Apple Store (Personal Pickup, iPhone 5s)

Apple extended its Personal Pickup service to the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c on Monday, enabling customers to check availability at their local Apple retailers and schedule in-store pickups for both of the handsets.

The service was particularly handy for 5s shoppers, given that initial supplies were very limited, and online shipping times quickly slipped to October. But without explanation, Apple pulled the option the following day…

As of right now, customers looking to buy an iPhone 5s from Apple are only given the options of placing an online order for delivery in October or visiting local retail stores in person to check in-store availability.

But according to a new report from 9to5Mac, that’ll change next week. Citing anonymous sources, the site says the company will reinstate the in-store pickup option for both its app and website next Monday, Sept 30.

Earlier this week, Apple announced that it sold 9 million iPhones during opening weekend.

  • Pako Jauregui

    Will be there next week!

  • Beck Hoefling


  • Hugh Jassol

    Why did apple pull the service in the first place?

    I guess Apple is hoping some potential 5S buyers will settle for a different color/GB 5S other than what they originally desired or maybe even a 5C.

  • Hathi

    What about people who already ordered online which is supposed to ship in October, can they change to pick up instead?

  • disqus_PNOtPViMdM

    so does that mean the iphone i ordered online on friday could finally come :DDDD

  • Gregory D Foster

    Completely unrelated topic but has anyone else noticed in iOS 7 that if you have a page full of apps and one of those apps is a folder and you try to move an app from another page into that folder…the folder mysteriously disappears? Weirdness.

  • ruby s

    Is this only for US apple stores?

    • D R

      Yeah, it’s too complicated for the employee’s in other countries…or the executives…

      • ruby s

        I had the previous from 3GS to iPhone 5 on the first day of release. Missed out this one due to lack of pre order for 5s. I hate waiting in line but gutted to say the least.

  • raulismusic

    Feel bad for those who haven’t got it yet

    • Rickm_jr

      Lol, why? I’m ok being a generation behind. They include only 1 major feature in “s” models besides the cpu and minor feature “upgrades”

      • Moi

        That’s more then enough if you really know or used the 5s

      • Ed

        they do that in every refresh…
        Original iphone – major feature: iphone OS
        iphone 3g: 3G
        3gs: compass
        4: redesigned hardware
        4s: siri
        5: bigger screen
        5s: touch id

        they all have one major feature on top of the others…

  • Thotsa

    They didnt shiped in switzerland Till now ???

  • chumawumba

    Apple get your mind straight.

  • Milad Khahil

    Went to my local Verizon store and trade in my iphone5
    For a 64 gig iphone 5S right on the spot , that’s all they have available in the store 🙂

    • raulismusic

      That’s what I got : )