iphone 5c plastic

Apple has aired a new ad tonight for its all-new iPhone 5c handset. The spot is entitled ‘Plastic Perfected,’ and it focuses on the device’s bright colors and the polycarbonate material used to make its outer casing.

The commercial is a significant departure from Apple’s recent TV adverts, as it features no dialogue or voiceover. All you hear is a catchy song play in the background as you watch liquid morph into the iPhone 5c…


Apple unveiled the iPhone 5c at a media event in Cupertino last week. Made of plastic, with iPhone 5 innards, the device has received criticism for being priced just $100 less than the company’s flagship phone.

And that criticism turned into skepticism today, when Apple failed to report any sales numbers for the 5c pre-order weekend. Many believe the missing press release means that the handset isn’t selling very well.

That theory, however, doesn’t mesh with device inventory, as a number of 5c models are showing shipping delays. It’ll be interesting to see if Apple speaks up this week, or after the launch Friday, about its performance.

Until then, what’d you think of the new iPhone 5c ad?

  • marco1993

    Still not getting 5c though

  • Blaqheart

    Two words: 5S

    • OMFGZ

      You mean a number and a letter.

      • Osama Muhammed

        You mean a letter and a number

  • Yaclexx

    the iPhone 5 cost $100 and it is not even water proof

    • Julio Cesar

      Of course, I really would like to take a shower or go to an pool with an smartphone, really smart… *sarcasm*
      Now seriously, why this is so important?

      • Yaclexx

        Cuz they are charging us the same price than the iPhone 5 but using plastic ( iPhone 5 would had been $549 when i5s came out)

      • Julio Cesar

        They changed the design just to be able to upgrade the LTE / 4G technologies , make improvements in the front-facing camera and better battery, keeping the price of the device.
        (And to attract people that want more choices of colors)

        A time ago they did the same with the iPad (except the design change), but silently.
        (iPad 3 generation to iPad 4 generation, they only changed the connector, ugraded the CPU / GPU…)

      • Markus Hudobnik

        + a HD front camea.

      • FFF84

        and do you think that worth.
        – replace your beautiful iphone 5 with a plastic one.
        – iphone 5 already has an LTE
        – iphone 5 already has a decent front-facing camera.
        – 5% better battery
        – and paying the same price from one year old CPU / GPU

        how could you compare upgrading CPU / GPU with upgrading the front-facing camera

      • Julio Cesar

        The iPhone 5c is not for people that already have an iPhone 5, and Apple presumes people had time enough to save money for get the iPhone 5. So they created the 5c to attract new consumers.

        If they waited this much they want a better device, not a cheaper one. So that’s why they created the iPhone 5s.

        If you want an cheaper just get the 4S.

        About the iPad, the device itself is really powerful, the upgrade don’t make miracles, iPad 4 is faster but not really an worth upgrade to get if you already have an iPad 3, just like iPhone 5 and 5c.

      • FFF84

        I’m not sure if that is true, because when you want to upgrade from iphone 4 or 4s you can bye the 5s for only 100 Euro extra for having the “up to date” device.
        why would somebody upgrade to the 5c when you can get an iphone 5 (almost the same device) on ebay for 400 Euro.
        or why didn’t he upgraded the last year, he still paying the same money after waiting one year with out upgrade.

      • Julio Cesar

        Some people love colours, so what’s the problem?
        If you prefer the iPhone 5 so go on and buy on eBay.
        And did you know that the 4G of the iPhone 5 don’t work in some countries? Some people would like to use the 4G…

      • FFF84

        I think your right in this point, maybe I didn’t used to the new strategy of apple. but I still think that every true apple fan will go for the 5s not the 5c

      • Julio Cesar

        Of course true Apple fans will get the 5s if they can!

        4s and 5c seems to be for people that are new in this platform.

      • Byron C Mayes

        You do realize that the outer casing is not what costs all that money, right?

