal change yet they ask for a pretty good chunk of money. I think a lot of people are going to be seeing that you are trying to sell more of your title than your product. Aycon was indeed worth the money. Just because it made such a huge change and it was absolutely beautiful. This is extremely tiny in comparison of Aycon yet you still charge $4(more than Aycon If I remember correctly). So that is what I hate most about this theme.

        Also I am wondering, are you theme designers finding it harder to actually make something stunning now that Apple has leaped forward so much into the design trend of line icons, flat, and minimalistic?

      • Surenix

        “are you theme designers finding it harder to actually make something stunning now that Apple has leaped forward so much into the design trend of line icons, flat, and minimalistic?”

        Try it for yourself. Make a theme and maybe you can answer some of your own questions. Where we currently stand, I can’t share my own personal experiences with you unless you go through it yourself.

      • Micaiah Martin

        I have made plenty of themes for iOS 6. I used to have a website up with all of them and there was a good community. Since iOS 7 though, I haven’t done any just because I have switched over to software engineering. Someday I will though! 😀

      • Micaiah Martin

        This is what I see
        Some tiny color changes,
        Border radius applied to some UI icons,
        shades applied to icons,
        some new icons,
        and some change to the stock ui icons.

        It just seems to me that you are selling more your title than the actual product. It barely changes anything on your phone. It’s hard for someone to actually notice the difference. I am not saying it’s terrible. It’s just not $4 worth. Unlike Aycon, where you would have a huge UI remake and everything, this is such a tiny theme. Yet, you charge more than Aycon (from when I last checked). I just don’t get it man, I know that time is precious and you got to make some money. But $4 for something that barely does anything is kind of insulting yourself.

  • Pato111

    Can’t wait to get it for free 🙂

  • s0me

    Themes should be renamed to icons. Themes should change more than just the icons. Oh and for the people that complain about the price DONT buy it, the dev can ask as much as he wants its his work.

    • Surenix

      With iOS 7, there’s not much to change, unfortunately 🙁