This week, Sebastien and Jeff talk about the iPhone 4S 6.1.3 Cydia installation. The duo also discusses this week’s top jailbreak tweaks, which include Celeste 2, CamBright, NetworkList, and GlyphPatch. The pair then chit chats about cable modem upgrades, the lack of AirDrop compatibility between iOS and OS X, and more. Of course, Sebastien and Jeff both sound off with predictions for Apple’s upcoming September 10th iPhone event.

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  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I predict: iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S (of course). The iPhone 5S, I think, will have a faster processor, a better camera (definitely with better low-light performance, and possibly a higher megapixel count), an IGZO screen (I really hope), a fingerprint scanner, 128 GB of storage, a champagne color option, and much better battery life. The only thing I’m a bit unsure of would be the IGZO screen, but it would be pretty cool.

    • mehrab

      MORE RAM TOO. The camera also includes slo mo video upto 120 fps and dual flash. 2x cpu and 9x gpu. Then ios 7 from the get go meaning it will be pre installed and it will be the device ios 7 will truly show its full power on.

      • Joseph A. Ahmad

        I’m sure there will be a bump in specs but I don’t wanna say anything I’m not too sure about. But more ram would be great, that slow motion camera would be awesome, and faster cpu is always important. The thing with a 4 inch phone like the iPhone is, it doesn’t really need much more of an increase in gpu because rendering on it is already great. Focusing on battery life is definitely what Apple should do, because that would be a great selling point, just like the new Haswell MacBook Airs. I’m excited to check out the new Haswell MacBook Pros. And yes, iOS 7 will be awesome, I’m expecting a surprise feature or 2 which is something we may not be expecting (besides the fingerprint scanner). I’m excited.

      • mehrab

        Yeah dont worry it has more space for a bigger battery as shown on the gold 5s case leaks. Gpu increasement would make ios 7 MUCH MORE responsive fluid so would apps. And that gpu will be the next generation of gaming like the ps3 to the ps4

      • Joseph A. Ahmad

        I did forget how animated iOS 7 is, you make a great point sir!

  • Brandon D

    I posted this on a different topic, but it’s relevant here as well….

    Admins, please…don’t nuke this post as it helps the community with info that is true and unbiased…and foremost related to this topiic.

    if you don’t already know already….ANYONE can update to ios7 without a dev acct… all you have to do is find a site (torrent) that you can download the ipsw of one of the ios7 betas…prtbay (sp..dont be ignorant) has it i know for sure….once you’ve downloaded it… cmd/shift UPDATE (NOT RESTORE), and your phone will have zero problems getting ios7 on your device (including updates to the most current over the air ). go to atfdl(dot)com/iphone to get that…or piratebay..its everywhere….just DO NOT use restore. use the UPDATE option in itunes. read CAREFULLY to my post and hopefully for those that don’t know can learn this….it’s been there since the beginning, there is no need to pay $99/yr for a dev acct (even though i have one, i have done this on approx 10 iphones on 6.1.3+) to get ios betas. if you like ios7, great…but you will lose your jailbreak (no turning back to 6.1.2) and will have to wait if you would like to restore for this potential JB which is talking about 6.1.3/4..(if it even goes public). It’s a toss up, depending on what you use cydia for as far as jailbreaking your phone concerns. What do you use it for? What would you lose? Obviously the 3rd party sources have cracked stuff, and that might be what you want…but if you’re loyal to the jb devs and contribute to their work, the only jb that i see that is legit (that i see is actually valuable) is biteSMS. it’s the one feature that i love, and am hoping they’ll add that as a bonus when they release the official iOS7.. So far….it’s not there..potential? Yes. Is it there? No. We’ll have to wait until after the release of ios7 to know for sure.

    This is for people that don’t already know this….if you do, great. If not, you can try ios7 and see how you like it. You can always put your phone in dfu mode and restore back to 6.1.3/4 (i would do this before sept 10)..and see which you prefer. I honestly love ios7 and am hoping for a quick reply (like bitesms)….and even a JB for ios7. Will it happen? We shall see…but here are the facts laid out, and i hope the admins on this site which i love will consider this as info for all the users and won’t nuke this for the fact that it is just giving them their options, that haven’t really been spelled out for them (considering you have a podcast called ‘lets talk jailbreak’…and i love).
    Let’s all pray that a jb will be untethered for ios7 and we won’t have to worry about this to begin with. I love you. <3

  • Schalkb

    I’m getting my iDB T-shirt today 😎

    Fingers crossed!!

  • james

    Can’t wait for ios 7!! just 2 more weeks 🙂
    سمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐خ

    • Base

      You are stupid. True story.

  • Philipp Steigler

    Jeff, when I hear about your faster Internet, I feel like killing my self because I have 90 KB/s!!!

    • Rickm_jr

      KB or Kb? Either/or that’s still a suckish throughput, lol

      • Philipp Steigler

        90 kByte/s!

  • Mustafa Ahmed

    Doesn’t the iPhone 5 GSM end with 28?

  • Umut Bilgiç

    I just realized! iDB’s iPhone web app ican just changed to an “iOS 7 ish flat” design. I love it! :3

    • Gino Krkeanz

      sir can i ask something ??
      i want to download more applications in my iPhone5 but i didn’t know to do it can you teach me a little bit information sir ?

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Umm.. Appstore? 😛

  • ashnil.anmol@gmail.com

    celeste 2 can it transfar iphone to android

    • Gino Krkeanz

      i think yes if you can change your iOS6.1.3 to iOS 7 it is called jailbreaking.

      • ashnil.anmol@gmail.com

        iam talking abt Celeste 2 transferring frm iphone to android n getting ios7 befor it’s released is Not jailbeak

  • ☞Dylan James Kroger

    I wish you would have told me about this bug. I found out from a android guy

  • John Hawkins

    Does anyone know if they developed a jailbreak for ipad2 iOS 6.1.3?

  • jonbennett

    Jeff, you mentioned being able to watch more content on your apple tv. would you mind telling me how you are doing that?

  • Gino Krkeanz

    everyone can help me how can i jailbreak my iPhone5?

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Which version of iOS you are running?

  • Ravi Santa

    I have Ipad3 6.1.3 when I cen make jailbreak

  • Ravi Santa

    Cen u help me someone it’s possible or not

  • Nipplesourus

    Apple needs to change their products to resemble that of an actual apple. Until that happens, apple will never reach maximum power. Stem and everything.

  • Arshvir

    How to download a Cydia please anyone now that just call me or kik me 6612103580 arshvir00