Wi-Fi models of Retina iPad mini now available for pickup at some Apple Stores

in-store pickup

When the iPad mini with Retina display first went up for sale on Apple’s web store this morning, the option to pick it up in-store was not available. Customers could only choose between shipping methods, with estimates ranging from 1-10 days depending on the model.

But this has changed for some folks over the past few hours. A number of Apple Stores across the US and other launch countries are now showing that Wi-Fi models of the new mini are available for Personal Pickup, meaning you could order the tablet and pick it up today… 

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of pattern to Apple’s rollout of in-store mini supplies. We’ve seen stores in New York, North and South Carolina, California, and everywhere in between showing that new iPad minis are available. And we’ve seen several that aren’t.

At this point, we’re not sure if Apple has chosen select stores for a soft launch, or if this is a shipping thing. It’s possible that not all stores have received their mini allotments yet and we’ll see more stores begin offer in-store pickups for the tablet as the day/week progresses.

Either way, this definitely adds to the weirdness surrounding the Retina iPad mini launch. Typically, Apple announces the launch date ahead of time, and then rolls the device out to all of its stores simultaneously. But it’s believed that supply constraints caused a change of plans.

Stay tuned to iDB for more information on availability of the iPad mini with Retina display.