iPhone Air concept (SET Solution 001)

It’s been a while since we’ve been treated to a compelling concept regarding Apple’s next iPhone. SET Solution, which specializes in visual effects, 3D graphics and animation and video editing saw to that with a pair of rather incredible video concepts that try to envision Apple’s next ‘c’ iPhone, the iPhone 6c, and the ultra-thin iPhablet dubbed iPhone Air.

As its name suggests, Italy-based SET thinks the next major iPhone revision should be ultra-thin and of course incorporate Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner. I’ve included both videos for your viewing pleasure right after the break so have a look and join us in comments…

Here’s the iPhone Air concept.

That device should be very thin and really light, “almost like a feather,” SET noted.

As for the iPhone 6c, the ‘c’ stands for ‘curved’, not ‘color’.

The back is flat, but the front top and bottom are slightly thicker to give it curved appearance. SET says this one’s an entirely new expression of what iPhone can be, because “Life is a curve”.

Touch ID is included as well.

Keep in mind that Bloomberg earlier this year asserted that Apple would release curved-screen iPhones in 2014, one with a 4.7-inch screen and the other outfitted with a larger display measuring 5.5 inches diagonally.

“Two models planned for release in the second half of next year will feature larger displays with glass that curves downward at the edges, said the person, declining to be identified as the details aren’t public,” the news organization reported.

Folks over at Ciccarese Design first created an iPhone Air concept back in July.

I don’t really buy the curved screen meme, but am certainly liking the edge-to-edge display a lot!


  • Mr.Ocean

    These iPhones are the ugliest concepts I have seen in a while :/

    • Leonard Wong

      I have to agree with you!

    • Dani Hayes

      Behold the iPhone Bulimic.

  • Christophe

    The iPhone 6c is ugly, but the iPhone air is a beauty

    • We share the same sentiments. I can’t seem to appreciate the architecture of the iPhone 6c. It is meant to display an awkward appearance just to integrate the bendable screen technology, which I find absolutely uncalled-for.

  • RarestName

    Battery life: 20 seconds

    I personally find no problems with the current design. Any thinner, and it’ll break more easily.

    Battery life should be the main “innovation” now.

    • Kurt

      Metal back is a poor choice. Time to bring back the scratch resistant glass

      • Taf Khan

        Or Liquid Metal, also referred to as Metallic Glass. Apple own the rights to use the material, hope it’s used sooner rather than later,

      • RarestName

        Except that 😛

        Although the metal feels nice when you pick it up in the morning.

      • Kurt

        sooo cold in the winter though 🙁

  • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

    no…..and no!

  • Markus Hudobnik

    They are okay, but why does everyone always incorporate the hideous tapered design? It looks so weird on smartphones.

  • Sean Cua

    Both of these concepts suck like hell. I don’t really get the use of curved screens, especially on smartphones.

  • on3simpleclick

    I want to see something amazing & innovative from Apple next year! On both the hardware & software level. As far from these concepts as possible..

  • Jonathan

    Love the iPhone AIr, except the Samsung top look. Hate the 6c.

  • JulianZH

    look bad. also, where is the battery? i doubt it that apple invented the thinnest battery.

    • Jonathan

      Solar 😀

  • Yash Gorana

    Delightful concept ?

    Christian. You’re fired.

  • Carlos Gomes

    The iPhone 6C looks like an abortion gone wrong.
    Cool render, though.

    • Yash Gorana

      I laughed more than i should have. XD

  • NaSty

    Really hoping for an edge-to-edge display!

  • Manu Bulteau

    During the long hours of rendering, didn’t the programmers realize that this design makes no sense and is unaesthetic?

  • Dan C Dickerson

    what is the advantage/need for a curved screen on a phone?

  • Lol

    Lmao at the 6c. You could probably snap that like kit kat.

    • Alexander Tranceswift Sundiev

      That’s the first thing I wanna do when I look at it.

  • Abhinandh Ajay

    The iPhone 6c ain’t so sexy :/

  • felixtaf

    iPhone Air concept looks nice, but too thin for a phone. And 6c – I decided not to watch it after seeing the thumbnail!

    • Cali Solis Araya

      iPhone air sucks!!!!

  • Thanos Moraitis

    The only Apple product I’d like to see a curved screen on is the iWatch…And I want it like hell…Please Apple…Hurryyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  • GuiyeC

    Please don’t, they are reaaaaally ugly and look really uncomfortable. I think they hit the thing mark maybe with the iPad mini, thinner and it just becomes really strange to hold, and probable really breakable, unless they make it bendable.

  • Decio Arruda

    I’ll stick to my iPhone 5…

  • Derp

    The iPhone Air is cool. The iPhone 6c…lol.

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    How are they to release a ‘c’ every year? if next year is the ‘6’ and the ‘6c’ is release along side it.. then the following year would be the ‘6s’ and the….? I think Apple does away with the numbers letters all together next year. I agree with iPhone air, but what shall be its counterpart?

  • Conanap

    why do people want curved screens so bad?==

  • immovableobject

    This is what happens when someone with no practical knowledge imagines a product only considering appearance.

    Sharp edges are uncomfortable. These cases look too thin to be strong and are more likely to bend or break in pocket if sat on. Cameras need sufficient depth for the lens to focus properly on the sensor. A screen that extends to the edge would provide no way for wires to connect to glass. Furthermore, touch screen algorithms compute the point of interest as the center of a roughly circular contact area. Therefore the sensor area must actually exceed the display area to allow accurate selection near the display edge. There needs to be a “dead” area near the edge or just holding the phone could generate false touches. A case or bumper would interfere with intended touches near the edge. A big screen draws big power, but there is not enough internal volume for the big battery that would be required. The model with the all-metal case would block and shield the antennas (cell phone, bluetooth & WiFi.

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Total dislike. Just stop.

  • Fevostone

    The iPhones to date are almost perfect just need few more features and maybe a slightly bigger screen. So a jailbreak and a 4k 4.7″ display sounds perfect to me..!!

    • Carlos Fernando Gutierrez

      a 4k 4.7″ display??? really??? >.>

      • Fevostone

        Well that was Maybe a bit of a dream lol

  • jericho

    iPhone Air is as thin as a paper sheet. It will probably break if you put it in your pocket.
    I like neither the one nor the other concept, what where they thinking..

  • blastingbigairs

    Ring me up for an Air!

  • GaugePrower

    I can picture Jony Ive watching these videos and laughing so hard that he would end up soiling his shorts.

  • 蘇家豪

    我比較喜歡iPhone Air

  • Augustus Sotelo

    Ugly. Fire him! I can picture Steve Jobs going crazy at the designer Lol