Resized PhotoBooth Port iPhone CoolStar

The last Photo Booth port for iPhone that we covered didn’t worked very well. It featured only a handful of effects, and it was susceptible to crashes. To add insult to injury, the legality of such a port has been debated, because it redistributes assets from Apple.

Thankfully, CoolStar, the iOS hacker and jailbreak mainstay, has devised his own version of Photo Booth, and it features none of the caveats listed above. Check inside as we walk through this latest version of Photo Booth for the iPhone.

Once you install Photo Booth (iOS 7) for iPhone, you’ll see the familiar Photo Booth app icon on your iPhone’s Home screen. Launching and using the app works just like Photo Booth does on the iPad. This is literally a fully working Photo Booth port for the iPhone, with little to no downsides that I can report.

All of the Photo Booth themes from the iPad version make the cut:

  • Thermal Camera
  • Mirror
  • X-Ray
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Light Tunnel
  • Squeeze
  • Twirl
  • Stretch

CoolStar did an admirable job of porting Photo Booth to the iPhone in a way that’s almost completely devoid of bugs—he claims it’s “99% bug free”—and legal. The download pulls in the necessary files it needs directly from Apple, so there’s no shady redistribution going on in this Photo Booth build.

Best of all, Photo Booth (iOS 7) for iPhone is a free download, and available publicly on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let me know what you think about Photo Booth for iPhone down below in the comments section.

  • Justin Mahone

    Already Got it, very good tweak

  • locomambo

    wow just tried it and it is awesome..thanks coolstar

  • Jonathan

    When I tap a desired effect, how do I go back to the list of all of them? I can’t figure it out..

  • Matthew Cleveland

    “The last Photo Booth port for iPhone that we covered didn’t worked very well.”
    Jeff, your English didn’t work very well. 😛

    • Palmer Paul

      *English didn’t worked

  • sshadowssin

    Not working for me. Installs, but no icon in springboard. 🙁

    • Matt

      Same here

    • Wyeth Dion

      It takes a few resprings, possibly even a reboot. I installed it and just left it there for awhile and after a few resprings, it showed up and worked fine.

      • sshadowssin

        Resprung a few times, rebooted, nothing. I’ll leave it on for half day and see what happens.

    • sshadowssin

      Uninstalled 1Pal tweak and now it works.

  • Danilo Gonzalez

    doesn’t work on my iPhone 5s 🙁