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The new iPhones are on fire in Japan! We already know Apple’s smartphone share in the 127 million people country is bigger than that in the United States as the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c seemingly break sales records in one of the most competitive tech markets on the planet.

Counterpoint Research gave the iPhone a cool 34 percent share of Japan’s smartphone market during the month of October, with Kantar giving Apple a slight lead over Android in Japan.

But according to Kantar’s latest revised data, the iPhone maker has grabbed more than three-quarters of new smartphone sales last month in the Land of the Rising Sun…

Unwired View relayed Kantar’s numbers giving Apple a cool 76 percent share of Japan’s smartphone sales during the month of October. This easily makes Japan the second best iPhone market, after the United States where the Cupertino firm accounts for at least one out of each three smartphones sold.

Speaking of the United States, Kantar reckoned that U.S. sales of the flagship iPhone 5s were forty percent higher versus the iPhone 5c during the month of October.

Interestingly enough, we’re now hearing some armchair estimates about the iPhone 5c possibly outselling Samsung’s Galaxy S4 in India. You’ll remember Apple’s been seen experimenting with various sales tactics in India for quite some time now.

Here’s an even more surprising Kantar metric: on NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s top carrier, the iPhone accounted for 61 percent of new smartphone sales last month. The carrier, along with rival KDI and Softbank, in September started selling Apple’s iconic smartphone for the first time to its sixty million subscribers.

KDDI and SoftBank have been selling the device for years now.

Splash Color 5c Svink Splash

NTT DoCoMo’s Senior Executive Vice President Kazuto Tsubouchi recently confirmed his company would also start offering the iPad Air to its customers by the end of the current fiscal year through next March. It would appear that Apple is finally catching up to demand in terms of both the iPhone 5s and iPad mini with Retina display.

The iPhone 5s used to be hard to come by, but the online Apple Store is now quoting ship times of three to five days as the handset’s availability tops 90 percent in the United States. The unlocked iPhone 5s, for example, is now available from the online Apple Store in all colors, capacity models and across all major carriers.

iOS 7 teaser (iPhone 5s ad 006)

As Apple now allows for walk-in sales, Retina iPad mini models with both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular now appear to be readily available at most Apple Stores in the United States and around the world.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Foxconn has now ramped up iPhone 5s production, with another report by DigiTimes similarly claiming that November orders for the iPad mini with Retina display neared four million units.

Retina iPad minis began arriving to regional U.S. carriers on Monday, starting with U.S. Cellular, Bluegrass Cellular and C-Spire Wireless.

  • appleyay

    duh… iPhone still rule…

  • Johann Medina

    hey! a new update for Tweetbot 3 is out! with Night Theme feature and more 🙂

  • @dongiuj

    Well of course it sold more. Nothing else really came out last month.

    • Maxim∑

      Except the galaxy note,LG G2 Galaxy J2 and several Xianomi phones but yeah nothing else came out…

      • @dongiuj

        This article is about Japan. 2 of the phones you mentioned aren’t available in Japan. LG G2 has only just arrived about a week or two ago. So like i said, Nothing else really came out last month.

    • mehrab

      Note 3 nexus 5 htc one max lg g2

      • @dongiuj

        Out of the phones you have mentioned, only the Note 3 was available in Japan. The LG G2 only arrived this month. Not sure if the htc one max is available in Japan and I think the nexus 5, if available, came out this month.

      • mehrab

        Bro the nexus 5 is in places like india
        So yeah there are lots of them in japan

      • @dongiuj

        This article is about October. I don’t know when the nexus 5 was available in india and India is not Japan. The nexus 5 wasn’t available in Japan until 2 weeks ago, NOVEMBER. So, NO “bro”, there were not lots of them in Japan at the time of when this article is talking about.

  • Ram Dasika

    Hold on Big boy hold your horses Iphone 5s/5c combined are doing better than s4 in India not just 5c we dont like 5c anyway plastic shit

    • TDD140

      Yeah, because the Galaxy S4 doesn’t have plastic at all… (Sarcasm intended).

    • blastingbigairs

      Even though the 5c has a plastic back, I have to say its still the sexiest looking plastic phone I’ve ever seen. I agree though, all metal is my choice all day long.

  • Jesus

    Very… ‘un-Japanese’ like. They usually buy domestic brands, like Sony, or even Sharp.

    • Cameron Chao

      thats what makes this oh so incredible for iPhone.

    • Falk M.

      Hmm, well I gotta add though that traditionally Japan is quite a Mac-loving country.
      And they not only buy domestic, because it’s domestic, but in tech Japanese things usually are top-notch. So can’t blame them anyways you look at it.

      I’m happy Apple’s doing so well over in Japan though, I think it’s much deserved, then again the new iPhones surely give this a boost.
      2/3 of sales of a whole month, even considering the launch of the new gen iPhones, is impressive no matter how you look at it though.

      • Jesus

        Yes. Bottom line: There’s a normal bias against non-Japanese brands.

  • Hyr3m

    Yeah… the Japs are known to do inexplicable and weird things that go against all logic. The Brits are a bit like that too so I’m sure if you look at smartphone sales in the UK it’s prolly about the same…