iOS 7 (WWDC 2013 logo mockup)

Apple today has reportedly begun educating its support army on the intricacies of iOS 7 and iTunes Radio and is training AppleCare employees to efficiently handle customer queries and help them transition to its revamped operating system, a reliable blogger has learned Thursday.

With iOS 7 now looming on the horizon and the software’s official launch and public availability pegged for September 10, the AppleCare staff training is said to focus mostly on the visual changes in iOS 7, with specific emphasis on a few cherry-picked features. The company is also asking AppleCare employees to basically tell puzzled customers iOS 7 still works the same even though it looks significantly different than its predecessor…

Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac takes us through training material, key takeaways follow:

  • Part-time support staff will temporarily go full-time to cope with the launch.
  • Unlike recent years, this time around iOS and Mac AppleCare support staff are being trained on iOS as both are expected to be inundated with support calls.
  • The iOS 7 training focuses on Find My iPhone, Activation Lock, AirDrop and Control Center features, the new iCloud Photo Sharing options, and stock Camera and Safari apps.
  • AppleCare employees will also be trained on the new iTunes Radio streaming music service, with employees having been told “concrete information” regarding skips and in-app advertising. As we reported today, iTunes Radio should give iTunes Match subscribers both ad-free experience and unlimited song skips.
  • Despite the major overhaul, Apple is reportedly “confident” that support calls over the new interface will be “quick and simple”.

With the visual changes and plenty of enhancements and new features setting iOS 7 apart from the previous version, Apple is wise to invest time and money in helping their loyal customers get the hang of the latest and greatest operating system powering iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

I love this passage in Gurman’s report:

When a customer calls AppleCare because they do not know how to use a particular function in iOS 7, AppleCare is said to be told to explain that although the system looks completely different, it works exactly the same way.

Sounds like a dream job, no?

Apple event 201203 (iPad 3 introduction, Apple Store video, boy and girl interacting with iPhone 001)

Carriers are also gearing up for the big launch, with both T-Mobile and AT&T now canceling vacations for retail employees beginning September 20. And as AppleCare employees are now receiving their training, Apple’s rumored iPhone trade-in program begins tomorrow.

We’re also hearing that the AppleCare+ extended warranty for iPhones and iPads is launching in Europe soon, possibly in time for new hardware. The $99 warranty covers two incidents of accidental damage, each requiring a $49 service fee, and is currently available only in the US, Canada and Japan.

iOS 7 (App Store teaser)

Some watchers are expecting more warranty changes this Fall, including switching from a one-time payment to a subscription-based model for warranties. Apple could be also starting to attach the warranty to the customer rather than a particular device real soon.

This is the kind of industry-leading, unmatched customer support Apple fans have long been accustomed to, though it would be nice if Apple provided the same level of retail support to its enterprise customers as well.

Along with the recently revamped Apple Support website and 24/7 online chat support, Apple appears to be ready for another “biggest iPhone launch” yet.

Which brings me to my question of the day: will you be buying a new iPhone from your carrier or direct from Apple, be it online or through a brick-and-mortar outlet?

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    So if Apple has started to train its employees on iOS 7 I’m guessing that means that there will likely be no new features added in the last few betas or GM. *Sigh* I was really hoping Apple would sneak quick reply or something in before the launch of iOS 7…

    • Tristan

      That was going to happen. They would have shown that off at WWDC. There also aren’t going to change the icons re-add Twitter and Facebook to NC.

    • all the features have been locked by now, too late too add new ones and test them

      • Qasim Bashir

        is it possible that apple might have added something for the public release? if not then there’s nothing more to look forward to except what was announced at wwdc & i think its not like apple

    • Maxim∑

      that is for iOS 8 🙂

      • Prithvi

        or iOS 7.1;)

  • Anchorman

    And in other news: 100 apple employees suffered damaged corneas upon gazing upon iOS 7, the damage is likely to be permanent as the shock of the brutal ugliness was too much to bear.

    • Question


    • Prithvi

      Have u even used a device running iOS 7? If you haven’t then you have no right to post this kind of stuff. I am sick of people posting comments everywhere about how ugly this is and all that. It is degrading to all the people who spend their time making this stuff and really puts them off it. If you spent the last 6 months of your life working on something, and then you show people and they say it sucks would you like it?

      • Quake

        Your comment is dumb as hell. What a delusional fanboy. You’re basically saying only people that like iOS 7 should comment on it. You’re such a delusional fanboy that you can’t even comprehend that people could dislike iOS 7 so you try and discredit them with your “have you even used iOS 7”, when something gets put out into the public domain it’s gonna be judged, if you can’t handle that then get on a rocket get out of the planet. Unfortunately not everyone is like you that just accepts whatever is thrown at them. If they don’t want people to say it sucks then there’s a simpke solution for that: don’t make something so horrible in the first place. Fool.

      • PainToad

        He’s not saying that all moron. He’s saying only people who have used iOS7 should judge iOS7. I would say this would go both ways, only people people who have used Android 4.3 should judge Android 4.3. That doesn’t make him a fanboy, it makes him the complete opposite actually.

      • Prithvi

        Thank you Sir!

      • Prithvi

        No, I wouldn’t be the fool here, you would. What I am saying is that I have actually used iOS 7 and it shouldn’t be judged by random idiots who jump on a bandwagon. If I don’t like something I use then I will actually say I don’t like it. But not on comments. I use Windows 8 and it hasn’t lived up to the expectations I had, but do I go around on comments saying Windows 8 sucks. No, i don’t. So keep your idiotic driveling criticism to yourself. Fool.

      • mav3rick

        This neonOS is just one ugly rainbow unicorn poop, bunch of white screens with text or sketched buttons. It’s a shame look after the true iOS iPhone was launched on and got all the tracking from millions of users.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I don’t mean to reign on your parade here but if you’re trying to articulate your frustration for iOS 7 and its design I sugget you come up with something better than “rainbow unicorn poop” since honestly even if it did smell I’m pretty sure rainbow coloured unicorn poop is a lot better than any skeuomorphism iOS 6 and below has to offer…

      • mav3rick

        This neonOS is all for you. Take it and embrace their will.

        Neon rainbow colors, dumb ugly icons, waves of white screens and sketched buttons. All really innovations after so attentive to details (even the shade of colors) look the iPhone got the herd to follow it. What if iPhone was first launched with this fail look? Or wait to see what will be in stores in couple weeks…

    • mehrab

      I tried ios 7, i loved it. I hated the design at first but now its amazing

  • chumawumba

    If you need help from Ranjeet and Chad for control center, then you are dumb.

  • PainToad

    First question for them, how the F do you view 7 day weather forecast from notification center?

    • PainToad

      How can I quickly view current weather conditions with an icon rather than having to read a textual description…in the notification center.

    • PainToad

      How can I see more than just today’s upcoming calendar events in the notification center?

    • PainToad

      If I miss an alert, how do I know I’ve got pending notifications without having to activate notification center, ie. status bar icons.

  • @dongiuj

    They’re being taught in the way of Jedi mind control. “Careplan good it is. Want you do. Reward apple handsomely you will.”
    “ios7 best thing since sliced bread me thinks. Latest model handset want you do. Reward apple handsomely you will.”

  • mav3rick

    “…still works the same even though it looks significantly different than its predecessor…” LOL! So why the hell this ugly change, unfinished blindly white and purple look?
    They also need to explain customers what the sketched buttons represent, that now most all buttons are simple text, Game Center is just a bubbly icon, etc… And sunglasses are recommended for the all over blindly white screens and the purple haze.

  • gpscar

    I’m definitely going to be pre-ordering directly from AT&T because I want AT&T Next

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