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During its October iPad event, Apple announced that it had crossed the 1 million app milestone in its worldwide App Store. This meant that, not counting duplicates, it had over 1 million apps available around the globe at that time.

This week, Apple passed the same milestone here in its US App Store. According to data from app discovery firm Appsfire, there are now more than 1 million live apps in the App Store. 1,006,557 to be exact at the time of this writing…

MacRumors was the first to spot the landmark:

“Apple’s U.S. App Store has reached one million live apps, according to data from app discovery platform Appsfire. Our own app discovery site AppShopper lists the same one million milestone. […]

Apple has approved a total of approximately 1,439,451 apps since the App Store opened in 2008 and over the course of the year, has been creeping towards the million milestone. Of the 1 million apps available for download, more than half a million are available for Apple’s iPad, and over 900,000 are available for the iPhone. The company has now paid out more than $13 billion to App Store developers.”

Apple has surpassed a number of major App Store milestones over the past two years. In March of 2012, it announced that it had hit the 25 billion app download mark. And in May of this year, it celebrated its 50 billionth app download.

  • iBanks

    Yup… Even more reasoning to remain #TeamiOS

    • Elvin Topalov

      You can’t really judge an OS by the amount of apps in its app store. It all depends on the quality of the apps.

      • iBanks

        I’m pretty sure you would not switch to Windows Phone or Blackberry even if they had the exact apps you use at the same quality in which it is on iOS. There’s not enough options avail so you would surely choose/stay on iOS because of the number of apps avail.

      • Every body know the ios apps is much better quality than android or windows or blackberry or Firefox OS

      • Also the ios app better even when you are using the app in android and ios

      • Your Mother

        that door swings both ways. apps in Google Play are more capable than those on iOS and some (drop box for instance) work well on Android. on iOS photo sync keeps getting paused when your device sleeps–pain in the ass.

        Android apps also integrate within Android OS and each other allowing sharing other features that you will never ever see on iOS.

        so like said above, there are over 2 million apps combined and you’re just making yourself feel good by saying iOS is better.

      • Your Mother

        IF that’s so then everybody is a FKing iDiot.

        there are over 2 million apps in the combined stores so you would have to do a hell of a lot of comparisons to even make such an assumption.

        if you only compared 1% of 1% of 1% of the total apps in each store you would have to compare 2,000 apps total.

        NOT YOU, not Idownload, cult of mac or any apple worshiper have ever, ever done any real comparison o the apps in both stores.

        its these kind of blindly false statements that keep fan boy wars going.

        nearly half all the apps in either store will never ever be seen or found by the average person so who cares how many there are.

      • take it easy android fan boy

      • Jimmy Wade

        it always amazes me how passionate people are about nothing! Get a life PEOPLE.

  • chumawumba

    And only about a 1,000 worth downloading.

    • patrick

      Sad but true

    • Cameron Chao

      Not really, for most people probably less than a 100 are worth downloading. If you consider all the apps useful to anybody at least half of the total are worth downloading.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      You obviously wouldn’t download all 1,000,000 anyway since they would not fit on your device. Different apps are useful to different people. Chefs probably love all of the cooking apps that are available but these are likely not of much use to other people…

  • -__-

    90% of the apps are trash though…

    • wow did you try the 90% of the apps on the app store

      oh man get a life

  • NaSty

    I hate sifting through thousands (now million) of apps to find some decent ones -_-

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      That is what reviews are for.

      • on3simpleclick

        Have you seen how many false review/star ratings there are in the App Store? The review system is broken in numerous ways.
        The only reviews anyone can honestly trust, are those they are given on sites like iDB, and other technology review sites.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Reviews from external sites such as iDB are what I was referring to

      • on3simpleclick

        lol ok

      • Your Mother

        lmfao. since when are tech review sites honest? they’re just as bad or worse than the people who visit them.

        I cant begin to tell you how many times I’ve found blatantly false stories, speak about it and have my comment deleted–even on this site.

      • Your Mother

        not really., Ive seen people rate 1 star because of some issue with their device or something totally unrelated to the app itself.

  • on3simpleclick

    99% of those 1 million, are complete garbage.

    • But that’s blocking out profit, and with Apple under bean counter Tim Cook, that’s their top priority. Customer satisfaction is a lower priority.

    • mehrab

      I hate how that came out of your ass and you dont know sh*t
      You can refund an app within 90 days of your purchase
      By going to itunes or the apple website
      You email them the purchase id of the app and within 3 ish hours they reply back and voila.
      This change happened recently i suppose as i refunded 4 paid crappy apps within a period of 6 months

      • Your Mother

        but what if you just don’t like an app? there is no refund. so if you’re getting refunds because of “crappy” apps as opposed to scam apps then YOU are part of the problem.

      • mehrab

        Nope all you say is “this app isnt what i though it was going to be like” just say the same like that it worked always or be more formal

      • Your Mother

        That’s being dishonest or stealing.

      • mehrab

        Nope not really
        Its not like apple will be mad at you lol

    • Vivek Raja

      Haha. Thought about why they wouldn’t want to do that and then I realized that developers pay $99 a year just to release an app into the app store, if they remove their apps… BAM! small scale developers start moving to a different OS and the small scale developers are the ones with the money to pay each year.

  • Moses

    That is great news! However, sadly, the device seems to lack enough memory to say…install 1000 of them!

  • Christopher Sass

    Android still has more asian upskirt apps. Although, the fart applications on iOS have much better quality.

    • blastingbigairs

      I’d rather have Latina upskirt apps 🙂 No one wants a pancake a**!!

      • Christopher Sass


    • mehrab

      Lol in the top charts on the android store number 6-8 was an upskirt app just a few days ago

      • Your Mother

        Play Store top 10

        facebook, pandora, candy crush, instagram, fb messenger, netflix, clean master (I use this) flashlight, skype & snap chat

        App Store top 10

        santa rescue, monstercraft, lawless, cut the rope, petting zoo, tank domination, talking tom, you tube, anther craft game & a disney game.

        8 out of 10 in the Play store YOU use on your iDevice

        2 out of 10 in the App Store YOU use on your iDevice.

      • mehrab

        You do know charts change? And their are fidd charts for different types of apps? This doesn’t change anything apple still has a 10/10 ecosystem where as android is 10/6

      • Your Mother

        You don’t even know what you’re talking about so just shut up.

    • Your Mother

      how many are on Android? how many in the App Store? numbers please?

      • Christopher Sass

        Not enough for the former, and not enough for the latter.

  • Most of which are lite+pro duplicates as you can’t try out an app and upgrade it to the full version with just one installation.

  • AppleAnalist

    Geez the people in these threads are cry babies. Wah wah wah

    • Guest

      Geez, why you gotta be such an ignoramus cock sucker? Quit sucking on Tim Cock’s balls idiot.

      • AppleAnalist

        Piss off troll I’ll bet you were molested… I swear this site is full of great articles mostly read by little crybaby retards like you. Go play with your plastic junk pauper.

      • Guest

        You must ask mrelectrifyer what happens to people who abuse other, like you. In short you get banned from posting comments.

  • s0me

    So what? 98% are crap.

    • jp2002

      That is play store. i do agree app store too has some rotten apps, but play store is worse than App Store.

      • Your Mother

        how so?

      • s0me

        I dont know about Play Store and I dont care as long as I dont own Android devices, I know about IOS, I said 99% are crap but 1% is way too much for that big number.

  • Jaime Delgado

    I see fandroids made they way here to hate.

    • Your Mother


      If you’re going to start a war at least have proper grammar and spelling.