iPhone Air

Apple to Thai government: next phone may not even be called iPhone 6

Soon after a Thai official tweeted that Thailand approved two new iPhone models for use in the country, Apple sent a few executives from South Asia to speak with Takorn Tantasith, the secretary of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), concerning the leak.

Although the Thai government's disclosure contained nothing more than the mention of the model numbers "A1524" and "A1586," as well as "iPhone 6," that apparently was enough to anger Apple into sending executives to reprimand Thai officials for releasing the information...

iPhone 6 thought to be introduced on September 19, ahead of September 25 launch

According to Chinese media reports, Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 will be introduced at a media event to be held on Friday, September 19.

The following Thursday, September 25, the device is expected to launch across U.S. carriers and in Apple's key international markets.

According to sources, a 5.5-inch variant of the iPhone 6 will be marketed under the iPhone Air moniker.

This would be similar to this year's distinction between the iPad mini and iPad Air lineup. Also, this name change would reflect the bigger model's thinness and compactness...

Delightful concept videos envision iPhone 6c and iPhone Air

It's been a while since we've been treated to a compelling concept regarding Apple's next iPhone. SET Solution, which specializes in visual effects, 3D graphics and animation and video editing saw to that with a pair of rather incredible video concepts that try to envision Apple's next 'c' iPhone, the iPhone 6c, and the ultra-thin iPhablet dubbed iPhone Air.

As its name suggests, Italy-based SET thinks the next major iPhone revision should be ultra-thin and of course incorporate Apple's Touch ID fingerprint scanner. I've included both videos for your viewing pleasure right after the break so have a look and join us in comments...