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  • Ben

    I have practically all those tweaks on my phone right now!

  • Infineon Labs

    Hey could you help with something? I keep on getting an error every time in refresh Cydia packages. The modmyi repo is empty.. Any help is greatly appreciated

    • sky_n3t

      Delete all files except the partial folder and the “lock” file in /private/var/lib/apt/lists and delete any files and folders in /private/var/lib/apt/lists/partial. Relaunch Cydia.

      • Infineon Labs

        That actually caused all repos to have the same error now :/ Thanks for the help anyway. I’ve tried restoring and retail breaking but still getting the same error.

      • sky_n3t

        Really? That should’ve not of happened since you said you restored and redid the process. Have you tried reinstalling the Cydia deb? Could you post a pic of what the error entails?

      • Infineon Labs

        My “theory” didn’t work. I tried using an older version of evasi0n but still the same error. Here’s the error message (even after a clean restore and rejailbreak:

      • sky_n3t

        Which device do you have?
        Which jailbreak tool did you use?

        Since you have already have restored and rejailbreaked, It wouldn’t hurt to restore again but download ipsw from here:

        No spaces —–> www felixbruns de / iPod / firmware /

        Use DFU mode to upload the ipsw into whichever idevice you have.

        Then use evasi0n’s new tool if you’re on iOS 7+, use p0sixspwn v1.0.7 or sn0wbreeze from ih8sn0w’s website if you’re on iOS 6+ or you could try redsn0w from the iphonedevteam website a go.

        OR if you do not want to restore and rejailbreak again, find out which error you are getting in Cydia and delete the repo source’s of whichever errors you are getting. Try that and see what happens.

        If it allows you, install iFile from Cydia. This tool will help you fix your issue.

      • Infineon Labs

        I think I figured it out. It’s just a theory, so I’ll tell you if it works

  • Kadhir Anand

    iDB is not the same without the tweak updates of Jeff 🙂

  • Wesley

    Hey could you help me with something. When I downloaded Swipey at first, it worked just fine. The moment I added some apps to the slots in the Swipey settings it caused my phone to crash. I tried redownloading but it still causes my phone to crash. What should I do to fix this ?

    • Jones

      I don’t think that there’s much to do right now. Maybe you can contact the maker of the tweak and ask him, or wait for the tweak to be updated. Or you can use a substitute tweak.
      Or you can ignore my n00by advice and wait for someone else to post a fix.
      Or Google it. That often helps.

  • Jimmy Velletta

    Does anyone else get this never ending load at the top of Cydia? My iPad seems to be quick, but my iPhone takes FOREVER! I can’t just cancel it, because it won’t load some of the tweaks I’m looking for.

    • Vince

      I was having this problem a couple days ago. It was because a repo was offline and unable to load. So I removed some repo to see which one was offline than it works fine now.

      • Jimmy Velletta

        Thanks! If you remove repos, does it effect your already installed tweaks from those repos?

      • Vince

        Nope, they will remain on your device.

      • Vince

        Does it works now ?? 🙂

      • Jimmy Velletta

        Yes that worked, thank you! Only takes a few seconds now.

  • Jimmy Velletta

    Bigify has been updated to scale the size of apps. Still would rather have Springtomize 3 though.

  • Charlie DuHadway

    When will winterboard be updated?? Mine still won’t apply any themes 🙁

  • Ryan

    So I need your guy’s opinions. I have an iPhone 5s and i’ve been playing with the idea of jailbreaking my iPhone. I’ve done it many times in the past but I just want to know if all the kinks have been worked out and a majority of the tweaks will work on the 64-bit processor. Or should I just hold off and wait until everything is figured out? Thanks.

    • Jones

      Well, that is a good question, and in my opinion you should jailbreak your phone now. If Apple releases new firmware and you accidentally update, you might lose the ability to jailbreak. That probably won’t happen, but its nice to be safe, right?
      As to the actual jailbreak, it probably barely will have any effect on your iPhone if you don’t install any tweaks. If you jailbreak, you probably can keep Cydia in a folder to use sometime later when everything’s settled down a bit, as that won’t hurt. Additionally, maybe, if you want, you can install some light tweaks if you want that’ll have a minimal impact on your phone. There are some tweaks for 64-bit processors now, just look at the tweaks in iDB; they tell you if they are ARM64 compatible. You can install them if you like, and then install more later when more 64-bit compatible tweaks come out.
      If you think that there’s something wrong with the jailbreak, you can remove it anyway, so there’s pretty much no harm in jailbreaking. Just remember to back your iPhone up before jailbreaking with evasi0n7, because I got stuck in a reboot loop because I updated to 7.0.4 OTA (and I didn’t have a backup!).
      But anyway, I guess it’s probably a good idea to jailbreak right now, because there’s pretty much nothing to lose really 🙂 And there’s all those things to gain 🙂

    • My 5S is running incredible and I am loving these new tweaks. Have a lot of jealous friends now that had held off or were afraid. Go for it!

  • David Lacasse

    I’m still on the fence whether I should jailbreak to iOS 7. I love my jailbroken iOS6 iPhone 5.

    • Xee

      Do it. I was same as u until a few days ago. Easier to keep up with the amount of jailbreak tweaks coming along and try them out.

  • Jimmy Velletta

    “iTunes Radio Unlimited” You’re welcome.

  • Pascual

    Hey, does anyone know how to unlock a US-Sprint IPhone 4S? I bought
    it last year in the US and now would like to use it with my home carrier
    here in Spain.

    I’ve found some websites offering factory unlock services, but, honestly, I don’t know which one to trust.
    Any help is most appreciated.