Highly-regarded NPD DisplaySearch issued a new research note late last night, offering up several bold predictions for Apple’s future product plans. It believes the company is preparing to revamp the displays across nearly all of its devices.

Among the forecasts, the marketing research firm says it agrees with the rumors that the new iPad mini Apple is expected to unveil later this month will have a Retina display. And it also concurs with the ongoing ‘larger iPhone screen’ chatter…

From the NPD DisplaySearch blog (via CNET):

“However, rapid developments in technology and manufacturing of LCD and OLED displays have challenged Apple’s leadership in display adoption. Apple is no longer able to offer unique features in its displays as a long-term differentiator.

…Introduction of the iPhone 5S and 5C was the latest example that Apple has been slow in adopting the latest display technologies. While 5-6” FHD resolution displays are rapidly growing in the smart phone market, the iPhone has stayed with the 4” 1136×640 screen for over a year and a half. In tablet PCs as well, Apple was once the initiator of advanced displays, but now has become a follower.”

Citing supply chain research, DisplaySearch’s David Hsieh says the firm believes Apple is planning to revamp nearly all of the displays in its products over the next year including iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air, and a few that have yet to be released.

Here’s a breakdown of all of the predictions:


For those keeping score at home, this is like the 10th or 11th report we’ve seen that calls for a larger iPhone in 2014. While the display size fluctuates between 4.5-inches and 6-inches, everyone seems to agree that the handset is getting upsized.

And the same goes for the Retina iPad mini, which seems to be all but a given at this point. We’ve also heard more than once that Apple’s iWatch will feature an AMOLED display, and iTV a 4k display, but both are still myths at this point.

The good news is, it looks like we’re going to be able to start testing the rumor mill’s accuracy in just a few weeks. Late yesterday afternoon, AllThingsD reported that Apple will be holding its highly anticipated iPad event on October 22.

Image credit: marco arment

  • Guest

    I’m posting via iPad 4 and honestly I can’t imagine holding a screen bigger this at the same distance it just won’t be comfortable, a larger iphone I can handle, it’s always been inevitable but a larger iPad seems a bit pointless to me.

    • Jay Kay

      agree, but let the time come i hope designers will get benefits from larger ipad not normal users like us

      • Jason

        Well as long as they keep making the 7.9″ variant I have no reason to complain, all I’d have to do is not buy one and I’ll be fine lol
        As for the designers, I’m sure they will love a 12.9″ but… Are there any good applications available for them? Sorry if this is a silly question

      • Moi

        Yeah there are already cool designing apps …. And I believe more are coming once a bigger iPad is out there

      • Taf Khan

        I believe with 64bit processing it will be much easier to port Mac Apps over to iOS devices. Things could really take off for designers on iOS with a larger screen and ported apps.

    • Moi

      I don’t know … I started to like the size of i5 , and now they are wiling to change it …… I use my iPad for work and study , so I welcome a bigger iPad

      • Jason

        I’m not 100% sure I want a bigger iphone either but let’s face it 4″ is a bit small if you consider how much media we are streaming on it lately thanx to LTE/4G, also a bigger form mite even come with a decent battery lets just hope the bigger screen doesn’t demand too much from it..

      • Kurt

        a larger phone will have a larger battery. And the larger battery will be able to power the larger screen and provide additional battery life. Note 3’s battery is incredible. Let’s hope next year we can have an incredible battery in the iPhablet

      • Damian W

        I larger screen is not all there is to it. Also PPI plays a crucial role for battery drainage. Larger screen will most likely have higher PPI so the battery might not handle it as well as we think.

      • Kurt

        iphone is 640p, note3 is 1080p. note’s battery is larger and lasts so much longer. I’m confident, Apple’s phablet iphone will have an awesome battery too

  • Antzboogie

    Happy iPhone 6 will be a little bigger but not extreme size because the Galaxy S4 screen is way too big while holding it in one hand, my thumb can not touch all parts of the screen.

  • tskwierc

    A 4.7″ with edge to edge is a good size for an iPhone, and they may keep the 4″ around for a while. Not sure about the extra big iPad for my own use but a better performing Mini would be great….I use my mini for doing construction site visits and have been struggling with the low amount of ram causing it to crash when you have embedded photos in an app. Tried a handful of apps but they seem to all do it after it reaches the ram threshold. Hope a retina screen on it does not take away too much of the processing power like the Ipad 3 did when it came out.

  • KLau

    Prediction :
    a new iphone with 4.93-inch 1136 x 640 screen at 263 ppi (same as the current ipad retina screen) will be introduced together with another new 4-inch iphone 6 next year.

    That’s how they make iPad mini from iPad — Keep the total no of pixels without producing new ppi screen

    • Kurt

      640p? isn’t it time for HD (720p) or even better yet full HD (1080p)…1080p at 5 inches has a ppi of 441 and it’s NOTICABLY crisper than our 326ppi iphones.

