FlipControlCenter Toggles

It’s been a busy day to me, so I was admittedly late to get to FlipControlCenter after its release earlier today. When I first saw Cody’s post, I knew that this tweak would be a part of my nightly recap before heading off to bed. Well, I just tried FlipControlCenter for myself, and I can tell you that it works like a dream, even in its beta state, and even with the underlying issues with Mobile Substrate.

Ryan Petrich is simply the king when it comes to tweaks of this type—or any tweak or app for that matter. FlipControlCenter might seem like the obvious answer to Apple’s lack of customization options for Control Center, and for the most part it is. But the tweak delivers on its simplicity and “just works” design. Full video walkthrough inside.

Once the tweak is installed, you’ll notice a new preference panel in the stock Settings app. From there, you’ll find three sections dedicated to customizing the look and feel of your Control Center toggles: Active Switches, Suppressed from lock Screen, and Switches Per Page.

FlipControlCenter Switches

The Active Switches section allows you to rearrange and disable specific switches using drag handles. The great thing about this tweak is that it updates on the fly, and changes are applied immediately with no resprings required. You’ll find the following switches in FlipControlCenter’s settings:

  • Rotation
  • Ringer
  • Wi-Fi
  • Auto Lock
  • Bluetooth
  • Flashlight
  • Settings
  • Do Not Disturb
  • VPN
  • Airplane Mode
  • Respring
  • Location Services

For users of any of Petrich’s other apps, these toggle selections should really come as no surprise. This tweak, as well as many others, relies on Petrich’s Flipswitch—a centralized toggle system developed in tandem with A3Tweaks’ Jack Willis. It’s a system that is proven, and it works quite well nestled in the Control Center overlay menu.

The Switches Per Page section lets you select how many toggles appear at once. You can select between two, three, four, five, six, or an unpaged amount of toggles. Obviously, if you’re looking for a setting that retains most of the stock lock and feel of Control Center, then you’ll want to stick with five.

FlipControlCenter Options

The last section contained within FlipControlCenter’s settings panel is the Suppressed from Lock Screen section. This is perhaps the most intriguing setting to be found in the tweak’s preferences. It basically allows you to disable the ability to toggle items while Control Center is open on the Lock screen. You’ll still notice the toggles present, but they’ll do nothing when tapped. Each toggle can be independently suppressed on the Lock screen via this setting.

And that’s a basic rundown of all of the settings found within FlipControlCenter. Seeing that the tweak is still in beta, and will presumably remain there for some time, I could definitely see Ryan adding more options to the mix. But, even if he didn’t, FlipControlCenter is a solid tweak that’s easy to use, and even easier to find a use for.

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, add Ryan’s beta repo to your Cydia sources: http://rpetri.ch/repo/. Remember; you’ll need to reinstall Mobile Substrate and Substrate Safe Mode if you don’t see the tweak’s preferences show up in the stock Settings app.

Be sure to drop me a line below, and let me know what you think about FlipControlCenter.

  • Lance Baker

    Can’t wait to get this on my 5s.

    • Chaquana Chandler

      Try CCSettings it’s like the same thing works fine on 5S

  • thetkaeo

    The location button isn’t working for me. Anyone know any fixes?

    • kadeem kadz Dulice

      beta ………

      • thetkaeo

        Haha yup. That’s what I thought 🙂

        Hopefully will be fixed soon

    • Aadish

      Yes. It doesn’t work well with the Location Settings! But nonetheless, a great tweak! 😀

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      Use ccsettings

      • David O Dorn

        I couldnt use that on my 5s.. Some help pls?

  • Jay Kay

    this is awesome, and the best of the best is having VPN in it.

  • Sean Clark

    Suppressed toggles is a great feature. If your phone is stolen and has a passcode, the thief cannot so easily enable airplane mode to make it unspottable to Find My iPhone.

    • ChildishGambinoGotThatSwagger

      Your right. All I need now is for iCaughtU Pro to update so i can disable power down from lock screen

  • ACH

    It doesn’t work well on the iPad 🙁

  • TeddyBearStand

    Cellular data?

    • John Sklikas

      It is there, Jeff was just testing on an iPod Touch.

  • Fardeen Beharry

    nice tweak… stil waiting for mobile substrate to be released then i will jailbreak

  • deepdvd

    If Ryan reads this, Please add toggles for Cellular Data and Personal Hotspot. Thanks!

