In this week’s episode, Cody discusses his top five jailbreak tweaks, along with a brief synopsis of p0sixninja’s openjailbreak site go-live. Jeff shares his disdain for cable companies, along with his love for XBMC and the Apple TV 2. The pair is also sure to talk about this week’s jailbreak tweaks, which include: ScreenFade, LiveWire Pro, VeloxTube for Velox, ayra, and StatusHUD.

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  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Ah, the sexy French accent. xD

    • Sebastien has the French accent.

      • Joseph A. Ahmad

        I know, and Cody said, “I miss Sebastien’s sexy French accent”. That’s what I was saying.

      • ah okay.­..

  • Simonas Narbutas

    I use lastpass password manager plugin for all my browsers, firefox, chrome, safari, it syncs your passwords, lets you store and sort them under different categories like social networks, forums, whatever you name it. Also has autofill, autologin functions for not that private websites and you can set per site to ask for secure password before autofilling or autologining. You save in one computer, you have it in the other. It’s a pity os browsers do not have plugins available.
    Also two cydia tweaks I think worth mentioning are nitrous to speed up non native browsers like chrome and camera tweak which Jeff covered already in idownloadblog some months ago, which implements nice functions like timer, time lapse, separates auto exposure from autofocus so you can autofocus one thing and auto adjust lighting separately from autofocus.

  • carlosalgado123

    im just a new listener to your podcast but my question is, why do you not publish this on iTunes?

    • Marcus Brown

      It got taken down form itunes for having the word ‘Jailbreak’ i believe and generally being about jailbreaking.

  • Jeremy Richard Bobby

    Would anything with jailbreaking cause my incoming calls to be rerouted to someone else?? Doesnt happen all the time but two to three times a day