Apple airs new ‘Plastic Perfected’ iPhone 5c ad

iphone 5c plastic

Apple has aired a new ad tonight for its all-new iPhone 5c handset. The spot is entitled ‘Plastic Perfected,’ and it focuses on the device’s bright colors and the polycarbonate material used to make its outer casing.

The commercial is a significant departure from Apple’s recent TV adverts, as it features no dialogue or voiceover. All you hear is a catchy song play in the background as you watch liquid morph into the iPhone 5c…

Apple unveiled the iPhone 5c at a media event in Cupertino last week. Made of plastic, with iPhone 5 innards, the device has received criticism for being priced just $100 less than the company’s flagship phone.

And that criticism turned into skepticism today, when Apple failed to report any sales numbers for the 5c pre-order weekend. Many believe the missing press release means that the handset isn’t selling very well.

That theory, however, doesn’t mesh with device inventory, as a number of 5c models are showing shipping delays. It’ll be interesting to see if Apple speaks up this week, or after the launch Friday, about its performance.

Until then, what’d you think of the new iPhone 5c ad?