The iPhone Air

As the iPhone 5 launch inches closer, it seems everyone wants to know what the device is going to look like. We’ve heard leaked information from “sources,” and we’ve even seen purported cases for the gadget, but we still don’t really have much to go on.

This is one of the reasons that concepts are so interesting. Artists take the rumors and the speculation, and create visual representations. This is exactly what the folks over at Ciccarese Design have done with their latest creation, the iPhone Air…

Modeled after Apple’s popular ultra-thin line of MacBook Air computers, the iPhone Air is a culmination of all of the next-gen iPhone rumors we’ve been hearing as of late. From the tear-drop design, to the edge-to-edge display, these renderings could be fairly accurate — if all of the gossip holds true.

The tear-drop design was first mentioned back in April in an article by This is my next’s Joshua Topolsky, quoting one of his sources. Much like the MacBook Air, the tapered look would allow Apple to fit more hardware into the device, while keeping a seemingly-thin profile.

This concept also features an edge-to-edge screen, another rumor we’ve been hearing since the beginning of the year. This would enable Apple to make the iPhone’s display larger, without increasing the overall size of the device.

I have to admit that I wasn’t too thrilled with the thought of the next iPhone sporting a ‘tapered’ design, but these renderings look amazing. I wouldn’t mind it looking like this at all. I am worried about the edge-to-edge screen though, how am I supposed to put a case on this thing?

What do you think? Do you like this concept?