Calendar for Lockscreen

Notification Center is great for seeing what’s next on your calendar or even for getting a full day view of your calendar, but some users, including me, don’t want to have to pull Notification Center down in order to see what events are scheduled for the day.

Enters Calendar for Lockscreen, a new tweak that will display your upcoming calendar events on the Lock screen, giving you a quick and easy access to your schedule.

After installing Calendar for Lockscreen from Cydia and performing a respring, you will see your upcoming calendar events directly on the Lock screen, right below the clock.

Update: while there is currently no way to display calendar events on the Lock screen without jailbreaking your device, there are however apps that can help do just that in Notification Center. Check out the following posts for more details:

How it works

If you want to get more details about a specific event, you can slide from left to right over it and it will open up in the Calendar application. This is really nice but I wish there was an option to open events in third party apps such as Fantastical, which is my go-to calendar application on iOS. Let’s hope that the developer will add this feature in future updates.

It’s worth noting that no matter what you do, scheduled events showing on your Lock screen will remain there until the event has passed. So you can safely unlock your device, go to a specific event, or receive other notifications without having events disappear from the Lock screen. I really like this feature and I would like it to be taken a bit further. Ideally, the tweak would allow me to manually remove/hide events from the Lock screen. Maybe a tap and hold gesture on an event could be used for that?

Settings and options

Calendar for Lockscreen settings

Several options are available to help you customize the tweak to your liking. If you would like to customize your experience, you can go to Settings > Calendar for Lockscreen and access an array of options.

First, there is a handy toggle that allows you to turn the tweak On and Off. It’s a a detail, but from my experience, I’ve found that not all tweaks offer this simple option.

The Settings app is also where you can customize the events to display. You can for example choose to display today’s events only, or events scheduled for up to 10 days in the future. You can also select a maximum amount of events to display. For example, you can choose to display up to 5 events for up to 10 days in the future. This is particularly convenient if you have many events scheduled and don’t want to display them all on the Lock screen.

There is also an option to display the calendars that are selected in your Calendar app or display all calendars by default. This is an area where the tweak could be improved, in my opinion. Ideally, the tweak should let me select what calendars I want to show on my Lock screen, independently from what I have selected in my Calendar app. For example, my wife shares her calendar with me, and I like to be able to see her upcoming events from my calendar app of choice, but I do not want to see her events show up on my Lock screen. I’d be very grateful to the developer if he could make that happen.

Other settings let you customize the look of the events showing on your Lock screen. You can choose to display the location of the event (if available), show line separators between events or not, and choose color and size for the event names, locations and times. Personally, I use the default settings which seem to be perfect to me.

Finally, there is a toggle to disable/enable wallpaper blur on your Lock screen. If turned on, and if you have upcoming calendar events, the wallpaper on the Lock screen will not get blurred as it normally would when you receive a new notification for example. I like this option but I would like it to give me a little more. For example, I do not want to blur the wallpaper when there are upcoming events, but I do want the wallpaper to get blurred if I receive a notification such as a text message. Maybe this is something else the developer can look into.

The bottomline

All in all, this is a really good tweak, and I must admit this is something I’ve been looking for for a while. I believe other tweaks such as IntelliScreenX offer this feature, but they also come with many more, which you may not necessarily need.

If the developer was to address some of the limitations I have encountered, I think this tweak could win a permanent spot on my Lock screen. I will definitely keep it for a while in hope that it will be updated and improved on.

Calendar for Lockscreen has been developed by VladMax Soft. It is available in Cydia on the BigBoss repo for $1.99.

Let us know if you’d have a need for this tweak, and if you’ve already taken it for a spin, make sure to share your impressions.

  • abdullah575

    why apple did not put this to iOS ???!!!

    • Apparently; it would have been “too confusing and disorienting” for the average user.

  • mwpitt52

    This is a nice tweak.

  • Adam Bowman

    Does IntelliScreenX work with iOS 7?

    • Burge

      Not yet, it’s being worked on. And read somewhere it’s a free upgrade

      • Tom

        Free if you had Intelliscreen for iOS6. There is a fee if you only had the iOS5 version.

        As for this tweak, it’s a nice alternative to use in the meantime until ISX7 is released.

      • Burge

        Those who brought it on 5 and 6 should get it free. We’re as those who didn’t buy both should pay a little extra to have it on 7.

  • Burge

    New tweak ! No it’s a old tweak brought back to life by someone else . Lock calendar ios 4 and I think that looks better too.

  • Tony

    Purchased it as soon as it hit a couple days ago. Absolutely love it. I know other apps will be updated with this feature but for now this is exactly what I needed!

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    Nice tweak but definitely didn’t pay $1.99 for mine.

  • Framboogle

    Ask Tim Cook about a bigger iPhone over dinner for me

  • Luism27

    Does anyone know why my events appear with a ”r” instead of the name?

    • Ali

      Not sure, but what font is that? 😀

      • Luism27

        champagne and limousine

    • gustavohellwig

      I have the same problem. Some suggestion?

      • Luism27

        you need to buy the official version from the big boss repo.. cracked versions are not working!

      • Guest


  • David Hvilivitzki

    Doesn’t works well in Hebrew

  • 919263

    Vlad has done a great job.
    Bought as soon as it Hit the deck…Worth $1.99
    LockCalendar was the old tweak, but that developer abandoned it a long time back, That interface was a little different

  • chjode

    Where’s LockInfo 7?

  • R. Geux

    Not compatible with “customLS”. Leaves a large blank spec where the clock and date used to be.

  • deepdvd

    Cydget was just updated, so I’m hoping that @volatile_dev updates Lock Calendar for iOS 7 (jncluding 64bit) because it was far better than this

  • GzyOnline

    Seems like a great idea for a tweak.. I’m just curious,-how well does this tweak work with all other LS notifications?

  • macguy59

    Will All Day Events show on the lock screen with this tweak ?

  • brownieboy

    Is it possible to increase the size of the notification area?

    E.g., I’ve hidden the Lockscreen clock using the customLS tweak, but there’s still a huge blank area at the top of the Lockscreen where the clock used to be. The notification area doesn’t expand upwards to make use of that free space.

    Are there any tweaks that will allow this?