Eclipse Before and After

Eclipse is a new jailbreak tweak that brings a system-wide dark mode to iOS 7. The tweak, which should be available shortly on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, will cost $0.99.

Dark mode, or nighttime mode as it is often called, is beneficial when using the iPhone at night. It reduces eye strain caused by using a light (and bright) screen while in a dark environment.

Lots of standalone apps incorporate some sort of dark mode; Tweetbot is the one that instantly comes to mind, but iOS itself has never featured a true dark mode at the system level. Eclipse is seeking to change that. It’s not perfect, but the developer is on the right track. Full video walkthrough after the jump.

Once Eclipse is installed, head to the stock Settings app to enable Eclipse. In addition to the kill switch, you’ll find toggles to darken wallpapers and enable orange tint. You’ll also find one more toggle under the experimental section for darkening UIViews.

After enabling the toggles, you’ll need to kill every app on your iPhone. You should do so by opening the app switcher, and sliding up on every page to remove every app.

Not all of the apps play nice with Eclipse, but many do. You’ll notice apps like the stock Clock app, Messages, Mail, App Store, iTunes and others look good with Eclipse enabled. Other apps, like Mail, and the Phone app look good with the exception of a few areas. But apps like Calendar, Notes and Safari, don’t seem to work well at all. It’s going to take some experimentation to see which apps work well for you, and which don’t.

Eclipse Settings App
Eclipse works very well in many regards

One of the most glaring issues comes about when enabling the experimental UIViews option and using it with the Calendar app. It’s a terrible looking combination, but to be fair to the developer, he did warn us that experimental features may cause some issues.

By far the best looking app while running Eclipse is the stock Settings app. In my opinion, the stock Settings app is the best example of what Eclipse can do, and why it has the potential to be so beneficial. Be sure to watch our video walkthrough above for more details on all of the different apps mentioned in this written walkthrough.

Eclipse Bad example
Eclipse makes some apps look bad

The aforementioned orange tint toggle turns all of the blue outlined buttons and blue text found throughout iOS as a whole into orange outlined buttons with orange text. It’s a good looking combination (black and orange), but black and blue is attractive as well.

The darken wallpaper option, according developer, Guillermo Moran, forces lighter wallpaper to take on a darker tint. The wallpaper that I used in the video walkthrough makes the effect hard to notice, but I can confirm that the lighter colored wallpaper is noticeably darker when this toggle is enabled.

Eclipse Apps
Night mode is better for the eyes when using your iPhone in darkness

As you can see from this post and from the video walkthrough, Eclipse isn’t perfect, but it’s a welcomed step in the right direction. For anyone who uses their iPhone in the dark, you probably already understand how beneficial such a feature can be.

As stated at the outset, Eclipse should be available any moment from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It’ll be $0.99 once it touches down, and it’s an iOS 7 and iPhone only release.

What do you think? Share your thoughts about Eclipse in the comments below.

  • Ben


    • Stacy J. Sawyer

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    • Uhm, what’s the differene between this and accessibility black-on-white mode?

      • Rey Hernandez

        Do you mean the invert colors feature?

      • Yup, that’s what I meant, but it actually inverts images and videos…guess that’s the selling point of this tweak.

      • Cristian Kovacs

        the difference is that it does not change the icon colors and when you take a screenshot it keeps the colors you see when it is normal mode, unlike when you invert colors.

  • Android is that you?

    • TDD140

      Partially, I think so!

    • Lol. Good one!

    • Jonathan

      I’d like to keep my iOS clean from Android. xD
      But AWESOME TWEAK!!! Black iPhone users will love this!!

      • That’s racist. White people will like it too. xD

      • Ishaan Malhotra


      • RarestName

        Yellow and brown people as well.

      • David Villamizar

        Orange people will rape the purchase button.

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      • Julian Gigola

        nice one!

      • Chinezeks

        Ha, you’re the one who quit once you realized you were loosing the letterpress game. Tsk tsk. Fancy running into you here.

      • Julian Gigola

        haha yeah man wanna rematch?

