iOS 7 (Unauthorized Lightning cable prompt)

One of the little-known features of iOS 7 that not many people will like is its background check of whether or not a third-party accessory is hooked up to the your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad using a non-certified Lightning cable.

We’ve know Apple has tightened its MFi program rules (MFi stands for ‘Made for iDevice’) and iOS 7 seems to be stepping up a cat and mouse game between Apple and non-MFi vendors….

Connecting an accessory to an iDevice running iOS 7 through a non-certified Lightning cable produces a prompt saying “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone”.

It’s just a prompt meant to push folks into buying pricier Apple-sanctioned Lightning accessories. At any rate, it’s interesting how the firm has opted against blocking non-certified accessories from functioning (upcoming betas could change that).

But Apple’s protection seems to have been circumvented.

iPhone5Mod (Lightning iOS 7 check bypassed)

It has come to our knowledge via reader Marcel that iPhone5mod, a third-party accessory company, has successfully found a workaround to Apple’s built-in Lightning detection in iOS 7.

“We have cracked chips that bypass iOS 7 authentication functions,” the company says on its web store which offers the iOS 7 Lightning cable for less than seven bucks.

iPhone5mod was the first company to crack Apple’s Lightning authentication chips and  the video has them using their own Lightning cable in order to bypass the software check on the iOS 7 side.

Watchful readers would be quick to point out that iPhone5mod sells unofficial Lightning cables, docksadapters and mod kits, often priced at half of what Apple-sanctioned accessories cost.

iPhone5Mod (Lightning 3-in-1 Starter Kit)

Of course, we don’t know whether or not Apple will in fact enforce tighter rules and cripple unofficial Lightning accessories in iOS 7 come this Fall.

Technically speaking, iOS 7 could easily prevent unsanctioned Lightning accessories from functioning properly. I’m hoping Apple won’t go there because even though I’m sure jailbreak developers would see to that, the amount of bad press and chastising it would no doubt receive just won’t be worth it.

By the way, the iOS 7 prompt isn’t a new thing as iOS 6 also warns you about using cheap unofficial 30-pin dock cables, chargers and other accessories.

  • Matthew

    Why does it matter if the. Message pops up or not. It still works!

    • Luke Mulholland

      Not for me… Even my charging case it kicks it out of charge mode…

      • Matthew


    • Rick

      No, it doesn’t. It indicates that it is charging, but is actually not doing one bit to charge the phone. I have alreayd been severely disappointed in my iPhone 5 for a while and I loved iOS7 until I discovered that my replacement cable for their terribly cheap and poor quality original cable.
      Perhaps it is time to see what Microsoft has to offer… 🙁

      • TheBattman

        I can only speak toward my iPhone 5s – and 3rd party (non-Apple Taxed) cables are completely blocked. Dismissing the non certified warning box does nothing. No charging. No nothing.

  • Rockwell mellow

    Man I’m really sick of how controlling Apple is this is just so rediculus

    • Brandon Helton

      It is actually for good reason. I bought a few lighting cables from places like the one above and had one almost burn my house down. The end of the cord got so hot it burnt the skin off my thumb when I picked it up to plug it in to my phone. It had to be very close to lighting my carpet on fire. Perhaps Apple just expects some better quality than these 3rd party vendors care about.

      • STK10

        thats why its called a lightning cable *boomtish*

      • STK10

        seriously though its just because accessories are full of gross profit and they dont want anyone else to have that. Lawyers arent cheap!

      • Rockwell mellow

        No its not, you can by apple sanctioned ones if you want but we should at least be given the choice to use different cables from different companies

      • John

        You can use different cables from different companies. There is nothing saying you MUST use the cable that came with your iOS device…what this is warning against are people who are stupid enough to buy ripoffs (mainly) from Asia and then crying to Apple when their device dies in the arse.

        Understand the difference?

      • Rockwell mellow

        Yes but these cables have to be apple certified which greatly rescricts consumer freedom

      • John

        Restricts in what sense?
        (I’m not trying to be patronising, I’m trying to understand)

        Are you saying that because there’s a limited number of certified products, Apple and third-party companies can charge more or is it a lack of what can be done with the Lightening connector that limits possibilities?