    • Luan Nguyen

      it already has them..

      • Luan Nguyen


      • TeddyBearStand

        Cool! Jeff missed them in the list above

      • Sean Cua

        No, he’s just using his ipod touch so you really won’t have those toggles.

    • Brandon Higgins

      It’s there already..

  • Leviscus Tempris

    Been working hard on Hidden Settings 7. Will be making a flat icon set too.

    • TDD140

      Awesome!!! The new version looks less complicated!!

      • Leviscus Tempris

        Thank you. Too bad I don’t know how to make the tweak myself. I need a dev to help me.

    • Matt Taylor

      Could you elaborate on this?

      • Leviscus Tempris

        I’ve been developing art for tweaks that I feel need an iOS 7 facelift. I manually change the images myself but need someone who’s interested in packaging them for a repo or inclusion with said tweaks.

    • iosPixel

      If you can get the addition of “Icon coverflow effect’ I’m worried for Springtomize & Fillipo.

      • Leviscus Tempris

        If the developer of springtomize would work with me I’d make the tweak with them.

    • Leviscus Tempris

      Finally going to have the icons as default!

  • iPT MSTR

    Hopefully they will add a feature to customize the bottom row of apps

    • tunutsaigon

      Yeah, you are right. Hope R.Petrich will add this feature into the final release.

  • Shahzad Malik


  • az hamid

    I’m on 5s so ya..

  • iPT MSTR

    I hope next will be Display Recorder!!!!

    • Freddy Born

      and videopane for ipad!

  • sadaN

    Don’t mention it’s beta please, I can read…

    • sadaN

      My images are not uploading correctly 🙁

      • Shahzad Malik

        Just remove ccsettings tweak

      • Leviscus Tempris

        You have CCsettings too. Find one you like then Remove the other.

      • sadaN

        I could swear I had queued its uninstallation when I installed FlipControlCenter. Thanks for pointing that out

  • Francisco Perez

    What if you can’t access the settings? Or you don’t see the settings of any of your tweaks on your settings app? I re installed mobile substrate and substrate safe mode after I reboot it to see if that worked. But nothing.

  • Dimebag

    no data on/off 3G/LTE on/off, mobile hotspot on/off. Please make an update to it Ryan.

    • czbird

      It should be there. Just not listed, see posts above.

  • czbird

    Long way to be perfect, though. I need switches for:
    – 3G
    – SSH
    – Personal Hotspot
    Hope these will be added, too.

    EDIT – ok, seems like 3G and PH are present, just not listed above. Cool.
    The only remaining thing is SSH then 🙂

    • JvD

      Just search Cydia for “SSH Switch” or go to the Flipswitch Category.
      There you’ll find even more switches.

  • Jtzll Fy Niaina

    CCSettings should have been mixed with this because it has the data toggle while this doesn’t and this has the ability to rearrange your toggles while CCSettings doesn’t

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Will wait till the proper release, using ccsettings for now

  • Jakob Se.

    Doesn’t work on my i5 once I tap any toggle it resprings into some thing like safemode. I have reinstalled mobile substrate and substrate safe mode. It’s really strange

  • MaK™

    Is it safe to assume Activator isn’t really a dependency and can be deleted? i’d rather not have it installed. Also, if Bootstrap isn’t safe, why is Rocketbootstrap safe?

  • Neosnc

    This tweak is amazing!! Thank you Ryan (& this article)! Also I got my tweaks back by queuing a reinstall of mobile substrate and safe mode substrate simultaneously. Loving the iOS 7 jailbreak!

  • Adrian

    Can it also choose diff apps on the quick launch? Besides those 4 (flashlight, timer,calc, camera)?


      FlipLaunch adds other apps to the FlipSwitch framework making that possible

  • adipatel

    VPN? Rotation? But no 3G toggle? *Facepalm*

  • Mosey Levy

    This looks awesome. They need to add an LTE toggle or better yet a battery saver mode that lowers brightness to 5%, turns off LTE and location services all with one tap.

    • Mosey Levy

      Also need to add press and hold to be taken to system prefs.

  • Riski Zero

    Please, i cant find this tweak on setting?

    • Leviscus Tempris

      Reinstall mobile substrate, and substrate safe mode

  • Casey H.