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      • Matt Taylor

        Just made me laugh my ass off lol

      • It was super funny dude

      • Jonathan

        Sorry. I forgot to laugh.
        I’ll make it even.
        *installs on WHITE iPod Touch 5*
        There, no more racist.

      • Brady Nielsen

        Just installed on white iPhone 5, haha! I like not having my eyes assaulted with white. That’s why I use f.lux religiously on all of my devices.

      • Jonathan

        You know, 9 months later I’m coming back to this. I meant iPhones that are black, not black people. lol xD

      • Lmao that’s hilarious

    • Tyler Allen

      Both Android and Apple have been stealing from the jailbreak scene for years. This is nothing new. The apple “fan boys” are always the ones with the ideas. At the end of the day system wise BSD crushes Linux – apple and android!

      • Poo

        But tbh since ios5 apple has been stealing and stealing ideas from Android & Jailbreak ideas.

  • Huntz


  • Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Invert colors


    • on3simpleclick

      yikes. no thanks.

    • I was going to mention the same thing, but nah. That just doesn’t work. Some things you want inverted, and some things you don’t. Like images, for example. Or app icons.

      • You are right. Images and videos doo look funny with “invert colors” on. Might try the tweak soon though.

  • on3simpleclick

    Looks like this tweak still needs a bit of refinement in some places, but this is definitely one to watch. Would LOVE to be able to change the secondary color to whatever I want, because the orange doesn’t do it for me personally.. (would love to have blue) otherwise, awesome tweak!

    • Mee

      I’d prefer PURPLE!

  • Hunter Green

    I simply “invert colors” via accessibility…

    • Anthony Nguyen

      it looks so ugly though

    • Prasoon Singh

      Have fun looking at pictures and videos in inverted colors.

      • Maxim∑

        well its not that fun looking at text with a white block around it either

  • King

    Does it tiny the keyboard or is that bloard?

    • Prasoon Singh

      I think it’s bloard.

    • Bailey Carr

      It’s actually iKeyWi good tweak adds another row of keys that are customizable, looks and works great with bloard!

  • Prasoon Singh


  • Jonathan Liu

    Calendar looks really messed up

    • Jeff Ramirez

      Not a problem for us fantastical users.

  • Jonathan

    It’d be nice if it had Activator support to enable/disable. 🙂

  • Joe

    I love the idea about this. Either a CC toggle or activator support would be huge. Better option? Location. f.lux knows when to transition to night-time tint. It’d be great to see this one incorporate that.

  • Anthony Nguyen

    I really wished the app store looked more like the iTunes Movie section, where the labels are colored blue but i waited for so long for this. this is great

    • Prasoon Singh

      I think he said that there is an option to turn on and off the orange color.

    • Jonathan

      If you don’t like the orange, you could probably rummage through iFile and find the color and change the number color to your liking.

      • Brandon Higgins

        I believe everything is coded including the tint color therefor it’s not possible. Tweaks need time for updates.

      • Joe

        Is Flex a possibility? I dunno. I’ve never dabbled with Flex.

  • Pukka12

    0.99? Seriously. I know it’s not much but all the app does is change the color. Way to many tweaks as of lately that cost $$ for small thigs….

    • Andrew Roth

      Don’t pirate it though. Usually if you email developers and ask for a free one they’ll give it to you. Just include your Cydia # and ask nicely.

      • MrShutEmDown

        Not advocating it, but some of these tweaks aren’t worth what they are charging, and I’m sure folks rather go ahead and not pay

      • Joe

        It’s true, lots of new tweaks, especially those that don’t offer any productivity upgrades, are charging. I just skip it if I don’t think it’s worth it. If I do like the idea of something, such as this tweak, but I’m still apprehensive about buying it (in this case 99 cents isn’t too big a risk), then I would email the dev, particularly if there’s no trial option. I hate it when there’s no trial option.

