xRec 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Capturing a video of whatever is on the screen of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in real-time normally requires a jailbroken device and one of useful Cydia apps such as ScreenRecorder or Display Recorder by Ryan Petrich.

Official App Store solutions are unfortunately far and few between. And even when such an app does slip past the App Store approval team, it’s only briefly.

Tapping iOS video recording APIs, xRec by developer Akın Öğünç lets you easily capture contents of your iDevice’s screen, without having to jailbreak or cheat by hooking up your device to a computer to use a desktop screen capture software instead…

To record the video, first fire up the app, choose Settings and set your desired orientation.

Tap Record and then Start, quit the app by hitting the Home button and just continue normally using the device. xRec will do its magic in the background, which is denoted by the red recording bar top of screen.

xRec 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

When done, open the app and hit the Stop button.

You’ll have to wait a bit until the encoding process finishes, which can take anywhere from seconds to minutes, depending on the length of your video capture session and the speed of your device. The speedier the device, the smoother the video.

Here’s a quick collage of various xRec screen recordings.


The encoded screen captures are available under the Videos tab and can be exported to the Camera roll, Google Drive, Dropbox or Email. xRec supports all four orientations and can reduce the video file resolution up to 50 percent if file size is of concern to you.

xRec 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

What’s odd is that xRec requires an Internet connection. If you’ve enabled Airplane mode or are outside network coverage, you may hear a song instead of recording.

A remedy is to kill the xRec application process by double-pressing the Home button and re-launch the app, this time with an active cellular or Wi-Fi connection. I’ve also noticed that xRec doesn’t play nice with Siri.

Another gripe is that xRec records audio through the microphone rather than capture system audio. You could hook up the device to external speakers and enable external audio recording via the microphone, but that seems like too much of a hassle.

xRec 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

And although xRec isn’t an iOS 7-friendly app, the developer assured Scott Buscemi of 9to5Mac that both the native iPad support and iOS 7 compatibility are on the way.

At any rate, it’s an indispensable app for creating tutorial and how-to videos, bragging about achievements you have accomplished in games and what not. Power users who need versatility and rich set of features will ignore xRec and instead tap one of the many jailbreak tweaks that get the job done with far less friction.

xRec is compatible with the iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5 and third-gen iPod touch or later running iOS 5.0 and up. The 4.4MB download is on the App Store and will run you $1.99.

  • Pankaj Rana

    iPad support??

    • fl0manel

      Coming soon

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Coming never more like! Apple will probably pull this within 24-48 hours if they haven’t already…

      • Great!! Looking forward to it!

  • Victor

    I know a way to get a recorder for free and no jailbreak…

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Do share.

      • Kenny Woodard


      • Niclas

        RecordMyScreen + MacBuildServer
        MacBuildServer is in maintenance atm though.

    • Anthony Antunez

      Oh that’s cool. You don’t need to tell us or anything…

    • Yunsar

      Please share

      • Victor

        The idownloadblog team won’t let me…

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        I thought idb and we were friends:(

      • Yunsar

        What is your email address?

      • Austin Curtis

        Go to Emu4ios and get RecordMyScreen. Make sure u set ur date to 2013

  • Max Kas

    Any noticeable lag?

  • private api, pulled in 3-2-1..

  • hack4life

    I always hear the song. Even if I’m on WiFi or 3G.
    Can anyone help me?

    • Prasoon Singh

      What song?

    • MHCsk

      My advice: visit therapist.

  • abdullah575

    Free ??

    • hack4life

      $1.99. Read the last sentence 😉

  • Guest

    Besides using private APIs, i wonder which source code license the dev is violating

  • Guest

    Oooo charging for something already released as free 😀

    How cliche

  • Yeah…no

    No doubt this will be removed from the app store.

  • Nestea80

    How does the quality compare to Display Recorder? Is it any smoother?

  • Liam Mulcahy

    In a few hours this will be gone from the App Store

    • Leviscus Tempris

      That’s why I got it.

  • Prasoon Singh

    Just bought it. It works pretty well which is a surprise.

    • CoolStar Org

      You got ripped off of $2 haha. Should’ve used MacBuildServer to load RecordMyScreen for free. Instead you get a ripoff which won’t work on iOS 7 as xRec’s dev. relies on me to update RecordmyScreen cuz he copied the code 😛

      • Steven Brent

        MacBuildServer has been dead since July 15th, 2013. He did not get ripped off of $2.