      • KLau

        Guest wt?
        It makes iphone hell heavier, thicker and make developer mad.

        If they want this kind of phone screen, we should have had it since years ago, instead if the strange 4-inch one, I think

      • Kurt

        It wouldn’t be thicker (I don’t think anyway). They should make multiple sizes. For people who want small phones and for others who don’t. For me the way I see it, If you want a small iPhone it may be useful for you to carry a small tabelt like the mini with you. But if you have a phablet, its really not necessary. I absolutely love my Note 3’s huge screen. I just wish I could mix iOS and Android together and have the AppStore. I’m missing some good apps

      • KLau

        No I really don’t think apple need multiple size, or multiple resolution to be exact.

        One of the reason why you miss the good apps on iOS but not on Android is that, there are not much type of resolution for developer to handle, so they can do things fast, and cheap.
        Once apple make any new “strange” resolution, let say 1920×1080, there will not be much app fitting that phone, and it takes lots effort for them to make hell changes.
        So, like what I said, in order to keep its app store work well, I think the only way for apple to make a bigger phone, is to use a bigger screen and keep the 1136 x 640 resolution (or doubling it, like what they always did).
        Or, just not to make one :).

        And for me, I love using my small iPhone together with my big screen iPad. Both mini and those “phablet” are just too awful — they are too big for easy-carrying, and too small for “big” experience.
        Ya, sometimes “in-between” make things better, but I am afarid phablet is not the case.

      • Kurt

        You will see an iPhone with a 1080p screen. No need to down sample videos to a “strange” 640p. Apple won’t make the mistake of doubling the current odd size. We should make a bet. I’d love to win your money. Phablets are the best size for smart phones. When I pick up my iphone I can’t believe I used such a tiny screen. So crappy. But I guess you get used to what you have. Large phones are superior for content consumption. Apple will definitely follow suit and go to the phablet market.

      • KLau

        Apple do well on compressing video. And they are not going to make a new screen for just fitting the hell 1080p and giving up their advantage in app society — It is just completely nonsense.
        And anyway, Phablets are not phones but strange hybrid. I would say it will be the end of apple once they follow other’s step.

      • Kurt

        you are quite annoying speaking of opinions as fact. you like little iddy bitty phones. thats your opinion. phablets offer many more advantages. but since apple has yet to do it, you will say what ever makes your idol, Apple, look good. idiot

      • KLau

        Funny. So you are telling me that “phablets are the best ‘phone’ with no disadvantages”is a FACT but not OPINION, huh?
        Then tell me, why those less-than-5-inch non-phablet phone (I am NOT only talking about Apple) are still selling well out there? So those customers are all Apple idiot, even theirs are on android?

        What I mentioned were just “how bad is the idea for Apple to have a bigger-screen-phone” and “I myself HATE phablets”. I am NOT talking specifically on no-apple-phablets, but no-bigger-apple-phones.

        And, Ya, I love my and all other little cute handy phones. Or what? are you telling me that “All people must love phablets, except apple idiot” is a FACT, phablets idiot?

        And don’t tell me that you define all bigger-than-4-inch phones as phablet. That would be hell silly.

      • KLau

        Ok and I just notice that I was talking about no-new-resolution-iPhone, and some idiot convert my point to apple-having-best-phone. Good job man. It seems that you didn’t even read my replies, silly phablet maniac.

      • Kurt

        haha, still obsessed with writing me? I win.

      • KLau

        Ya I shouldn’t waste my time on such a phablet idiot. Let’s wait and see will your hell 1080p iPhablet come on line before you go hell.

      • Kurt

        Writing more I see…It’s like I got your wrapped around my finger. So easy to manipulate. Got you so upset because I proved 4 inches is not the best but only an opinion. Keep getting mad. MORE MORE MORE! You were wrong so many times! haha

      • KLau

        It’s quite interesting to see an idiot like you yelling that he disproved sth I have never talked about. Look back to the very first paragraph, and you will discover that you made tons of silly mistake.

      • Kurt

        Don’t be an idiot yourself…learn what an opinion is and a fact. Keep getting angry, it’s just jealousy I have a Phablet and you don’t. One day Apple will make an awesome phablet, but until then keep being jealous. just wishing you could own one. one day little commi

      • KLau

        Oh I see.
        You must have got too much problems with your sweets phablet samsung note3, and the AMOLED makes you fail to read.
        That’s why the all-other-phones-are-bad thought becomes the only thing you could think of to make you feel better.

        I am sorry about that. 🙂

      • Kurt

        little commie is jealous. sooooo obvious!

