jony ive video talk

Can’t get enough of the new iPhones? Yeah, us either. So as you can imagine, we were excited to see that Apple has posted three new promotional videos for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on its YouTube channel this evening.

Ok so they’re not new videos—Apple showed them during its media event earlier today. But for those who missed them, or just love watching Jony Ive talk against a white background, we’ve posted the clips after the break…

The first clip introduces the new low-cost iPhone 5c:

And the second features Apple SVPs Dan Riccio and Craig Federighi talking about the iPhone 5s iSight camera

The third video explains some of Apple’s thinking behind the new Touch ID feature on the iPhone 5s:

Both the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s will be available for purchase on September 20. The iPhone 5c will start at $99 and the 5s at $199, as long as your ok with a two-year contract. For more information on the new iPhones, click here.

  • Kevin

    i would love to take the grey one but not sure about the scuffgate issue. What do you guys think is the best color in this case?

    • Milo

      i think we will have a fingerprintgate issue now

  • Sean Cua

    I really don’t have a problem with the iPhone 5s. I actually love the fact that they placed a new 64-bit architecture on the new phone.

    • Altechi

      I’m looking at this from a techie standpoint. 64-bit isn’t that impressive on a phone with only 1gb of ram and no native apps at the moment.

      Perhaps in the future, I mean now we have phones with 3GB of RAM, but right now, it’s not going to be fully utilized

      • Sean Cua

        well the 64-bit architecture is so that future apps will be able to fully utilize it. And it’s a good starting point for processing hungry applications.

  • Jerrold Manapat

    I think the best would be the white color…but seems like the new gray/black has no paint on the metal band anymore so it won’t be scuffed.

    • Kevin

      for me there are only 2 options. White and grey. I m not sure if the
      grey is some kind of paint because the white 5S looks a little more
      silver than grey. Any thoughts?

  • @sexyhamthing

    Used to be pretty neutral….. but ios 7 is just…. the worst iteration of ios…. ever….

    • kadir


      • @sexyhamthing

        it just….. feels terrible to use….. hard to explain… it feels kind of cheap and tacky

      • Guest

        from what i ve seen it looks everything else but nor cheap

      • @sexyhamthing

        ive used it on my ipod touch 5g for a couple months, downgraded the other day while i still can…. ios 6 just feels…. better…. by contrast.

        touchwiz on my S3 was better 😛

      • on3simpleclick

        I have switched backwards & forwards between iOS6/7 since they started releasing the beta’s, & I agree.
        iOS6 is just.. better than iOS7.
        Apple have been trying to hard to ‘modernize’ their iOS.. There was nothing wrong with iOS6, they just needed to open it up more; allow people to make it their own; instead Jony Ives ‘added his touch’ and in turn made it worse.

      • Tom Brady

        I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t feel as obligated to jailbreak it. But iOS 6 has to be

      • kadir

        Oh ok it just is. Well that’s your opinion. The way I see it, it is anything but cheap and the damn OS needed a new look from that old crappy old iPhone 3G look.

        Also functionality wise, the features they’ve added almost makes it so people don’t need to jailbreak.
        Really the next thing you can ask for is an open OS which thank god isn’t happening, otherwise we would have something like that abomination called Android.

    • Rudy

      iOS 7 is a significant, splashy departure from what the world has known for the past five years. Just give it some time so developers can update and redesign their app and let’s see where it goes !!

  • on3simpleclick

    Of course Apple would disable the comments section on their videos..

    • Falk M.

      They always did and most companies do on their YT channels who are in industries where there are a lot of fanboys amongst the consumers.

      If you were a big player in the smartphone business, wouldn’t you do the same?
      I know I would.

      Don’t get me wrong, both iPhones presented today really underwhelmed me.
      I hate iPhone 5S having Touch ID, because I don’t trust any internet connected device to carry my fingerprint in a database OR be able to read it at any given time. They say they don’t upload it to iCloud and developers don’t get access, well, I’m sure that doesn’t effect the NSA trying their luck. And come on, of course they will.

      Secondly, still no 128GB option and 16GB is still around kicking, heck, even 8GB is still around? You serious, Apple? After buying a NAND company how long ago?

      iPhone 5c. That’s the iPhone 5 with updates that don’t deserve any mentioning, topped off with a cheaper bill of materials, but the same price as if the iPhone 5 stayed around with higher grade materials.
      No price point that is intriguing to developing markets, folks for who an iPhone 5s or even c or iPhone 5 is out of reach…
      What’s the point of 5c here? All I can see having changed here is a smaller bill of materials than offering iPhone 5 cheaper.

      On top of that, they seem to try selling iPhone models for only a year, allowing them to shorten their support time.

      Not a lot of great news today other than the dock is back and we finally get those “high quality” Lightning cables in 2 meters length.

      What else? Oh and a confirmed iOS 7 launch date. That’s welcome for sure.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        The new a7 chip with new and efficien ARM instruction set, and the 64 bit architecture, m7 chip, Slow motion, burst mode.. Not valuable at all?

  • iOops

    iPhone 5c certainly does not mean cheap. It looks good, but I wonder how many people would consider getting one vs the beautiful 5s without more of a price difference.

    • Tom Brady

      A hundred bucks is big difference tho. But I have to go with the 5s

      • Moi

        Me 2

      • iOops

        Agreed. 5s all the way

      • Bob

        You think hundred bucks is a big difference? Considering you get a 64bit processor, A7 Chip, an aluminium shell, better camera and a fingerprint sensor?

  • Med Mohamed


    • Tom Brady

      Cute kid

  • seyss

    1080p keynote is also available on iTunes

  • Carlos Franklin

    Wow 5s does look beautiful!
    Unlike others I do like the new iOS7 design, I updated my wife’s 4s and she likes it too.

  • Well_Said

    What a bunch of mindless iSheeps

  • Assaultive

    After watching the first video, all I have to say is wow… and f&@%# Craig Federighi’s eyebrows. I hate them

  • Pitchy

    I am glad to see these on YouTube. It really bothers me that you need to install QuickTime to watch the unveiling video on the Apple site. Apple’s whole battle against Flash was HTML5 for video was the future… so why do I need to install another browser plugin to watch a video when HTML5 was supposed to be the future and the end of browser video plugins.

    • DiDA

      Because Crapple wants you to install their software.

      • Pitchy

        So it was BAD for Adobe to want you to install Flash, but GOOD for Apple to want you to install QuickTime. Love that logic. Plugins are bad, unless they are our browser plugins!

  • Wasn’t the iPhone 5s video released before the iPhone 5s announcement? I saw on youtube