apple tv mls

It’s incredible how different the Apple TV’s main menu looks compared to a year ago. There’s so many more channels. Just in the last 6 months Apple has added a ton of content including WatchESPN, SkyNews, and more.

And it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Earlier this morning the Cupertino company added two new content channels to the popular set-top box in an over-the-air update: Major League Soccer and Disney Junior…

apple tv mls 2

You’ll find both of the new channels situated on your Apple TV’s main menu. The MLS offers scores, standings and video content from Major League Soccer, as well as access to the MLS Live service for live matches ($25).

The new Disney Junior channel is similar to the Disney and Disney XD channels Apple added last month. And it still requires authentication through your cable provider for access to all of its live and on-demand content.

Today’s rollout comes just a few days after Apple released its 6.0 ATV update. The software, which includes support for iTunes Radio and iCloud AirPlay, was pulled for a few days due to bugs, but has since been reinstated.

  • Burge

    Just needs a jailbreak for Atv 2 and I’ll update to give this a try..

  • DunedinEagle

    Really what good are the Disney,ESPN etc. channels if you still need to verify your paying for them via cable? I can just record and play or watch it on demand. Ive always wanted to cut the cable cord but they make it difficult.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Don’t hate me for saying this but I honestly believe that the only real way to cut the cord and still gain access to content is to pirate it. It’s great that products like the Apple TV are out there and progressing but like you said they all require you to have a cable subscription. If instead users could sign up to services similar to Netflix only instead offering access to unlimited live or on-demand TV the networks would make a fortune.

    • Allstarz_Black

      It helps cut the cost of having more than one cable box in the home.