      • KLau

        The fact is that the discussion start with my prediction on the if-new-size-iPhone being 4.85 inch with 1136×640 screen.
        And someone samsung fan just want to prove his 1080p note3 is the best phablet in the world. : )

      • KLau

        Ya Extremely jealous.
        I spent money on both handy iPhone and big screen iPad,
        while you spend half price for some non-handy non-big-screen SAMSUNG note 3 : ) How brave you are. ; )

        If I were you I would rather choose 5-inch android PHONE to get away from samsung : )

      • Kurt

        I spent over 1,000 dollars for my Note 3 (I got ripped off big time though its a great device) I doubt you spent over 2,000 bucks for your phone. I have an iPad/iPhone. They are great devices. But iPhone is not better than the note 3, no way. But the apps in the Appstore are much better. and the optimization of iOS over Android is marginally better but it is better. Only really noticeable when playing and going very fast (which is annoying on Android-not on the Note 3 so far) iOS 7 is far more attractive but you can do far less. I love my IR blaster to change the channels on my tv and find programs so easily and enjoyable with the Peel/Watch On apps. Multitasking is far better on Android, but I could live without it. I just can’t live without the large screen. It makes everything so much more enjoyable. I’d go back to Apple if they make a phablet. I’d lose some major things that I enjoy, but Apps are so important. Apps are the 2nd most important thing to me.

      • KLau

        Let me mention again and again that I have never compared note 3 and iPhone from the very beginning.
        Please just go back and READ what I said.

        I am just saying that there should not be new resolution for iPhone, and apple will most likely make the bigger phone with old resolutions, or doubling it. That’s all. Nothing about no bigger phones. Nothing about 4-inch is the best. all just about resolution, and app store’s advantage.

        And it’s YOUR own business to give up iOS and spend on android for only big screen. THIS IS COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC. I was not talking about what you want, but what apple most probably will do.

      • Kurt

        You’re the one who said 1080p will be better when Apple makes it. That’s your opinion. You said 4 inch phones are the best, perfect. That’s not a fact but an opinion! You are the one who is jealous of my phablet because of the large screen yet you say 4″ is perfect. strange indeed!

      • KLau

        OK fine.

        The FACT is that I was just saying apple do good compression, so they don’t need to make a phone to destroy its app market for just 1080p.

        And YOU say I SAID apple make better 1080p

        Another FACT is that I have never written any comment on 4-inch.
        And this discussion start with a 4.93-inch iPhone prediction, given by me.

        And YOU, keep say that I idolize 4-inch and jealous you phablet.


        You makes me worried if it is the samsung’s screen makes someone failed to READ.

      • Kurt

        I have an iPhone 4s. I think you meant to write that to someone else? Cheers!

      • KLau

        OK FINE.

        even it was not sold as much as the WORST SMALL IPHONE, or any other phone did.

        It is really a waste of time to talk with such a blind idiot like you.

      • KLau

        I enjoy using my handy iphone(3.5 inches 4S) to talk, whatsapp, listen music and play tiny games.
        I enjoy using my big iPad to play big games, watch movies, read books.
        I enjoy to own two type of screen for me to choose, but having one-big-screen which is too big to be small and too small to be big.
        And I spent about 1,600. OK I am not from US so it maybe a little bit cheaper.

        Other members in my family use samsungs: S4, Note1, Note2. So I clearly know what a phablet can or cannot do. I just love the combination of iPhone/iPad with app store. And don’t like phablet, especially Samsungs’.

        I didn’t say they are FACTS. NEVER and EVER.

        The FACT is lazy apple use old iphone’s displays and old ipad resolution to construct a mini for who-want-smaller-ipad.
        So they seems would following the route if they want bigger phones. THAT’S ALL I HAVE SAID. NOT EVEN A WORD ON 4-INCH !

        No matter what, it is totally meaningless to continue such a OFF TOPIC discussion

      • Kurt

        I just worry for you idolizing an American company. What will you government minders think when you put a western country/company before the great communist party which started in Jiaxing.

      • KLau

        I am from Hong Kong, not the place where the phablet you are using was made.
        And there is nothing for you to worried.

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Hmm. I would not like a phone with 263 ppi. I know it is iPad retina, but i hold my ipad further away, even though it is hard to see pixels even if you stick it up your eyes, i would still prefer a better ppi. Nothing wrong with 263 though. And oh, maybe they could make deeper blacks on retina displays in the next updates.

      • KLau

        Everyone of us thought pixels and retinas are that important, until we saw iPad mini not selling bad.

        Maybe someday they will get to 526 ppi, but not before they solve battery problem

        And giving iPhones a completely different resolution should be their very last thought — or the developers will be mad, just like android’s does

  • n0ahcruz3


  • iGOD

    oh, no. iFan refuses to have the TabiPhone (pronounce as tab-bi-Phone).
    Anyway, Apple is slowly moving forward.

  • bigtalk

    iphone 6 needs to have larger screen with larger pixel density maybe 330 PPI or better