Robot-aided surgery has become common, but now comes word that Apple’s iPad assisted German surgeons during a recent liver operation. During a three-hour procedure, the first of its kind, the tablet’s camera photographed the liver, then a special iPad app provided a 3D model which surgeons in Bremen, Germany used to remove two tumors, Reuters reports…

Although this is likely one of the most graphic examples (photo slideshow at Yahoo), there are a number of examples where iPhone and iPad features are used in healthcare.

One of the most common examples is for monitoring your vital signs during exercise. Other iPad apps have helped doctor’s remotely track a patient’s progress. You can even turn your favorite iDevice into an ECG.

Along with entertainment, business and other verticals, healthcare and its rising use among baby boomers is seen as a huge potential market for the Apple.

Now that the iPad has made it into the operating room, the Apple tablet should gain more medical fans.

  • Manish Rana

    But APPLE is doomed. How is this possible. Oh, may be these doctors are not as smart as android users.

    • SkyFall

      Trolling, aren’t you? Pss wanna hear a secret? Who cares ill tell it anyway, your comment will get down voted.

      • Manish Rana

        Yeah 😀

    • David Gitman

      I have iDevice and I am proud

      • Manish Rana

        me too 😉

    • Stefano

      You’re a fool. I work in a hospital and attending physicians and surgery walk around with iPad and iPad mini. So, why don’t they use other devices?

      • Manish Rana

        I have no idea. 😀

    • Sam L.

      So.. During operation: hey check out this new Rom I flashed it’s like so many widgets! Oh wait android crashed. Is he still alive?

      • mehrab


      • Pankaj Rana

        Rolf… Epic 1

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      • marco1993

        Doctor1: the patient crashed. Tell me what to do next check the android tablet
        Doctor2: sorry doctor the tablet crashed too
        Doctor1: Starting CPR(on the patient)
        Doctor2: Starting CPR(on the tablet)(frantically clicking on the buttons trying to get any response, plugging in the cable etc. )
        Nurse:(to doctor 2) I know a no hope when i see one use the iPad

      • Bob

        I’ve used Apple tablets and Android Tablets, both crash. All devices crash now and again. Hardware isn’t perfect.

      • Sean Cua


      • Manish Rana

        Apple products crash all the time, but only for androids or the people who have never used em. 😛

      • mehrab

        They are more realiable. They crash, less they barely do tbh. I noticed crashes on a4,a5″s when i didnt clear the memory for weeks/jailbroke and had it heavily customized i never had my a6,a6x devices crash unless the app is faulty

      • Been using iPad 2 every day since they came out. Loads of apps on it, never had one crash or freeze.

      • Manish Rana

        Hahah don’t sat that, fandroids gonna kill you.

      • Manish Rana

        16 core processor bro, that is known as innovation and a 20 ” screen phone.

    • n0ahcruz3

      You’re in the wrong website. This is not crackberry troll.

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        No I am not 🙁

    • Dan

      cool story bro

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        it is. isn’t it? 🙂

    • Pankaj Rana

      If all android users are smart like you,, then I like to be stay foolish..

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        Hahaha 🙂

    • Scroat

      You actually came here to post this bs to get down voted 20+ times. Let us all know how you feel. true story™©®

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        Feels good bro. 😉

        True story 😀 ™©®

  • Scroat

    Apple will rule the healthcare sector of business and Google will follow with Android claiming it should be free for everyone all while taking in all of your data and selling it.  true story™©®

    • Manish Rana

      16 core processor with lag. That is true innovation.

    • Dante Arellano

      Android exist cux the rest of the cell phones needs a commun interface but doesn’t means the android is solid software like iOS but guy I don’t think so the Mac users will move to android.

  • p_amXtr

    Quick shout out to all those Android users who think Android is better that Apple