      • john

        Restricts in the sense that we as consumers, even after purchasing an almost thousand dollar phone, do not have the freedom to purchase a variety of cheap accessories, and instead have to resort to ridiculously overpriced accessories sold by vendors who : ( in my opinion, this isn’t a claim ) have most likely made a deal with apple behind our backs to share a higher percentage of profits AND hence raise the price of their products. I presume.

      • John

        Hmm, interesting theory…and maybe with some merit too.

      • louESS

        Very well put.

      • louESS

        Actually you are misinformed. Some , not all, “ripoffs” do not work. As in they dont charge because of the new software. Some as in charging cases etc. No one crys to apple when they done damage to their own phone. Every one knows that its their own fault. That is the difference. Btw f*ck buying from the east. But USA made or else your sh*t burns down.

      • John

        Welcome to a conversation from AT LEAST 4 weeks ago, not to mention your last few sentences may comprise of words from the English language but an English sentence they do not make.

      • louESS

        You are swayed by that as it being a good reason because of the traumatic situation. Its very controlling and actually more so greedy. So I cant buy a simple different charger? That’s wild, its just a charger. Anything can be as defective as the charger you had, but then again i wont buy a charger for lower than 10 dollars.

  • JJ

    I’ve never had iOS 7 not let me use an unsanctioned lightning accessory it’s just there to warn you that it might not work properly. In my case they are right I have a 10 foot lightning cable I bought for $10 and it takes about 5 times longer to charge my phone than the oem cable. There’s more of a reason behind the warning than an attempt to sell more cables…

    • STK10

      Try charging it on the same power adaptor (the block part) and it will charge at the same oem speed. that is to do with the mah output. its the same reason why your phone charges slower on a pc.

      • JJ

        I am using an the A/C adapter that that came with my iPhone. I thought that was the issue too at first but it’s just the cable.

      • Elxlr

        If your device is jailbroken, then download “Batterlogger ” and when you connect your cable to any adapter or PC, you will see the input the phone is getting, which means the output from that device, On PC my phone shows 500 mAh, on Good quality or Apple charger, its shows 1000mAh, and on Macbook pro, it showed 1000mAh. I never had a problem with the cable suppling low input, it was always the chager or adaptor. But bad quality cables, wear off quicker even in short term, if bent often.

    • John

      I assume you’re using the 5w wall plug that came with your iPhone?
      Have you tried using a different plug, for example, the 10w or 12w plugs that are available?

  • Gorgonphone

    those damn cheap cables tend to break too

    • Falk M.

      The official Apple one breaks ridiculously fast as well.
      I just had mine break. That sucker didn’t even last a year.
      Oh well, I’ll demand a replacement when I’m at a Telekom shop next time and bring them my broken sucker. (still charges and syncs, but the isolation is bust… When will they finally use a proper material that doesn’t scoot up the plug and make dents till those dents tear and eventually leave you with a scary looking cable?)

      • pegger1

        Same thing happened to mine. My 3rd party cable looks much better than the genuine Apple one.

      • Jeff Nguyen

        Keep the cable and take it back to apple, the local apple store replaced mine out of warranty and free of charge!!

        I can’t say all apple stores are going to do this but my closest apple store did this for my 4s and my 5 cable.

      • Falk M.

        Not the point. I got mine replaced as well, but I shouldn’t have to do this.
        Yes, it can happen that you get a bad one, but Apple’s iDevice cables suck by design.

  • Cazz

    like cable designs, but they aren’t the “1st third party” to have “working” cables lol. well played

  • Aric Bolf

    I’ve been getting a similar message on my Apple branded iPod/iPhone car charger cable that i bought at the Apple store in the Mall of America for years now. Personally, I believe they claim this about every cable regardless.

  • Aaron de Silva

    The iDevice will also show the notification when the other end of a 3 party cable is not plugged into any power source.

  • Owen Reece Howarth

    I bought three cheap as chips lightning cables from ebay for like £6 and they work no problem, one of them broke the first time i used it but i knew this when i bought them.

