gold 5S

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has sent out a note to investors this evening, updating his previous predictions for Apple’s next smartphone. Kuo’s track record with Apple product predictions is good, so what he says carries a fair amount of weight.

In the note, Kuo says he is expecting the iPhone 5S to feature the new A7 chip, 1GB of RAM, and a sapphire-covered Home button with a built-in fingerprint sensor—pretty standard stuff. But he also expects a gold colorway and a 128GB storage option…

Kuo’s expectations for the processor (via MacRumors):

“We reckon A7 will upgrade memory bandwidth spec to LPDDR3 from LPDDR2 adapted by A6, in an effort to improve system performance. Since Apple is in charge of both hardware and OS design, it is capable of minimalizing memory capacity at an optimized state. Therefore, A7’s RAM will likely be unchanged at 1GB.”

We’ve seen references to the A7 chip in iOS 7, and it’s the next logical step in Apple’s line of A4, A5 and A6 processors, so it makes sense. And Kuo’s right, Apple could get away with using 1GB of RAM again, and there’s been little evidence thus far of the contrary.

iPhone 5S (dual LED flash, MacRumors 001)

As for the camera, the analyst believes Apple will use an 8MP sensor again, but increase its aperture to F2.0 and add a dual LED flash for better lowlight photos. Previous reports have called for everything from 8MP to 13MP, so this one’s a bit of a toss-up.

Then there’s the long-rumored Home button with built-in fingerprint sensor. Kuo has been calling for the sensor to appear in the 5S since the spring, and he continues to stand by that. Now he believes a sapphire covering will help protect it from scratches.

Finally, he says that KGI Securities is also forecasting that the new model will come with a new a golden colorway—something we’ve heard before—and a new 128GB storage option to help differentiate it from the iPhone 5. That would go great with the 128GB iPad.

Between Kuo’s track record and the fact that most of this stuff matches up with previous reports, it seems very likely that these predictions paint a solid picture of Apple’s next smartphone. We’re expecting to see the iPhone 5S and more at an event on September 10.

  • nick

    All sounds about right, I really don’t know where this gold color option is coming from though. It doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the Apple line.

    • Om

      Apple might want the Gold iPhone to have exclusivity with the 128 GB option IMO.

    • Mehdi Vi

      Remember back in the day when Razr flip phones were popular i don’t know witch fashion brand did the Gold Version of it?!

      • Burge

        D & G

    • Sokrates

      exactly my thoughts.

    • Chindavon

      India/Asia Market. They love that color on tech.

  • batongxue

    Even if there would be gold version, it should not look like this.
    That looks like shite, I mean, real shite!

  • n0ahcruz3

    1 GB ram 8Mp.. hmmm i guess i will wait for iphone 6 if that turns out to be true. Apple still playing catch up when it comes to specs. I bet it will be the same 4″ 326 ppi. When others are going 4″+ 1080p HD 400+ ppi, 13 mp camera. 2+GB ram, quadcore, 8-core.

    • Chris Holden

      when will people understand its not about the specs, im sure ur pretty 2GB android phone lags a lot sometimes, while my 1gb iphone runs smoothly, thank you

      • n0ahcruz3

        Yeah dude and samsung is eating apple’s lunch. So the new iphone will cost $650 thats 16 gig with same camera as 4S same 1GB ram as 5. We are going to pay 650 for the finger print sensor?

      • PiraCee

        How many phones did Samsung have to poop out to get even close to Apple?

      • n0ahcruz3

        But still, samsung surpassed apple as the most profitable consumer electronics manufacturer. In china iphone sales were down. And tim cook emphasized that china is a very important market for apple. Russian telcos are dropping the iphone. The BRIC Nations is important for apple.

      • PiraCee

        “But still” .. Really? That was your answer?!
        You might as well have told me to look left, while you ran off to the right.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Yeah blind apple fanboys are hard to reason out with. Samsung is eating apple’s lunch deal with it. Thats why apple is making a cheap plasticky iphone to counter cheap android did that help? Or u still blind?

      • PiraCee

        I’m not blind. I’m fully aware Samsung has been flooding the market with cheap plastic phones for years.

        Not everyone can afford an iPhone, so the next best thing(s) will be a huge seller..

        Anyway, back to me being blind: I read your comment, it was a reply but didn’t answer my question.. You blind?!

      • n0ahcruz3

        Samsung releases wide array of smartphones high end flagship to cheap entry level thats their strategy. And its obviously working is it not? I heard apple is testing out 5″ iphones too according to WSJ. Why is that? Lol Galaxy Note probably?