      • bgibson72

        Y’all are a bunch of cheapskates, lol

    • Jonathan

      Okay. Why don’t you go make the app, and spend hours making it compatible will all the apps.
      It’s not like search=”white” convert=”#303030″. He has to do it to each individual app. I will gladly pay for this tweak.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        It would be much easier for both sides if apple just used a more object oriented approach. Maybe a common property list or sql table.

    • Anthony Nguyen

      developers need to make a living, they work hard on these tweaks

    • RarestName

      This tweak isn’t that simple. It’s not as if it’s a one liner tweak.

      • Maxim∑

        I don’t think it was that complicated either probably a lot of manual work though

    • Jeff Shaver

      Then just don’t buy it. You don’t even know how “small” of a tweak this is? Do you know how much it took to actually make this tweak?

    • Brandon Higgins

      He has spent much time on this tweak. You’d want to be paid for your time as we’ll I’m sure. No one works for free and the tweaks available today wouldn’t be with us if it weren’t for them charging.

    • TDD140

      Also, the iOS 7 file system is built differently, so making a tweak that alters the UI elements is a munch more lengthy process now, so all these ‘simple’ tweaks that come out that alter the UI in some way take longer now than they did when iOS 6 was the main iOS. It just makes sense to charge money for them now.

    • mickey

      This is all done through code now in ios7. No easy task buddy.

  • Ishaan Malhotra


  • Bailey Carr

    FINALLY get rid of all this white, I got bloard and now this

    • Andy J.

      Can’t find it in Cydia help please?

  • Mike

    Is there a separate repo? I’m not able to find….help!

    • Andy J.

      Same problem 🙁

      • Mike

        yeah i only see an Eclipse lock screen tweak

      • Julian Gigola

        The tweak is not available yet. will be soon available.

      • Julian Gigola

        The tweak is not available yet. will be soon available.

    • Julian Gigola

      The tweak is not available yet. will be soon available…

      • Mike

        Ok cool thanks. How did the other folks get it?

  • Antzboogie

    Is this compatible with Bitesms?

    • Rey Hernandez

      Yes and no

  • Xee

    Does the developer intend to try and darken Safari and Calendar etc in a later update?
    Looks really nice though!

  • Kris

    f.lux is a good alternative IMO

    • mickey

      How do you get f.lux to darken the ui?

      • Kris

        usually go to settings and choose how dark i want it to be

      • mickey

        But flux doesn’t darken the UI. It only changes the screen temperature?

      • Jay

        Yeah it’s totally different, but it’s an an alternative method for those wanting a Night Mode tweak that saves your eyes late at night.

      • mickey

        I actually use Dimmer + Flux. Flux for temperature and Dimmer for night reading.

  • Zod

    Great idea. Anyone know when this is dropping on Cydia?

  • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

    nice, but that calander and mail look spot on hidious, needs major working on it

  • I’d like to just activate it in settings and a few other apps. Hope the dev lets us deselect certain sections

    • Mago

      Completetly agree bitesms doesnt play good with it specially the QR section

  • n0ahcruz3

    Looks very Vanilla. Anyway he should add a grey for true Apple color scheme.

  • Rodney Coleman

    Should work only with UI on stock apps

    Other apps it sucks on except facebook

  • filter351

    Still needs work, but it’s a great start.

  • on3simpleclick

    I don’t like how this tweak doesn’t permanently changed the color scheme.
    Every time you close an app, it has to re-apply the black theme.
    If only it completely replaced the white theme that iOS is skinned with :/

  • Brandon Higgins

    So far I’ve found plenty of bugs! Safari by far had the most.

  • Harshit Pandey

    Or you can get “f.lux” for free !!

    • Joe

      I love f.lux, but it doesn’t do the same thing. That just cuts down the blue glow and creates a warmer screen, but everything is still white overall. This, obviously, makes everything dark or black.

      • Harshit Pandey

        As the article mentions “It reduces eye strain caused by using a light (and bright) screen while in a dark environment.”. Well that’s the whole idea behind f.lux, right ?

      • Joe

        I don’t care what the article says lol…I know what f.lux does. It doesn’t make things black like Eclipse. It reduces the display’s color temperature. Instead of a bright blue glow, f.lux makes the screen warm. You see this on HDTVs and practically everything that has an lcd display today.

