Honoring Steve Jobs

Tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing. The occasion is sure to stir up a lot of feelings for a lot of people, as he meant so much to so many.

With that in mind, Tim Cook sent out a brief internal letter to Apple employees today, reflecting on Steve and what he meant to him, the company, and the world…

9to5Mac has posted the internal email:

“Team-Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of Steve’s death. I hope everyone will reflect on what he meant to all of us and to the world. Steve was an amazing human being and left the world a better place.

I think of him often and find enormous strength in memories of his friendship, vision and leadership. He left behind a company that only he could have built and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple. We will continue to honor his memory by dedicating ourselves to the work he loved so much. There is no higher tribute to his memory. I know that he would be proud of all of you.



And of course we had to post the tribute video:

Apple posted the above video on its website last year as a tribute to Steve Jobs and his legacy. It’s less than 2 minutes long and worth watching, even for non-Apple fans.

  • iBanks

    His legacy lives on…

  • Saria Hajjar

    Thanks Mr. Jobs for making most of future’s technology possible in an early time.
    i can’t imagine what he could’ve done if he lived one more year…

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    People like Steve Jobs comes once in 100 years.

    • iBanks

      I believe there’s another out there right now, they just haven’t discovered themselves yet.

  • mehrab

    Thank you for my mac,ipod,iphone,ipad thankyou for starting this technology era

  • DomL

    That’s a well written letter! Almost cried while reading it. May Apple continue to be successful under Tim Cook’s lead.

  • omrishtam

    oh god…i miss him 🙁 i wish he would still be here…

    • Antzboogie


      • omrishtam

        wat?….dude i dont care i am atheist…

      • Antzboogie

        So why you mentioning something you know nothing about watch your mouth!

      • Jeremy

        Just a fun fact, most atheists have read the bible, either all of it or most of it, enough to know its not true. So please don’t be a dick about your religion cause nobody cares if you have one just don’t shove it down people’s throats.

      • omrishtam


      • Antzboogie

        So why mention something you don’t believe in with someone you do you make no sense sounds like a contradiction to me. The bible is full of parables stories meant to teach us something about life so do your research first before you talk.

      • Nate McKelvie

        This is not a theological blog. Our individual religions or lack there of have no relevance here. The original comment said “oh god” it had no real talk of religion, you turned into that by being that guy that everyone hates who corrects grammar online. Then you go and try and turn it into a theological discussion. And like one of the people already mentioned, many atheists are very well knowledged in the bible, just don’t believe it is the word of god. Personally I have my own spirituality which is of no relevance to this blog, but for the record I’m not Christian, but I have read the bible MULTIPLE times and studies Christianity very extensively, along with many other major religions. Assuming someone doesn’t know about the bible/religion just because they don’t believe it is very naive

      • Antzboogie

        Last comment. Lol! I made one correction and the Blog went crazy someone tells me they dont care about my views which obviously the first comment did I will defend myself and my religion. So dont comment me about my comment about another comment makes you look bad. You dont like religion dont talk about it. Atheist to me are to scared to have the balls to believe in something they cant see or touch.

      • rikomenzies

        He doesn’t share your worldview. Shoving it in his face will not make it more valid.

        As a Christian, I apologize for the commenter that I am replying to, and everything else that he says.

        We really aren’t this ill-mannered every time we meet someone who doesn’t believe what we do. It’s just that the ones that are boorish about it tend to be the loudest.

      • Nate McKelvie

        Exactly! I have nothing against anyone believing what they believe. We are all entitled to our own beliefs.

      • Brandon Miranda

        Good guy you are.

      • omrishtam

        think whatever you want and i will think what i believe (or not) and dont tell me what to do…

      • Matt

        You made a correction on a technology blog that has nothing to do with technology. “You don’t like religion, don’t talk about it.” How about if you love religion, you still shouldn’t talk about it on a technology blog?

      • Brandon Miranda

        C’mon bro grow up and let it go. Even “God*” would be upset at you right now.
        *Did I spell it right for you?

      • omrishtam

        by the way i learn about the bible like everyone at school and i know much about it so dont tell me what i know and what i dont know cuz you dont even know me…

  • Mohsin

    May he rest in iHeaven.

  • bigzjoseph


    • Guest


  • William Kosch

    Beautiful video.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Lol i always laugh everytime i watch the original iphone debut keynote when Steve orders the lattes. I still have the video of the iphone 2G keynote aswell as the stanford university speech of steve jobs. RIP steve.

  • Antzboogie

    RIP Steve Jobs…….

  • Taf Khan

    RIP Steve Jobs

    Respect those that are no longer with us, regardless of opinions on what was achieved.

  • David Willkie

    I miss that guy. Watching that video chokes me up every time.

  • Clement Yeo

    The best definition of “visionary”

  • anonymous

    Steve was a GENIES ! RIP steve jobs

  • rikomenzies

    Whether or not you believe Steve Jobs is a true innovator, it’s hard to deny that his accomplishments helped turn an entire industry on its head and made mobile computing a staple of modern Western culture. We now live in a world where the kind of phone you have in your pocket is a hot button topic. People tread the line between being passionate and going absolutely feral over it.

    Argue all you want about who had the idea for capacitive touchscreen smartphones first. Steve Jobs convinced the world that it wasn’t just the biggest thing ever, but it was the thing to beat, and look where we are now.

    I’ve been through more iPhones and Android devices than I care to admit sometimes, and no matter what device I owned at the time it always blew me away that we hold such powerful tools in our hands.

    Before Jobs’ passing, I was obnoxiously Team iPhone. I didn’t even want to touch an Android device. I remember getting the news on the heels of the 4S announcement when everybody was balking about the incremental upgrade. What his passing taught me was that they’re just phones. Powerful tools, but they’re just phones, and we tend to let them own us. Ironically, it made me more passionate about technology and I embraced all of it. No more of this us vs. them nonsense. It made every development so much more exciting because all platforms are doing such great things at an accelerated pace.

    Guys, fellow tech lovers, we live in an amazing time. Learn to embrace it, instead of belligerently hating on each other because they didn’t pick the same phone that you did.

    tl;dr Shut up and learn to get along.

  • Gray

    It’s a shame that everything Steve Jobs pushed so heavily in iPhone has been tossed aside (skeuomorphism and stainless steel rather than aluminum parts), but I guess modernization is more important.

    With that said, R.I.P. Steve, and thank you for helping to revolutionize the tech industry into what it is today.

  • bigzjoseph

    Your legacy lives on

  • Nirvana

    Man, I miss the old times, ipods and iphones – all legendary. No more “One more thing…”

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    Steve must be rolling in his grave with all of the things that Apple has done after his passing. iPhone 5C? I love it, but come on now…

  • John714

    “The occasion is sure to stir up a lot of feelings for a lot of people, as he meant so much to so many.”

    cry good apple fan boys.