Boost Mobile (iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c teaser 001)

Not to be outdone by fellow prepaid telco Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile is said to soon start carrying Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c handsets. According to EVLeaks, the Irvine, California headquartered Boost Mobile should start selling both new iPhones soon on its no-contract unlimited monthly plan with Shrinking Payments.

Again, Boost is a prepaid carrier so they’ll be likely selling full-price, unsubsidized handsets with plans probably starting at around $50 per month, decreasing every six months until the plan pricing hits $35…

EVLeaks tweeted out the press image top of post, accompanied by the “they’re coming” message. The teaser image does not indicate whether or not Boost Mobile has plans to offer the iPhone 4s as well.

Boost Mobile has 4G network and is a Sprint property, so expect those iPhone 5s/5c units to be CDMA devices. Note that EVLeaks is a very reliable source which leaks information pertaining to the upcoming devices.

Now, Boost Mobile was supposed to start carrying prepaid iPhone 5 last year, but the rumor never came true. EVLeaks in April 2013 hinted that the iPhone will be going prepaid on Boost Mobile “later this year”.

The carrier’s $50 a month plan includes unlimited talk, text and data and comes with Shrinking Payments, allowing folks to pay their bills on time in order to reduce their monthly costs each month.

According to today’s rumor, Shrinking Payments will work with the new iPhones.

Last week, nine regional United States wireless carriers announced October 1 iPhone 5s/5c availability as Tim Cook & Co. work around the clock to bring the new handsets to as many carriers as quickly as possible.

Fellow prepaid wireless provider, Virgin Mobile – also owned by Sprint – was quick to tease contract-free iPhone 5s/5c on its website. Not only will Boost Mobile be competing with Virgin Mobile, but other prepaid carriers that have been carrying iPhones for quite some time, including Cricket and Walmart’s Straight Talk.

The nation’s #2 telco AT&T this summer acquired Cricket’s parent, Leap Wireless for $1.2 billion.

  • wicked4u2c

    I remember having Boost Mobile in iDen days (4years ago). It SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure how it is now.

  • Kevin Anthony Jones

    Still have a 4S on Virgin Mobile. While I love the payments each month, the less than 1 mbps download speed here in Orlando is quite frustrating. I’d imagine the Boost and/or VM versions of the newer iPhone’s will see a drop in data speeds as well. My plan is to get a used, unlocked iPhone 5, take it to T-Mobile, and just wait for the iPhone 6. I just can’t stand the data speeds. Are all of the pre-paid services this way?

    • iHamzaDev

      For the most part, most pre-paid carriers are like that. The best service and coverage I’ve seen is from Straight Talk. You can try Aio Wireless as well. Most others suck.

    • Victor

      Straight talk definitely the best period. I have it on an unlocked silver iPhone 5 speeds are just like my wi-fi connection at home 5+Mb. But of course get an AT&T SIM CARD DO NOT GET A TMOBILE. Amazon has some AT&T for $ 80 but trust me its worth it i got mine for 30 but that was like a year ago. They don’t make new ones anymore

    • Hamdi

      Get a 4g phone maybe!?

  • Blind4Blind

    I’ve had boost for 4 years never had a problem with service only the phones. Lets hope that the iPhones come with more memory then 2gig’s like the Galaxy Prevail 2 that I currently own. Boost phones are notoriously sell phones with no storage. At one point I couldn’t update the phones own OS because it ran out of storage space.

    • Jasmine.

      Being a college freshman, Boost mobile is most economical for me and the service is great in my area. I totally agree with you about the quality of the devices though. Something went wrong with my Galaxy Prevail which caused it to continuously delete my information. I’m temporarily using my old Blackberry, because I was waiting to see if the iphones come out before or after the holidays in which my parents said they would gift to me. Can’t wait to see if rumors are true!

  • Hamdi

    virgin mobile is awsome if your phone has 4g capabilities i.e. IPHONE 5

    so far, ive experience truly unlimited data(4g) at around 7-10 mb/s. same exacts speeds/signal strengh as any other sprint phone.

    truly worth it $35

    used 7gb in 1 month and still have not been throtteled

  • Ashley

    I love boost I’ve gotten service in every state I have traveled to. And my bill is very affordable for me being a freshman in college now. Hopefully they have a payment plan for the iphones though, but I doubt it. Hopefully they come out this month! because I have been waiting since September!