Apple reportedly in talks with LG over 4K TV panels


With all of the recent chatter regarding the budget iPhone and so-called iWatch, it seems like the rumor mill has forgotten all about Apple’s plan to build a television set. Looking back, the last iTV report popped up back in May.

But that doesn’t mean the project is dead. In fact, according to this new report from DigiTimes, it’s very much alive. The controversial outlet claims that Apple is currently in talks with LG Display over large-sized 4K TV panels…

Here’s the story:

“Rumors are circulating in the market that Apple is interested in purchasing 55- and 65-inch Ultra HD TV panels from LG Display. However, the rumors state that Apple is still testing the technology and has yet to finalize its orders with LG.

The rumors added that Apple may also consider Sharp as a potential supplier.”

Admittedly, DigiTimes has a very hit-or-miss track record when it comes to Apple intel. But to be fair, its reports regarding display production have been fairly accurate over the years—it called the iPad mini, and both the iPad 3 and 4.

So what does this mean for consumers? Nothing yet. This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard rumors that Apple is shopping around for 4k, also known as Ultra HD, panels. But the fact that it appears to still be doing so is good news.

Apple fans have long been calling for the Cupertino company to do for their TV sets what it did for their smartphones and tablets: make them more beautiful and easy to use. And word is that it has some pretty cool stuff up its sleeve.

Rumored features of the media-dubbed ‘iTV’ have ranged from commercial skipping, to motion control, and everything in between. Most believe the set will come with Siri, iCloud integration, and a fresh iPad-controlled interface.

Of course, all of this is speculation until we see concrete evidence or Apple itself unveils the product. For all we know, this TV project could stay on Jony Ive’s shelf for another 10 years. But we’re sincerely hoping that’s not the case.