It may not reach the importance of the ‘best-filling’ versus ‘tastes great’ soda debate, but new numbers add fuel to the ongoing question of what’s most important in measuring app store supremacy: downloads or revenue. Both those rooting for sheer demand as well as ultimate revenue figures found something to cheer about Wednesday.

Analytics company App Annie is out with second-quarter numbers showing the Android-based Google Play store had ten percent more download’s that Apple’s iOS App Store. However, Apple – which prides itself on being the Tiffany of technology – raked in 2.3 times the revenue.

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Google Play’s lead in app downloads is encouraging for Android users. An earlier first-quarter report showed Google’s app store had just 90 percent of Apple’s App Store downloads.

However, today’s numbers aren’t too surprising.

Not only does the download figure mimic handset metrics, where Android devices physically outnumber iPhones, but it is also the result of cheap smartphones being dumped in emerging markets.

By comparison, the iOS App Store remains more revenue-rich for both Apple and developers, according to App Annie. Apple’s App Store still generates 2.3 times the revenue of Google Play, the analytics firm said.


Driving the revenue was “substantial growth” in music and social networking apps for the iOS platform. The chart top of post graphically illustrate this split between app downloads and revenue. When it comes to Google Play, its increase in downloads is not translated into revenue.

A recent report by Flurry found that the average Google Play app costs six cents, compared to 19 cents for the iPhone and 50 cents for the iPad. Additionally, the desire for cheap apps was found to be strongest among Android users.

Should Apple worry about the increase of Android downloads?


Google could overcome its revenue gap by numerically selling a cheap Android app to everyone on the planet. We can already see this strategy by the presence of India, Russia and Brazil in the top-five nations downloading Android apps.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 20.05.01
The top 10 games by monthly revenue on App Store (above) and Play store (below).

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 20.05.23

App Annie also released an iOS Analytics app and another report on the categories of apps downloaded in the second quarter. For Apple, games remain the most-desired, with entertainment, photo & video, lifestyle and utilities rounding out the top five.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 20.04.26
The top 10 games publishers by revenue on App Store (above) and Play store (below).

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 20.04.43

At Google Play, games also top the list, but communications moved up two places the No. 2, with tools, entertainment and social rounding out the list.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Bad news after bad news (hint: non-retina iPad mini). I am starting to hate iDB.

    • Burge

      I didn’t know it was iDB’s fault that Apple might not do a retina iPad mini this that case come on iDB sort this shit out and give us what we want..

    • Boss

      How hate you hate iDB cause Apple don’t want to make a retina iPad mini? if they did wouldn’t be surprised if they made it $50 more

    • Liam Mulcahy

      (middile finger)

    • Cesar D

      you don’t need to tell people what you hate, you just can go if you don’t like.

  • Julio Cesar

    Now think about all the trash apps that you download in Google’s PlayStore and delete in seconds because they don’t work or that are not as good as you expected…

    • Matt Dowdy

      That’s true of the Apple app store also. (not the don’t work apps) but I’ve lost count of the amount of terrible apps I’ve downloaded and immediately deleted on both platforms. At least on the play store I can delete app downloads from my history

      • Julio Cesar

        Yeah, I know. But not as extreme.
        I’m developer, I used an iPhone 4 for 2 years.
        And I’m using a Galaxy for 2 years.

        The PlayStore is a complete mess, especially in countries that don’t speak English as their main language.
        Even the titles of the app are translated literally…
        The descriptions are meaningless with this crappy translation…
        The images of apps tend to be outdated, as well as the update log.

        In Brazil, people that usually have iPhones speak English (because of the high price of the device here), while Android users are few who speak English.

        Because of that android users download more apps here, but rarely tend to have more than the basics apps installed on your smartphone (social networking apps and some basic games)

  • R4

    There are so many android gaming devices coming out but guess what? Ios has much higher quality and more hardcore console quality games. I spend hours on the Play Store trying to find decent games. For example Deus Ex and Bloodmasque are two of the biggest mobile games to recently be released and neither of them are available on the Play Store

  • mehrab

    2key reasons. Number of devices
    App hunting you download many apps then delete just to find a decent one.