      • PiraCee

        Oh yeah, .. let me grab my stylus.. -_-

        My point was they flooded the market with phones.
        Good for them.

        FYI: Samsung release 1 flagship phone a year, then pump out entry level crap to build up the numbers.

        I’m not a fanboy at all and even i can see that.
        ..Remember when you asked if I was blind?

      • n0ahcruz3

        Well good if your’re not. And dont get me wrong i want apple to succeed. And stay relevant.

      • mehrab

        Samsung had a 8 megapixel camera on the gs2/3 both failed to even come close with apples iphone 4 camera. So um yeaah. Specs dont matter my nexus 7 2013 cant even outperform my ipad mini. Its funny to see the mini outperforming it tbh and a little sad

    • Markus Hudobnik

      Camera specs, yeah. Internal specs like RAM and stuff are kind of irrelevant. iPhones use the right amount of RAM. if you have an iPhone 5, have you ever thought to yourself “man, I wish I had 2GB of RAM”

      It’s because iOS handles it so well.

      I’d like to see a 4.5 inch screen tops. I don’t want a freaking tablet in my pocket, thank you. 1080 p screen I agree with, remember when the iPhone 4 has the best ppi around? Yeah apple needs to change that and be on top again. I’d like to see a 13 MP camera along with the aperture at F2.0

      • Sean Cua

        Agree with you except that I don’t want a bigger screen. I like the 4 inch screen the best going higher than 4 would be over the top for me. Also it’s useless to have a higher ppi than one the iPhone has because our eyes will not be able to perceive higher ppi unless you look at the screen so close. So it would be useless.

      • mehrab

        I found my gs4/htc one losing memory while the iphone 5 truth be told loses it too but it loses less and handles it much more better

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Gold…? YUCK!

  • n0ahcruz3

    This years iphone will be another “meh” “yawn”. Geez 1 gb ram? 8 mp cam? Seriously 2011 is calling! Heck even the new blackberrys has 2 gb of ram. Id rather have a killer specs for more future proof for the iphone instead of a shitty fingerprint sensor.

    • Markus Hudobnik

      RAM doesn’t matter in iPhones! Well, obviously it does. But don’t let all the android phones touting 2 GB + of RAM confuse you. Apple handles its OS good, it doesn’t need more RAM right now, maybe by the iPhone 6/6S

    • Matt Taylor

      Well said

      • Jonathan Castillo

        Better specs like more ram means better chance of future-proof… meaning that your phone will be able to handle future IOS versions… Think of an iphone 4 when it updates to ios 6…

      • PiraCee

        iPhone 4 is awful on iOS7. Sure it’s still in beta, but using it is like using an iPhone 3G on 4.2.1.. Remember that? Urgh

      • Jonathan Castillo


      • Matt Taylor

        Apple don’t want there devices to future proof as they want people to keep pouring money in to their pockets on a yearly basis

      • n0ahcruz3

        Its true lol, well thats business, but still they should atleast put 2gb ram and 10-13mp cam.

      • Matt Taylor

        The thing is, apple could put a dancing leprechaun as the boot logo and a picture of some dog crap on the back of the iPhone and people would still be cueing up at 5AM in there millions to chuck money at it! Apple can use old hardware, save a LOT of money and people will still pay way over the odds to get their hands on the latest hype! Why would they bother using the latest hardware standards… People mistake Apple for a corporation that care about anything other than their own pockets! And before I get flamed, go and research how much it costs to manufacture an iPhone and work out how much profit they make per handset. They are not worth hundreds of billions for nothing! If Apple cared about what people want and the free minded and artistic attitude they claim to support, iOS wouldn’t be locked up tight and there would be a selection of different themes available, or such availability on the AppStore! They should care a little less about there profit margin and a little more about what there customers get for thier money. My eyes are finally open, and before anyone says it, I have never owned a competing OS and probably never will! I’m a robot mug like the rest of you!