    I have got through 3 official lightning cables now with them failing to work for an acceptable amount of time, i refused to drive a 40 mile trip to the nearest apple store, after 3 days of waiting for an appointment to get it replaced.

  • Arthur Geron

    I was getting that annoying warning before, but I`ve found my own way to bypass it, idk if it will work with you guys.. I make sure to plug in the lightning cable first into the iPhone and then plug the USB side to a computer or charger, and it wont give me that message anymore..

  • 3aloo1

    Nice work apple but, in our local store its around 40 bucks for a third party
    charger pfffffff

  • Well, even on my iPhone 4 which is running the latest non-jailbroken iOS 6 prompts me when I try to charge my phone with a 3rd party external battery device, it will flash the “yellow triangle” and state the device is not compatible to charge my iPhone.

    Frankly, I find this highly annoying, as the iPhone 4’s battery does last me long enough for the long walks and exercise routines I take.

    Especially when I’m using my NIKE GPS App to track my statistics, and using the iPhone’s music player to listen to music – I must carry with me external batteries to keep my device charged.

    One option I would love for Apple to put in the next iPhone is a frikkin’ decent battery instead of making it a few MM thinner like they did with the iPhone 5.

    Since I’m on the “battery life” rant – why in the world did Apple think it was “brilliant” to make the iPhone 5 so much thinner than the iPhone 4/4S, yet keep the same battery life?

    Would it not have made more sense to still make the iPhone just slightly thinner than the iPhone 4/4S – yet doubled or tripled the battery life over the 4/4S???

    Am I just crazy, or would you have preferred a longer battery life too????

  • jp2002

    When you enroll for mfi program apple provides you with an auth chip, that lets the peripheral device to communicate with the iPhone. So this manufacturer would have cracked that chip.

  • Shugg Selvie

    I have an apple certified lightening cable but I still get this error message

  • Guest

    i’ve found a solution with the use of any cable… First connect the pin into iphone, but remember do not connect the other end to the laptop/pc yet .. when u connect into iphone it will give u a message ”this cable …. iphone”. Dismiss it. Now connect the other end to the laptop/pc. This time it will not give u any message about ”ths cable is not certified…iphone”..Try it !!!..Solution or Glitch 😛

  • rahal singh

    i’ve found a solution with the use of any cable… First connect the pin into iphone, but remember do not connect the other end to the laptop/pc yet .. when u connect into iphone it will give u a message ”this cable …. iphone”. Dismiss it. Now connect the other end to the laptop/pc. This time it will not give u any message about ”ths cable is not certified…iphone”..Try it !!!..Solution or Glitch 😀

  • RobBarron

    Standard lightning cables work so you can ignore the message. However, powercases do not work. I have had my powercase for a fair while and it was absolutely fine under iOS 6 but now it doesn’t work at all. It will charge for all of about 10-15 seconds and then cuts off again. Apple are really stupid on this. At the end of the day, they don’t even make their own brand powercase anyway so they are losing absolutely nil in sales. My non-Apple cable works fine at charging my iphone 5 with iOS 7. But I need it to charge from the case as well as the battery life sucks big time.

    I can put whatever cartridges I like in a printer, I can put whichever manufacturers parts I like in my car. It is called CHOICE and all consumers should have the freedom to choose. Apple, if you persist in this manner, my iphone 5 will be the last iPhone i bother with. I’m getting sick of your attitude towards customers.

  • Andri

    Where the heck i can buy that thing in indonesia -_- ?

  • Guest

    I found a workaround hack on Cydia that enables non-official Lightning cables – works well 🙂 Until I allowed the device to fully discharge and noticed that I had to use an official cable to get it to come alive again.

    Thing is, those darn lightning cables are hard to find – everyone is out of stock and I bought an official adapter for my old official cable (30pin) which like every “official” apple cable deteriorates unnecessarily. I had to take the device out of it’s case to use that old adapter – screw you apple, warn us, don’t block us.

  • Pras

    There’s a cydia hack – search for lightning cable – or search google for the repo