iOS 7 code reveals Apple’s upcoming A7 chip has Samsung components

iPhone 5 teardown (iFixIt 001)

As iOS 7 gets closer and closer to release, developers digging through the depths of the firmware continue to find more and more hidden gems. Thus far, the coding has revealed fingerprint sensor support, an A6 iPad mini without a Retina display, and now this.

A new discovery in the code has surfaced this afternoon that shines some light on the processor which Apple is expected to use in its upcoming iPhone 5S. Apple is believed to be developing a new A7 chip, and according to today’s finding, it’s made by Samsung…

Here’s 9to5Mac with the scoop:

“A reference to an s5l8960x (likely A7) processor, which is a leap over the s5l8950x (A6) and s5l8955x (A6X), was located inside of the iOS 7 filesystem. Based on recent chatter, it seems plausible that this will be the chip powering the new iPhone 5S.

Interestingly, it appears that Apple will again work with Samsung for this new chip. The main system-on-a-chip will include some Samsung components- at least to power the display, according to analysis of the above code by a person familiar with Apple’s chip design process.”

And here’s a screenshot of the code the site references:

ios 7 a7 code

The report goes on to say that the source explained that over the past couple of years, Apple has hit a number of roadblocks in relation to chip processing speed with both the upcoming A7 and A8 chip. But it appears that the major issues have since been resolved.

The finding here shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Apple has long used Samsung to fab its chips. Recent reports have suggested that Apple is moving its processor business to TSMC in an effort to distance itself from its competitor, but the shift hasn’t happened yet.

As for the iPhone 5S that the A7 is allegedly being built for, the handset is expected to look very similar to its predecessor. It’ll have several new features though, among which are though to include an upgraded camera, and a fingerprint sensor built-in to the Home button.