    • mehrab

      Future proof? DID YOU KNOW THAT THE A5 chip which is #twoyearsold is faster then a nexus 4,galaxy s3,tegra 3 quad. MY IPHONE 4S runs games better then my htc one for your concerns :). And it will run ios 7 too. ANd will get everysingle feature oh btw the a5 chip is still running games like real racing 3 and gta vice city much better then moste android flagships. And then comes the iphone 5 which has an a6 2tice the cpu ram and 4x the gpu. Then the iphone 5s twice the cpu and atleast 4x gpu. Outdated my ass. The gs3/nexus4/nexus2012/htc one X ARE OUTDATED as for the hlagships of now they are laggy and will be updated in 3-4 months

  • Kenny Woodard


  • J M

    With things increasingly moving to “the cloud” is a 128GB option really useful? Certainly maybe movies have gotten larger in size, so have apps, but still, 128GB seems unecessary…

    • Matt Taylor

      On a phone it does! But the iPad needs as much as possible and could even do with a 256GB option! However, a plus side in having a 128GB iPhone would be, killer iPod… :p

    • Pankaj Rana

      I travel alot, clicking pics, making videos n using lots of apps/games on my iPhone + iPad, not everybody uses iCloud to store their heavy data on it, I think 128GB is a pretty useful option for some people, like me. However it will be awesome if Apple announce iPhone 5S (& iPhone 5C) in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB capacity on previous $$$, (kill that old 16GB variant), n that would be awesome!!!

  • William Melendez

    I could see the champagne color not an actual “gold” color. I refuse judge until I see it ! I remember most of us when the two tone iphone 5 parts were leaking ; everyone was losing their minds (joker voice lol) saying that was the ugliest thing, and what happened on pre order day ? Sold out in two mins ??? lol smh

  • Markus Hudobnik

    I skip the “S” phone models anyways, so this is what I want on the iPhone 6:
    4.5 inch screen
    13 mp, dual flash, overall better camera with more features and improvements
    Phase out the 16 GB model. $200 (with a two-year plan) for a 32 GB.
    HD 1080 p screen
    Higher quality front camera
    Smaller home button
    Stereo speakers

    • n0ahcruz3

      I thought u said specs doesnt matter? those type of specs needs a larger ram u know. 😉

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Remember where I said that we won’t need a RAM upgrade until around iPhone 6/6S?

        I do.

      • n0ahcruz3

        So your saying people who has 5 right now will upgrade just for a fingerprint sensor? Same camera same ram. Its laughable really.

  • Melvco

    Kind of surprised by all of the ‘meh’ comments regarding the iPhone 5S. If reports hold up, this thing will have a fingerprint sensor built-in. That’s huge!

    That’s a way bigger upgrade-feature than Siri was on the iPhone 4S and holds endless potential—device unlock/authorization, password replacement, etc.

    And as far as the internals go, Apple never plays the spec-game. But that doesn’t mean its iPhones aren’t just as fast or faster than competing Android devices:

    • ap3604

      Most all people lack the vision to see what could be. That’s why most people are simply laborer’s instead of entrepreneur’s and visionaries.

      • Kaptivator


    • Rudy

      Yeah but the fingerprint sensor is being used at the very wrong time, so people are more afraid than excited about that.

    • Matthew Cooper

      Yes its a big upgrade, but how often will u use it. I used Siri a hand full of times then I realized it was easier and faster to find shit myself instead of asking Siri. U guys talk about Samsungs gimmicks well fingerprint sensor on iphone will be a gimmick. 3rd party apps wont get full integration and Apple wont use it to its full potential til prolly the iphone 7S. Fingerprint sensor sounds awesome and it will be the first 10 times u use it but then u will be back to doin it the easier, faster, less buggy way

  • O Al Marar


  • Guest

    Who’s still trusting “analysts” ?… ^^

  • Matt Taylor

    I want a 256GB iPad!

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      Don’t we all….

    • Xee

      Make that 500GB!

  • PiraCee

    I can’t be only one who thinks a gold iPhone would look hideous..?

  • iThinkergoiMac

    So many people complaining about specs, especially the camera. You DON’T want a 13 MP camera in a phone! I’d be happy if they went back to 5 MP, but that’s not going to happen. The reason for this is that the sensor used to capture the image is incredibly small. Each pixel on the sensor is insanely tiny, so much so that the physics of light start to come into play. The iPhone camera (and all other small-sensor cameras) does terribly in low light. If you make those pixels even smaller, it will do so much worse in low-light. The light level at which it will start to do worse will get brighter as well. So, in general, you’ll get bigger, noisier pictures. It’s an issue of quality vs quantity, and I’ll take the former any day.

    To everyone saying it’s the same camera as the 4S, you don’t understand cameras. For one thing, Apple improved the quality of the sensor between the 4S. For another, the aperture will be opening up wider. This means a better depth of field effect (where your subject is in focus and the background is blurry), which is actually huge. Not only will you get better-looking pictures, you’ll also need much more accurate auto-focus to make sure the focus is right. If Apple does it right, we’ll get much closer to the feeling of a DSLR in your pocket.

