Mavericks DP 3 Graphics Update

Apple has released a new graphics update for OS X Mavericks. The update, which is aimed at users running OS X Developer Preview 3 is to resolve an issue where a Mac running OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 3 may reboot without warning. The graphics update, which is a 1.0 release, comes in at 4.9 megabytes and requires a restart after installation.

If you’re running OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 3, then you can open the Mac App Store app and click the Updates tab in order to find the update. This update comes right on the heels of yesterday’s OS X Recovery update, and AirPort Utility fix. Let us know if you notice any differences in your Mac’s performance after installation.

  • Dontwannaknow

    Does anyone know when iOS 7 beta 4 releases? Beta 3 still not support Skype yet. And sometimes crashes. I know it is beta but I use it on my daily driver.

    • shailesh patel

      releasing on July 22nd !!!!!!!!!

    • fl0manel

      If Apple continues to release after a given amount of time, everyone should be predicting a release of the 4th beta on July 22nd. By Skpye not supported, do you mean that the app force closes when tapping the “Recent” tab at the bottom? If not, please tell me.

      • Dontwannaknow

        When trying to launch Skype, it just crashes. It just appear and showing the “Signing in”, then it crashes. Any idea?
        Btw, thanks for the info.

      • Jackson Grong

        Try to reinstall the app.

      • Dontwannaknow

        It works! Thank you. And now it crashes when pressing Recent. Any idea to fix it?

      • Al

        I haven’t tried iOS 7 until beta 3, since I heard how stable it was compared to the other betas. But when I installed it, along with all my apps. Some of my apps were completely useless on it.

        I know it varies from people to people, but I plan on waiting until till iOS 7 officially come out… It’s too early to make it a daily driver IMO.

      • fl0manel

        I’m thinking of making a new iOS 7 review vid on YouTube, and I want to include some incompatibility issues. Any input from you guys would be great 🙂

      • Dontwannaknow

        As far as I know, Skype and Kakao Talk are not working well. Skype crashes even when calling, Kakao Talk can’t launch. Another issues are found such as Setting Panorama wallpaper will crash my phone, Photos app sometime crash and its bottom bar does not work properly. Setting wallpaper via setting sometimes crash even still image. FaceTime sometimes crash. Anyway it is just beta so bugs are inevitable.

  • seyss

    no good. still both airplay monitor and autofit guest resolution are broken on vmware. the 2nd worked only on DP1.

  • Falk M.

    Glad to see they are busy and active.
    Also, very glad to see they are finally giving OS X more attention once in a while again after so much “iOS “/$&=Q$/&Q)”($”… I know iOS is more profitable maybe, but sheesh…