ScreenshotPlus Featured

If you’re someone who’s often taking screenshots on your iOS device, then boy, do I have a new jailbreak tweak for you. ScreenshotPlus is an extremely handy jailbreak tweak that allows end users to pre-crop screenshots prior to taking them.

The tweak is enabled using a standard Activator gesture, which brings up an overlay on the screen. The overlay features drag handles that can be used to adjust the dimensions of the screenshot in question. For those of you who want to get exact dimensions, there’s a dimensions readout right below the screenshot area, and next to the button used for taking the screenshot.

Needless to say, this is a tool that can be very time saving if you take a lot of screenshots on your iOS device. Take a look at our video walkthrough inside for more information.

After installation, you’ll need to venture into the Activator settings to assign an Activator gesture to ScreenshotPlus. Once the Activator gesture is assigned, invoke ScreenshotPlus, and you’ll notice the overlay appear on your screen. To take the pre-cropped screenshot, adjust the drag handles to your desired screenshot area, and tap the camera icon to take the screenshot. If you’re someone who doesn’t care at all about the exact dimensions of the screenshot in question, then you can venture into ScreenshotPlus’ preferences to toggle the dimensions overlay — its lone setting.

ScreenshotPlus is a bloggers dream, and can save you the time it takes to crop screenshots by allowing you to do so in advance. If you’re interested in taking it for a test drive, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be purchased for $0.99. What do you think?

  • Was literally just wondering if there was something like this today.

  • Barry

    That’s actually really handy!

  • Eric Van Laarhoven

    dang, wish I was jailbroken.

  • Tyler

    Yeah this is pretty sweet. Imuh get it

  • Gorgonphone


    • mkOS

      I agree. Without that option, I see no use in installing this tweak.

      • Ben

        You can. In activator enable in anywhere ‘Press with menu button’ and it overrides the existing action.

      • mkOS

        The current version now supports activator.
        Thanks anyway, I wish I would have thought that when there was no activator option.

  • charlie feathers

    This is a great tweak picked it up when it first dropped on Cydia. Really handy!
    I have it set to activate from anywhere with tap and hold statusbar. Thanks Activator! ; )

    • Gorgonphone

      the edges are not calibrated correctly so what you select is not exactly what you see..

      • LoaDy

        How can be edge calibrated? You are basically just selecting coordinates of two opposite corners. Unless it’s coded to be offset directly by dev, they can’t be offset.

  • seyss

    it’s shit like this that makes jailbreaking great. this should be default.

  • jp2002

    You can take a screen shot and then crop it in Good idea though, but the task can be achieved without the tweak.

    • Ray V

      Yes but doing it the stock way takes much longer. This tweak works relatively well without the need to enter the photos app.

  • Chad

    Can’t find it on Cydia?