New report reiterates ‘5C’ name for budget iPhone, calls for a gold 5S colorway

gold 5S

It’s been a big weekend for iPhone rumors. And now that we’ve all circled September 10 on our calendars as the likely date for Apple’s big smartphone event, it’s time to start trying to figure out just what exactly it’ll unveil.

A new report out of Japan today corroborates previous chatter, claiming that we’ll be seeing two iPhones on stage that Tuesday: a low-budget model that is indeed called the ‘iPhone 5C,’ and an iPhone 5S with a gold colorway…

9to5Mac points to the report, which comes from the fairly reliable Macotakara, citing the fact that it correctly predicted the ‘iPad mini’ name for Apple’s smaller tablet last fall. The site offers details for both the iPhone 5S and 5C.

As for the 5S (rough translation via Google Translate):

The name of coming iPhone to be iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C according to my Asian source, Rumored coming iPhone powered by A7 processor Will be Released as “iPhone 5S”. 

This source told That KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s guessesMay be true. Ming-Chi guessed several points, the resolution of iSight camera will be stayed on 8M pixels but F-stop will be brighter up to 2.0. The gold color which is rumored as 3rd color of iPhone 5S will be optional, and rectangle mark of home button Will be removed.”

Considering that we’ve seen evidence of the A7 chip in iOS 7, it’s safe to assume that we’ll see it in the iPhone 5S. The 8MP sensor doesn’t necessarily line up with previous chatter, but we have heard the phone will take better low-light shots.

Then there’s the gold color option. It’s tough to imagine Apple releasing anything in a gaudy color like gold, and we figured the color options were going to be saved for the cheaper budget iPhone model, but we have seen leaked gold parts.

Budget iPhone (NowhereElse 001, blue)

Speaking of the budget iPhone:

“Additionally, That source told about coming low-cost iPhone, Which is covered by Plastic case made ​​from polycarbonate and glass-Fibre, it Will be Released with expected name, “iPhone 5C.”

We’ve seen several reports regarding Apple’s low-cost handset over the past 6 months, as well as a number of part leaks. Everything thus far has pointed to the same polycarbonate device, available in various colors, priced at around $300.

As for the name of the budget iPhone, Macotakara says it will be called the ‘iPhone 5C.’ The name first surfaced in July, in photos of alleged packaging, and has since been reaffirmed in other reports. It’s believed that the ‘C’ stands for Color.

So given everything we’ve seen up until now, it seems pretty likely that Apple will show off these two handsets at its event. As for the new iPad mini and redesigned iPad 5, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them at a second event in October.