    • omrishtam

      nobody said that the iPhone 5c is a budget device…..rumors are rumors they dont confirm anything until apple said so, and apple didnt say that it is a cheap device, they just said that they replaced it with the iphone 5

      • Yaclexx

        I didnt say it was a budget deviced, Im just saying it should not be priced at $549 ( same as iPhone 5) but with a plastic cover and a year old technology.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Colorful rubbish. Iphone 5 reskinned in garbage hideous poly carb. Way to take a beautiful phone(iP5) and willingly choose to transform it into a piece of plastic garbage. Good thinking Apple, brilliant.

    • Cameron Chao

      When their sales proves you wrong, id like to see the look on your face.


        Weren’t it people like u that always made fun off android because they are plastic?

      • Cameron Chao

        Cheap plastic* Apple has made plastic phones in 2008/09. 3G/3GS


        The iPhone 3G/3GS were made also of really cheap plastic, Just marking it with Apple logo doesn’t make them premium.

      • Cameron Chao

        it didnt look or feel cheap. I always credited HTC’s version of plastic on their phones when making fun of Samsungs ugly cheap plastic. Btw, im still against plastic phones, that is why im not getting the 5c


        it was big fat phone, and felt cheap. But after they went to metal and glass that felt like good decision. But now they are back with plastic and advertising like it was a game changing. Like many others mentioned Apple is not the same after Steve Jobs death. Steve wouldn’t have approved this

  • Question

    Lol idk why people are hating on it soo much. It isnt even that bad looking and plus in the end half of you people end up buying it -_-

  • Jacob S

    is it a toys r us ad or really from Apple? how pathetic!

    • n0ahcruz3

      It’s unapologetically apple. 😛

  • Om

    Song name, anyone?

    • @dongiuj

      No thanks.

    • Grande PHD

      Right now it is my ringtone

  • Markus Hudobnik

    I liked it. Simple and it shows off a new product.

  • Pablo

    Maybe the iphone 5 sold too good, now anyone with an iphone 5 would pay again full price just to upgrade some of its features, maybe apple should have done something like lower 5c prices to iphone 5 owners, changing iphone 5 + some cash for an iphone 5c, things like that, because I think the next logical step (aside the price) after having an iphone 5 is either upgrading to 5s or waiting to “iphone 6”, for those who have iphone 4s, the next step would be upgrading to 5s (4s, you skip the next step which was iphone 5 and now is iphone 5c, waiting for 2 steps ahead: iphone 5s). Those with iphone 4 maybe will be upgrading to iphone 5c (if they didn’t upgrade to 5 because of its price, now they can with 5c price). Yeah there are more things to have in mind to analize properly this supposedly bad 5c selling, but the thing is, why would you upgrade just some features if you now have the choice to upgrade more than a few? Perhaps it was an error apple releasing to new iphones with a relatively short gap in price, compared to its gap on technology and features

  • n0ahcruz3

    Is there really such thing as perfected plastic? Last time i checked, Samsung is the king of plastic. Used it in all their flagship phones except for GNote3 with faux leatherback which is nice.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    So, how about an iPhone 5s commercial?

    • Ted Forbes

      Its smooth , its nice. This simple commercial beats up on every phone maker without saying a word. Lol!

  • Merman123

    Alls im sayin is … Steve jobs would have never allowed this phone to exist. I’m sure.

  • n0ahcruz3

    So how many total 5C preorders again? *crickets* lol

  • @sexyhamthing

    Plastic perfected? More like ‘we cant afford to dish out an iphone 5 and keep a 100% profit at the same price as the 4s…. so plastic

  • Joonyaboy

    Not bad. Simple and sweet. Apple was smart to make these colorways at this particular stage in the game

  • I like the ad, but Apple, if you won’t make it significantly cheaper than its not worth it. Seriously Apple… $100 dolars cheaper than the 5S it’s senseless!

  • laszlo gaspar

    Waiting for iPad mini 2