findfriends ios 7

Apple has finally posted the iOS 7 update for its Find My Friends application this afternoon. The app, which allows iOS users to locate friends and family members, was the last notable mobile Apple title utilizing the old skeuomorphic design language.

In today’s update, the app’s leather stitching and paper-like textures have been replaced with open spaces and sharp text—the usual changes we’ve seen in iOS 7-flavored updates. And the UI now lines up with Apple’s other iPhone and iPad offerings…

From the App Store description:

“Find My Friends allows you to easily locate friends and family using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Just install this free app and sign in with the Apple ID you use with iCloud. Adding a friend is easy — just choose from your contacts or provide an email address to send an invitation. When your friend accepts your invitation using the Find My Friends app on their device, you can start following their location. Your friends can request to follow your location the same way.”

And here are a few more screenshots:

findfriends 2

Today’s release comes just under a week after Apple updated its iBooks and iTunes U applications, which followed several other iOS 7 releases. You can download the latest version of Find My Friends from the App Store, for both the iPhone and iPad, for free.

  • İlkim Sezen

    I think it didn’t have and iPad version. Now it does?

    • Σαλαη αββας

      No , it had an iPad version since iOS 6

      • İlkim Sezen

        My bad

  • Jamie Tilden

    Very nice.

  • chumawumba

    Do people actually use this app?

    • hkgsulphate


      • Jonathan

        LOL so true.

      • omrishtam

        and stalkers huehuehuehue (i know it requiers acception of the stalked)

      • chumawumba

        But find my iPhone is more convenient

      • John

        It’s not just about finding your devices, it’s about stalking your friends.

      • RarestName

        My entire family uses this. Say goodbye to calls asking where they are!

    • Milo

      For couple to track each other too

    • Glorin

      I secretely track my gf.

      • Σαλαη αββας

        But you need hèr permission first , so you can’t do it without her to know about it , at least with this app

      • Glorin

        YES DUDE WE ADDED EACH OTHER AS FRIENDS…the only thing she doesn’t know is that the apps tracks you even when it’s not open.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        There’s a doctor for that. 🙂

      • Glorin

        …knowledge is power for me.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        There’s a doctor for that too. 🙂

    • I secretly track my parents.

  • Jonathan


  • It’s so much faster.

  • Carlos Gomes

    I have no friends, so screw this.

    • Σαλαη αββας


    • jack

      I have my dad and my gf.. Both too stupid to know I can track em 🙂

      • Carlos Gomes

        That was mean.

  • Mohamed Hassabo

    When is whatsapp updating to iOS 7?…

    • VITICO

      I would love to know the answer to this question..

    • John

      According to them, it’s planned but they won’t discuss future releases…

      While it’s not exactly relevant to this topic, maybe the people you should be asking is them? If we all bombard them with emails, then that might speed them up a little.

      • Mohamed Hassabo

        I have emailed them before asking when an update for whatsapp will be released, haven’t got a reply so far..
        C’mon whatsapp it’s been two months!

  • Supafly_Boy

    The new icon is terrible! Design lesson 101, white and yellow do not go together. Looks like someone suffering from colour blindness is now in charge of Apple design.

    • John

      You’ve only just noticed this?!

      *points to Pages and ibooks*

  • sadaN



    • John

      Why wouldn’t the App need to run?
      Isn’t the geofencing notifications specific to that App?


      • sadaN

        Hear me?
        How exactly can you HEAR how loud my voice is through text I’ve typed?

        Btw, IT HAS NEVER NEEDED TO BE OPEN to have geofence working, if someone sets up a geofence notification based on your location, IF YOU CLOSE THE APP IT WON’T BE TRIGGERED.

        The same happens to Location reminders.

        Do some research before commenting please…

      • John

        …and you need to learn internet etiquette.

        If you look at my reply, I asked a question which means I didn’t know the answer and was hoping you would be able to help me but thank you for being a patronising fucknut. I appreciate it, not.