apple-foxconn-watchCould Apple’s largest contract manufacturer also become a competitor? Foxconn’s parent company, Hon Hai, unveiled a smartwatch that connects to your iPhone, displaying phone calls and Facebook messages. The news comes as the Taiwan-based assembler of iPhones seeks ways to diversify income as the  industry undergoes some uncertain times.

The watch, unveiled by Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou Wednesday, appears to compete against the iWatch, a rumored device that Apple may introduce. Despite not being an actual iWatch, Foxconn reportedly received 1,000 orders for its product…

The device, which connects wirelessly to the iPhone, can also be used to “measure the user’s vital signs such as respiration and heartbeat,” reports the site WantChina Times.

Gou told a shareholder’s meeting that the watch will also include fingerprint recognition and offer advice on ways to improve your health.

The wearable computing device can be used to measure the user’s vital signs such as respiration and heartbeat, as well as to check phone calls and Facebook posts, Hon Hai executives said while showing the watch at a shareholders meeting.

If the measuring results are not within optimal range, the device will automatically give suggestions to the user about how to improve them, the executives said.

Wednesday Gou said Hon Hai must diversify its sources of revenue beyond Apple, which supplies around 60 percent of the Taiwan-based firm’s income.

Potential revenue options include licensing patents, as well as creating accessories for the devices Foxconn makes for numerous consumer electronics brands.

Since Google introduced its Google Glass eyewear, wearable computing has been a hot topic. For months the possibility of Apple offering a smartwatch has been bandied about, including potential patents, projected designs and analyst estimates of arrival.

Which brings me to my question of the day: is Apple going to reveal a smarwatch?

  • Boss

    If it don’t have the Apple logo than it won’t sell, Apple could probably put a Apple sticker on a blank CD and it’d sell out day 1

    • Jerry

      LOL sad but true!

    • Lagax

      Apple products have to have features, too.
      The point is that people think people buy apple cause it’s apple. May they also buy it cause it is better than any other product?
      And why does apple have this status? Because they make the worst products? NO. Caused by the opposite!

      • Taf Khan

        Well said! A apple logo on a droid phone would never help it sell.

      • Boss

        Most people who buy an iPhone only buy it cause they think it’s the only smart phone available

      • Kurt

        Exactly…thats why when you see a 70 year old with an iPhone you think to yourself….”aren’t you a little young for an iPhone?”

      • Rahnold

        Yeah because when they go to pick it up at their carriers store front they aren’t surrounded by competing devices at lower costs. Wait no that’s not right… You’re just an idiot.

      • Matthew Black

        You’re actually a moron.

      • Lagax

        May they do think that because it is true? Cause an Android phone is not smart. I can’t talk about WP here, may it even is smart, but Android is the must unsmart thing I have ever seen. So there are not a lot of ‘smart’ phones aren’t really smart, cause they’re android phones.

    • Matthew Black

      Haha. So true! However they do like to bring us products we love and don’t want to put down. Plus the CD is soooo 1990’s

  • Chindavon

    Uhhh that’s not a watch, that’s a bracelet.

  • Scott Curry

    The best thing about this that I think many people are missing is that the more competition that even a rumored iWatch brings out, the more the prices will compete with each other. Personally, I’m excited to see what Apple can bring out in the form an iWatch (I REALLY like the Pebble design), and will probably want to get one, so I’m thankful that either A. There may be a better device to come out or B. Multiple options will keep prices down.

    • Lagax

      I also played with the Idea of a pebble, but thought: Hell I don’t want a black-white screen. 😀