    I’m not wild about the gold color, but I’m holding off judgement until I see it. Not going to buy it, but we’ll see how it looks. The specs otherwise should be fine. You still have 1 GB RAM, but it’s much faster RAM, so that could be a significant improvement. I find that my 4S doesn’t really run out of memory very often. iOS does a good job at memory management.

    Phones aren’t all about the hardware specs, they’re about what you can do with them. What are you really going to do with a 13 MP camera over an 8 MP camera?

    • n0ahcruz3

      Some people just dont get the big picture here, sure apple and ios is ok with 1 gB ram, sure they dont need 13 mp cam. But what if alot of people realize that other smartphones offer higher specs bigger screens. And share holders will think apple is not innovating anymore. Sure they ship 31 mil iphones but thats in the US everywhere else sales were down. I mean cmon 8 mp? 2 years apple will not be upgrading the MP of the iphone? Other manufacturers going 13mp 10mp 41mp. I sure hope rumors about that are untrue coz that would be very disappointing.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        So it’s better to update the number of MPs on the camera and sacrifice image quality just to keep up with the competition? The big picture is that the iPhone camera takes some of the best pictures of any smartphone camera on the planet, and it’s not the highest resolution either. Quality is better than quantity in photos.

        Why would you be disappointed if Apple chooses to improve image quality over improving resolution at the cost of image quality? I’d rather have 8 MP images that look great than 13 MP images that look worse than what my current phone can do.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Sadly yes, non tech savy people will pic a higher MP camera, regardless of the optics, and investors will also perceive this as lack of innovative ideas and being stagnant, look what happened to the stocks after they announce the iphone 5. Plus 13>8 basic math. Smartphones with the same price category as iphone 5S but the camera of the 5S is 8 while others have higher. Dude lets take off our rose colored glasses here. I dont want apple to be another blackberry.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        You’re right that people like those bigger numbers. However, Apple doesn’t cater to the masses, they cater to the discerning customer (or those who care about brand more than anything). In either case, that group will care less about MP numbers. Apple’s stock fell at the iPhone 5 announcement for FAR more reasons than the camera. It fell because it had gone up based on unreasonable expectations.

        Apple has a LONG way to go before it becomes the next Blackberry/RIM. The point is, Apple often chooses to make a better product over making what the masses want. It’s been Apple’s mantra for years, and I don’t think they’ll change it any time soon.

      • n0ahcruz3

        By the way, Apple drop to 79 most innovating company according to Forbes. Whats the reason for building cheaper ipad minis and cheaper iphone(if true) then? If the your saying apple doesnt cater to the masses. Cheaper iphone is meant for the bric nations. And those are alot of masses if you ask me. Apple still having difficulty getting that lucrative contract with china mobile even japan docomo the top carrier in japan doesnt carry iphone, russian carriers dropping iphone in favor of android samsung. Thats alarming. And those masses are switching to higher end samsungs gimmicky features or not.

      • Xee

        No they should increase the lens size and let more light to the sensor.

    • Jedediah Kramer

      Your comment was well explained and thought out. I appreciate your insight and hope to read more of your post.

    • mehrab

      And even the iphone 4s takes sharper pictures and videos then the htc one gs3 note 2 so yeah. Still an impressive camera

    • Gorgonphone

      the inferior lens optics will keep phone cameras below real cameras

      • iThinkergoiMac

        Thanks, Captain Obvious. That’s why I said “the feeling of a DSLR in your pocket”, not “almost a DSLR in your pocket.” Cameraphones will NEVER catch up to dedicated cameras. There are a whole host of issues besides lens optics (in fact, lens optics is one of the lesser issues) that prevent cameraphones from competing with dedicated cameras. How about the lack of optical zoom, adjustable aperture, ISO, or anything else adjustable.

      • Gorgonphone

        thanks for what…? they need to invent small lenses that work like big ones and can handle attachments

  • Stefano

    Do we think we’ll see new tiers; 32gb 64gb and 128gb?

    • iThinkergoiMac

      I’m a huge fan of that idea. It will have to happen eventually.

      • Stefano

        64gb is perfect for me, so if I can pay less for a 64 gig or the same for a 128gb model and REALLY stuff it with all my music, I’d be a really happy man

    • Gorgonphone


  • Gorgonphone

    S models are always boring thats just a fact of iphone life

  • Eric 420

    128 GB model will cost you $500 bucks with a contract…..What do you bet?

    • Gorgonphone

      and $1500 out of contract lol

  • blastingbigairs

    What’s next, the gold iGrill??