Welcome to the sixteenth episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak. This week, Sebastien discusses his conversation with pod2g regarding iOS 7, the latest iOS 7 beta 2 running on the iPad, OS X Mavericks beta 2, and a whole host of new jailbreak tweaks. The tweaks for the week include NCEnough, Vox, The Quick Brown Fox, NativeQR, and more. We also discuss Sebastien’s upcoming trip to France, and the possibility of a special guest host.

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  • Gorgonphone


    • Bobby McBobson

      why are people downvoting your comment. weird.

      • Gorgonphone

        Cause they are typical ignorant humans driven by emotion and

      • Bobby McBobson


  • Bobby McBobson

    Sebastien you’re going to France? Cool!
    La Frace a l’air d’un pays cool mais je ne suis jamais allé.
    (that’s french for all the other people)

    • Bobby McBobson

      Des fois je parle avec beaucoup de Québecismes. Genre astheure j’parle foule Québéquois, tsé la parce que C’est l’fun et ouais c’est ca. haha

      • Bobby McBobson


  • Lance Baker

    I didn’t like iOS 7 on my iPad Mini. It was crazy buggy. I couldn’t even sync my content. I’m also disappointed in the music app.

    • Bra1nwash

      Aww what really? I kinda liked it, though it’s pretty biggish at the moment, what I didn’t like is the iTunes Radio on how they censor their music they should I censor their music to 18+ yr. old iTunes members

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I just hope Apple changes ugly and hard to see colors before the final iOS 7. Improve the consistency between the look and feel of the apps.

  • Aram Abdullah

    where to download? plis send my emile

  • cnmbd

    very good

  • Tashen

    I think Jeff finds iOS 7 better on the iPad because the layout is more spaced out on the iPad. iOS 7 feels too cluttered on the iPhone; Apple needs to make the icons on iOS 7 a little bit smaller – just on the iPhone version.

    • feels too cluttered?

      are you serious? it’s about as minimalist as you can get, if you want something less cluttered get a nokia 3310.

      Only thing that needs changing on iOS7 is the icon design, the WWDC app icon is a perfect example of how they should look