TaskMaster is a new Spotlight based jailbreak tweak that adds a variety of new functions to the built in iOS search feature. Along with the ability to search the contents of your device, you’ll find new toggles, quick compose shortcuts, now playing information for your music, and more. It’s not a perfect jailbreak tweak, but you may find its variety appealing. Have a look inside as I take TaskMaster for a spin in our video walkthrough.

You know the blank portion of the Spotlight search page that contains no information prior to a search? Well this tweak fills that wasted area in with the various useful tools mentioned above. Along with the toggles and quick compose items, you’ll find an information center that contains things like IP address, battery life, etc.

The main flaw with TaskMaster rears its head when you accidentally invoke a search and pull up the keyboard. The keyboard hinders your ability to see all of TaskMaster’s functions. In order to fix this problem, you have to exit out of Spotlight and re-enter.

Besides the small annoyance with the keyboard, I feel that TaskMaster is a solid tweak. If you want to try it out then check it out on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.99. Let me know what you think below.

  • Leviscus Tempris

    Could be more efficient in using space. Reminds me of sbsettings theme. Lots of potential. Perhaps this will encourage others to jump on the spotlight mods.

  • Mr. E

    This would be great with the way you activate spotlight in iOS 7

  • Kurt

    It’s definitely cool, but SBSettings is free and you can get to it in apps. So I’ll stick with SBSettings, until there is a jailbreak for the beautiful iOS 7. Then I’m upgrading and won’t have a need for SBSettings

  • Shrey Mehta

    Jeff, the answer to your keyboard problem is the tweak swipe to dismiss, you can swipe on the spacebar and the keyboard’s gone.