Like every other facet of iOS, Notification Center received a significant visual overhaul in iOS 7 when compared to iOS 6 and below. Gone are the opaque linen textures in favor of a simple and clean semi-transparent overlay.

If you’re running a jailbroken iOS 6 installation, then it’s possible to gain some of Notification Center’s new visual cues. SevenCenter is a new jailbreak tweak that brings the iOS 7 Notification Center experience to iOS 6, and iOS 5 devices. Have a look inside to see what I mean.

Once installed, there are no options to configure or settings to change, just install it and go; SevenCenter begins working immediately after installation.

The changes aren’t massive, but as you can see from the screenshot comparison at the top of the page, it’s a noticeable departure from the real life textures present in lesser firmware. All functionality remains identical as before, but the look mimics the cleaner style present in iOS 7.

SevenCenter is a free download via Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Its developer, Jonas Gessner, has created other tweaks like ProTube in the past. Be sure to share your thoughts on SevenCenter in the comments below.

  • abdullah575

    where is the tap to tweet and post to facebook in notification center in iOS 7 ??!! i cant find it !! is it removed ???.

    • ★LEA – MILEY – DEMI★

      It’s removed..

    • Σαλαη αββας

      Hi , people ( sorry for this is out of topic ) …. people of iDB , I was in iDB/downloads … I wanted to download ios 7.0.2 for the 5s but I don’t know what file to download , I’m confused what’s the differences between global iPhone 5s and the GSM one …., please reply

      • m33tpal

        Just telling u from my personal experience, the iphone 5 that i bought from USA Works with the GSM version and the one i bought locally from India works on the Global version. I think if u bought ur iphone outside USA, just try the Global version. Plus even if u download the wrong version, itunes will give u an error saying that its not compatible. So no worries!

      • Σαλαη αββας

        Mine is bought from apple store in France ….and I don’t know if it’s officially unlocked , so I have no idea if it’s gsm( t-mobile ) or global

      • TeChNoStyLeZ

        I you paid a contract then it isnt unlocked , if you purchased the device in it full price then it is factory unlocked , anyway since you bought it outside the US the global version should work.

      • Σαλαη αββας

        That’s the problem , I don’t know if it’s contract-free or not ….. sellers here say that is officially unlocked but most of them sell hacked iPhones ( heicard sim for example ) and you don’t know until you update the software and find out that it doesn’t work anymore , that’s the painful way to know that you bought a locked iPhone for more the price than an unlocked one ( they sell it here for 1000 $ or more )
        So please let me know if there’s a way to know if the iPhone is officially unlocked before you buy one 🙁

      • xxObliteratorxx

        If u are unsure, just plug your device into iTunes, it will say the phone needs an update blah blah,

        Click download and update from the choices of the tab and it will auto-download the right .ipsw for you.

  • m33tpal

    Nothing very new about this tweak, sprigtomize 2 already does the blur effect in the notification center.

    It wuld have been really nice to see a tweak that actually replicates ios 7 notification center with the “Today” view and plus to let u swipe to “All” & “Events” options.

  • m33tpal

    I miss the old weather widget in ios 7 notification center! The new one only works wen u have location service turned on for weather. And i usually keep it off to save battery.

  • Butch Danes

    Not bad, although you can get that blurred option with the tweak ‘BlurriedNCBackground’.

    • m33tpal

      Exactly. There are so many tweaks that already do this. Just added the fancy ios7 arrow in the base

  • CydiaRepos

    Any idea how I can get those widget icons at the top when using with Lockinfo 5? The transparent background is worth the tweak itself, but having those icons would be helpful too.

    • WreakingHavoc


  • Jonas Gessner

    Nice post Jeff 😉 You must have mixed something up, I didn’t make YourTube (what an insult!! :P), I made ProTube.

    And to anyone bitching about SevenCenter: Its completely different to FastBlurredNC or Springtomize’s blur option so maybe try the tweak before you talk 😉

    The source code for this tweak is available on my GitHub page!

    • Raúl Díez Martín

      What are the differences with FastBlurredNC or Springtomize’s blur option?

    • Cameron Chao

      i was gonna comment on youtube that you would feel insulted by that.

    • Norbi Whitney

      Nice. Works fantastically, and the little iOS7 triangle perfect.

      However, on the lock screen (using intelliscreen X) it’s completely transparent.

    • patmack

      I like it much better than blurried nc background,looks much cleaner. Will this tweak become available for the ipad?

  • Jonathan

    That’s the most realistic looking iOS 7 Notification center yet.

  • F P

    big wow

  • WreakingHavoc

    It works better than blurredbackground or the setting in Springtomize I have tried both. By the way this is compatible with lockinfo I have tried it and it looks great!

  • Drain

    Lol I downloaded this earlier today and was wondering what the hell had changed only to realise that this tweak actually did nothing because i already had a blurred background and i have ncenough installed so I don’t see the arrow. I don’t know why this is a tweak and not a winterboard theme or something. Because it was a TWEAK and not a theme I thought it was gonna make my NC be like in ios7 where it says Today/Missed etc etc.

  • SMH

    I can’t believe you didn’t review Quickhide, iDetector and FindMyDevice. Especially FindMyDevice.

  • lanceuppercut47

    It doesn’t play nice with fastblurrednotification from rpetrich. If you have both and pull the NC down half way and hold it, the background freaks out a bit.

  • 3rd Degree

    Pic 1 – Springtomize 2
    Pic 2 – BlurredNCBackground
    Pic 3 – 7C

    Make your own conclusions people.

  • 3rd Degree


    • Ashley

      Wow what theme are you using 3rd degree?

  • xSeriouSx

    Ewww…thanks but no thanks.

    • Jeriko23

      You all forgot Bulletin !! Does by far much much better,
      Best then any out there!!!
      You can blurred, blurred color ,trasparent , pick your image as backside , and you can even choose different beatwen lookscreen and homescreen. !!!
      anyway uou like the background
      and work so beautiful , integrate with any tweaks !!!
      And much more !!

  • Raj Dangol

    looks great in my ios 5. thanx!

  • Imahottguy

    Bulletin does this, granted without the fancy arrow at the bottom. The best part about Bulletin is that it allows access to the NotificationCenter from the lockscreen. Of course that is only one of the many features it offers. Custom backgrounds, opacity and blur can really make the NotificationCenter into something beautiful. HIGHLY recommend giving it a try.