    Suppressing on the lock screen is the answer to the security issue of being able to turn on airplane mode when a phone is stolen. Can’t wait to use it when substrate is updated!

  • Can’t wait to get this on my iPad 2…

  • Mikemiz

    Why don’t I see the settings for this tweak in the settings? I’m on 5s

  • Jose Alejo

    FlipControlCenter or CCToggle?

    • Leviscus Tempris

      I’d say flip control center because icons look better. But that’s my reason. CcToggle just looks too funny

  • Leviscus Tempris

    My status bar is black in most apps now. Why? How can I fix this?

  • Angela

    when downloading this, does it automatically download activator as well?


      No. This tweak is unrelated to activator though (I believe) it has hooks that activator can manipulate. It DOES download the flipswitch framework which is used by multiple tweaks.

  • itsmeelan

    I reaaalllly hope he can add a Vibrate toggle

  • I am currently using CCToggles and like it because it gives you the ability to add ‘quick launches’ to specific apps from within the Control Center. Does this tweak provide the same functionality? Thank you.

    • Actually, I just answered my own question. I thought FlipControl was better because it provided the ‘Personal Hotspot’ toggle, but I just found the PH toggle on the CCToggles tweak as well so in my opinion CCToggles has the better overall functionality. Works like a charm with my iPhone 5 on 7.0.4

  • Dav

    I just installed this on my iphone 5s after updating mobilesubstrate however it says ‘there was an error loading the preference bundle for active switches’ when i click on the active switches bar in settings! Does anyone know a fix for this? I have tried reinstalling but it made no difference

    • Chris Smith

      Dav this is happening to me also did you find a fix?

      • Dav

        I think the reason for this was because it had not been updated for a7 devices. I am currently using CCToggles instead as this has been optimized for 64bit

  • Guest

    it’s not working on my iphone 5 🙁

  • walter088

    Can someone reach the developer (rPereich) to ask if he can extend the time the light goes on in lockscreen??.. Since the tweak the light goes off in 15-20seconds and before it didnt go off.. Thanks!! Great tweak by the way!!!

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    CCToggles does the same thing, better and more.


    I use FlipLaunch with FlipControlCenter to add apps to the FlipSwitch framework. It would be really nice if FlipControlCenter would allow you to launch the apps from FlipLaunch from the lock screen when locked with a passcode or at least prompt to put in the passcode before opening the app (currently it does nothing).

  • Daniel Bristow

    I can’t seem to find FlipControlCenter on Cydia. I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 7 on it. Is anyone else having this issue?

  • Feivl

    There WAS a 3G toggle, but it disappeared for a LTE toggle. I need the 3G back. Please!

    • David

      Does anybody can explain me how to add the 3G toggle, please?? For me is the most important toggle…

  • hunny puppy

    Due to carrier updates the disable 3G or 4G button is disabled sometimes. (Tested with iOS 7.0.4)

    Here is how you can reenable the 3G and 4G button under Settings -> Cellular

    Make sure you have a jail broken iPhone and iFile installed.
    Start iFile and go to /var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundle.bundle (note the space there)
    Open carrier.plist and select property text viewer to open it
    Scroll down till you see Show3GSwitchOnCat10HW
    Flip the switch on the right from off to on
    Click on done
    Close iFile
    Reboot your iPhone

    Now you should be able to see the 3G and 4G switch under Settings -> Cellular

    Now the question is how does one link this to the control center?

  • hunny puppy

    Figured it out after you enable the 3G switch in your carrier bundle and it shows up in settings -> cellular now it also shows up in cctoggles and flipswitch.

    Due to carrier updates the disable 3G or 4G button is disabled sometimes. (Tested with iOS 7.0.4)

    Here is how you can reenable the 3G and 4G button under Settings -> Cellular

    Make sure you have a jail broken iPhone and iFile installed.
    Start iFile and go to /var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundle.bundle (note the space there)
    Open carrier.plist and select property text viewer to open it
    Scroll down till you see Show3GSwitchOnCat10HW
    Flip the switch on the right from off to on
    Click on done
    Close iFile
    Reboot your iPhone

    Now you should be able to see the 3G and 4G switch under Settings -> Cellular

    • Feivl

      It doesn´t show the Show3GSwitchOnCat10HW Section in the carrier bundle. What am I missing here? please help!

  • achim klöden

    Kill Background?
    would be nice

  • achim klöden

    and ssh