Soon You’ll Be Able to Take an ECG with Your iPhone

The iPhone has already proven to be a valuable tool in the medical field for doctors and patients, but an upcoming application/hardware accessory takes it all one step further. The iPhoneECG allows you to take a personal electrocardiograph with your iPhone and send it to your doctor.

This groundbreaking invention lets you place the iPhone against your chest and get a realtime readout of your ECG information. When completed, the ECG data will be uploaded and converted into a PDF for physician or healthcare review…

There are already apps in the App Store that try and record your heartbeat through the iPhone’s speaker, but this new invention, by Alivecor, offers a more medically professional approach. Instead of simply using the iPhone’s speakers, the iCard ECG accessory can now be clipped on to the back of an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad for an accurate ECG readout.

“Just millimeters thick, the iCard ECG sticks on the back of an iOS device with velcro and sends ECG data to an app on the device. Place the phone against your chest, start the app and it records ECG data and uploads it as a PDF to the AliveCor server for physicians to review. And it comes in red!”

This thin, metallic clip-on is about the size of a business card, and the device offers an enhanced experience for taking your own ECG.

The app is dead simple to use. Simply open, and then hold your iDevice up to your chest with the iCard attached. The app will record your samples and upload that data securely to AliveCor’s servers to then be converted and made available for your doctor.

One cool feature of the iPhoneECG is the personal heart rate trending feature. You can listen to relaxing music through your headphones and see how your heart rate is affected.

This device and app are still in the process of being reviewed by the FDA in the United States, so you’ll have to register to be part of the launch.


What do you think of the iPhoneECG? Will you buy one once it’s made available?