Check Your Blood Pressure on Your iPhone With New Accessory

As a recent Apple iPad 2 advert demonstrates, iOS devices are proving to be indispensable to doctors and medical professionals with the plethora of healthcare apps and accessories that are now available. Earlier today we reported on an upcoming iPhone application called iPhoneECG, which allows you to take a personal electrocardiograph with your iPhone and send it to your doctor.

When you’ve done that, you can now check your blood pressure, with a brand new accessory for Withings called the iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor. The $129 accessory works with your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and the free Withings companion app to provide a quick, easy and accurate self-messurement of your blood pressure…

As you’d expect, you wrap the accessory around your arm and hook it up to your iOS device, then launch the Withings companion app. Based on your doctor’s advice, you then select either the single measurement mode or the 3-measures in a row mode in order to get a mean average of your result.

At the end of the measurement, the full results, including the Systole, Diastole and BPM, are saved on your iOS device, so you don’t have to worry about manually updating your health overview from day to day.

Browse, zoom, get simple averages of all your blood pressure data in a single place. Access your stats on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, as well as on your private account, at home or in your office, on Mac or PC. Your data is safely backed up so you will never lose your history.

At $129 this certainly isn’t the cheapest iPhone accessory we’ve seen, but for those that need this kind of tool at home, I’m sure it’s well worth its price tag. With the iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor, the iPhoneECG, and the fantastic collecting of great medical applications in the App Store, will we ever get to a point where our doctors can diagnose our illnesses via our iPhones?

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