      • Steven Brent

        Also, RecordMyScreen does not work on iOS 7 either.

      • truehybridx

        too much effort to just set your date back before July 15th to make it work eh?

        Well of course it doesn’t work on iOS 7, not a whole lot of reason while its just beta 3. B4 and GM are the only good times to be trying deep down stuff like this

  • I don’t see any reason to record my screen if my iPhone is not jailbroken ! Except games… But I won’t pay $1.99 for this !

  • Jonathan

    I know this is way off topic, but I need advice.
    I just bought an iPhone 5, coming in the mail.
    If it is on 6.1.2 or lower, should I keep that & jailbreak, or go to iOS 7? Theres so many cons and pros. IDK HELP!!!

    • Justice and Malice

      First off, it won’t have 6.1.2. I promise you that. But even if it did….is this a serious question? You’d obviously stay and jailbreak. But again, don’t bother thinking about it. It’ll come with at the very least 6.1.3, but more than likely 6.1.4.

      • Jonathan

        I bought it off Amazon, so you never know

    • Mark

      Stay Jailbreak since iOS 7 isn’t that stable yet.

      • Jonathan

        I’m also a developer so I’ve tested beta 3, it is flawless. But it is a very hard decision.

      • Mark

        Sure it is tough.. Well if he’s a developer, that’s a different scenario, If he’s a developer and have an access to the latest release, more on developing apps and does not find any jailbreak tweaks very useful.. then I don’t see any reason to settle on iOS 6 and stay away from iOS 7. 🙂

      • mehrab

        Update it. I did. I dont miss my jailbreak except themes and such.and when you change a wallpaper your iphone completely changed the look and feel on ios 7 and ios gives you a new look so im okay and we can now have live wallapaers pano ones and that paraalax effect is awesome the new features are great too and the redesign is beautiful

    • fl0manel

      I am an Apple iOS dev and I have iOS 7 running pretty great on my iPhone 5 and iPad 3. I love it, and I don’t even miss my jailbreak that much. I would recommend getting your device registered for iOS 7 and then installing it.

  • CoolStar Org

    This app infringes my copyright and licence on RecordMyScreen, a free app by me. Expect the “dev” of this to hear from me soon.

    • Misti curia

      But this works without jailbreak

      • CoolStar Org

        so does mine. ever seen macbuildserver before? It’s been actively used on non-jailbroken devices since January, 2013.

      • Misti curia

        Well this one doesn’t need side loading so I guess that’s the difference. But if he’s using your code sue his ass lol

  • schache

    this is just turkish music on ios 7 please tell me?????

  • Ian

    Is it just me, or is it in a different language? And I don’t even see a start button.

    • truehybridx

      Don’t expect it to work on iOS 7 until it officially comes out of beta.

      • CoolStar Org

        actually don’t expect it to work on iOS 7 at all. He is ripping off my open source project (RecordMyScreen) and depends on me to update it. I will not update it anyways until xRec is pulled, so don’t expect an iOS 7 update for xRec.

      • Justice and Malice

        Ok, we get it. Ripping you off. Got it

      • Niclas

        Meaningful comment. Really. Meaningful

  • marcus1324

    I would totally buy this but I just don’t need it.

  • David Williams

    It doesn’t work with the iOS 7 beta 3. Once you leave the app. Anything that’s recorded is a black screen. What a waste. I had high hopes for this.

  • Riley Freeman

    im just glad theres something that works properly and dont need to jailbreak.

    i hate the red recording bar though. he needs to get rid of that. i use display recorder but the gap between launch of a new os and waiting for a jailbreak is painful at times and this will be useful.

  • Clash Off

    Ahh…. My Favorite Game is also played. Clash of Clans….. I Just Love it….

  • hamooz10

    Where is the app ? I couldn’t find it in the us app store

  • Mercedez Malawau

    ” You could hook up the device to external speakers and enable external audio recording via the microphone, but that seems like too much of a hassle. ” – how do i do this?

  • Costas

    Hi, will you sell it in Greece ?

  • Tyler

    Does it still work with iOS7?

  • Nelsoncolar

    Apple is quite strict with screen capture tools. Currently, I’m using a desktop app call acethinker iphone screen recorder that mirrors my iPhone screen to the computer and use its screen recording function to make videos. It’s not that direct, but it works.