Translucent mod kit for the iPhone 5 arrives

Modders are gonna have a field day with this new kit from iPhone5mod, the accessory firm that brought you cheap (and unofficial, of course) Lightning cables and adapters, docks, iPhone 5 backplate replacements and what not. So, if you’re afraid of dings and scratches appearing on your brand spanking new iPhone 5 the instant you look at it the wrong way – but dislike cases and sleeves for their bulk and because they hide the beauty of your ‘Rolex of smartphones’ – you should check out iPhone5mod’s new mod kit for the iPhone 5.

That is, assuming you’re okay with voiding your warranty as you should look to pros who are adept at disassembling gadgets because half a dozen parts need replacing with their scratch-proof, anti-fingerprint, see-through counterparts. As a bonus, replacements for the top and bottom panels on the back come in seven interesting colors so you can mix’n’match them for some unique styles. Oh, once pimped up, your device will be even lighter…

The kit contains detachable top and bottom panels for the back side, in addition to side parts like the SIM card slot, the mute switch, the power button and the Lightning port part, all made of highly durable plastic that can withstand strong collision and bending.

iPhone5mod iPhone 5 translucnet mod kit (image 001)

iPhone5mod iPhone 5 translucent mod kit (image 002)

iPhone5mod iPhone 5 translucent mod kit (image 003)

Besides, all the parts – from the smallest Lightning port to the physical button replacements, are transparent so everyone will be able to see the innards of your sophisticated device (which is mostly battery, really).

The only replacement this kit won’t provide is for the front panel assembly.

The kit retails for $39.90, or $169 if you want all seven color variations. You should know that during the first 48 hours only iPhone5mod is throwing in all seven colors of detachable top and bottom panels free of charge.


Head over to the iPhone5mod web store to learn more.