      • Harshit Pandey

        Don’t be so adamant about what you perceive than what actually it is, it
        does change the color, agreed but they both cut down on eye stress.
        While f.lux may be solely for that purpose the latter may be a
        customization option which also results into cutting down on eye stress
        as well.

      • Harshit Pandey

        As the article says “It reduces eye strain caused by using a light (and bright) screen while in a dark environment.” Isn’t f.lux supposed to do the same ?

  • oioile

    I would rather having an Invert-Color toggle in Control Center. I guess I only need the night-mode in some particular apps. While the system invert color is working so seamless.

    • michael fox

      Right. I wish someone would just create an invert hack that inverts every BUT camera and photos. I love the dark UI but this is just too unrefined for me right now

  • Iuri Dos Santos Cunha

    Lol, just use f.lux

  • iRy757

    I use it without orange tint. Safari looks great now. Also BiteSMS looks amazing. Applies to QC and QR too. Well deserved dollar.

    • GzyOnline

      biteSMS QR/QC are clashing bright white w/super soft gray text.. &to be fair, all of Eclipse’s pop-up messages are like this.. you’re enjoying that?? I’m finding it to be a terrible clash of the overall point which is to be dark/night mode

  • JustReboot

    Purchased and installed / I use fantastical as my calendar/ It looks great w/black background! Pure awesomeness…

  • 姜成昌

    that is so great i like that , but when i typing the words , that is so unlight , could fix this ?

  • Matta Fakt

    TOO dark, in my opinion. I think it should look more like how Safari does when it’s set for private browsing.

  • Suraj Mahant

    How do you get your statusbar to turn white in settings and other apps? Mine stays black : /

  • Martynas Linkevicius

    A new feature would be setting the time when to automatically enable Eclipse. Looks neat. Can’t wait for Convergance! Google it 😉

  • iPseudoNym

    Certainly looks like a good start. It would be nice to have a selection of basic colors other than orange. I look forward to this tweak becoming available though and will purchase without hesitation to support the developer.

  • Ben Guerrios

    Anyone have trouble with this tweak? I installed it. It’s so buggy it drove me nuts. When I blacked out the ui my email app went nuts. I then disabled the tweak and went back to my email app. To my disappointment I went to switch email accounts in compose. Only to find all my text In the email switcher was still white! I then uninstalled it re booted and it still there! Then I went to iTunes and backed up and restored the phone and it’s still the same. It’s driving me nuts! Anyone have a fix?

    • Bobby

      Same here, this tweak is shit, can’t fully uninstall it. I’ve asked the developer to provide a fix as soon as possible

  • Marcos Frazão


  • BobbyLee

    I really love this tweak but there’s one problem, its made the slider bars for the brightness and music volume in the control centre have become huge! and i hate it! i need help to get rid of them and back to default size HEEEELP PLZ:'(

  • Guest

    I love this tweak but there’s a problem, it has made the sliders for the brightness and music volume in control centre huge and i hate it!! i need help to get the slider size back to normal! :((((((

  • Roger Riekki

    does this work on iOS 6?

  • Romeo P

    Its pretty good. Though on my iphone 5 when opening an app that hasnt been open yet. Its white first for maybe 1 second then it turns dark no big deal but itll be nice to already be dark from the get go.. None the less its a nice tweak

  • 6italia0 

    Just wish could get some lighter text, looks great but tweets are nearly illegible. Really wish multiple colors for text was an option, would look absolutely amazing with red text

  • a3yu


  • Steve Lam

    this is buggy as shit and i DO NOT recommend it. even when toggled off, it leaves seemingly random UI parts completely black. It screws up your status bar and just a myriad of random things that are just way too annoying. Right now all my form fields are black for some reason and I have no idea how to fix it. DO NOT BUY.

  • MJB

    I have a problem in the GoogleVoice App where I cannot see the text

  • ✨♕Qimmy♕✨

    i hope this will fix for ios 8. i found much bug on this tweak.