Apple surprisingly confirmed today that it has sold over a hundred million iPod touch units since the device’s inception in 2007. The media player colloquially known as iTouch was released on September 14, 2007, following the launch of the first-generation iPhone. Five years later, a fifth-generation model launched with a four-inch Retina display, thin 6.1mm enclosure, Lightning I/O and the A5 chip.

In an interesting move yesterday, Apple has removed the less-pricey fourth-generation iPod touch model from its online store. At the same time, the company has quietly introduced a new fifth-generation SKU that includes sixteen gigabytes of storage, but lacks the iSight camera and the lanyard hook.

The entry-level device retails for $229. The streamlining means that Apple now offers only the latest fifth-generation iPod touch in 16/32/64GB flavors, priced at $229/$299/$399…

Apple confirmed the milestone to The Loop:

In addition to launching a new model of its iPod touch on Thursday, Apple told me this morning that it has sold more than 100 million units of the iPod touch since its introduction.

Apple previously said the iPod touch accounts for more than half of all iPod sales.

By cleverly positioning the device as a portable gaming console, the iPod touch quickly became popular with the younger generation and people who want an iOS app machine that can’t make phone calls.

The gizmo is especially popular with parents who are reluctant to buy their kids an iPhone on a long-term contract.

As watchers note, now offering only the latest four-inch iPod touches indicates Apple could soon drop the 3.5-inch iPhone 4/4S. Indeed, we’re expect the phasing out of the iPhone 4/4S once the iPhone 5S gets released later this year.

Do you

  • n0ahcruz3

    Ipod touch with no rear camera.. POS. this is 2013 apple.

    • Maxim∑

      no it makes sense, its for people who want to save a bit of money and don’t take pictures of there food every 10 seconds.

      • n0ahcruz3

        For $229? Maybe if it was price below $200 it makes sense. They could have atleast upgraded the processor(A5X) for smoother gaming experience.

      • Maxim∑

        I agree 200$ would have made more sense. not sure why its 229$, the A5X just has a different GPU designed for the larger display, A5 and A5X are pretty much the same thing

  • Ricky

    The cheap iphone featuring: No rear camera, no flash, and 2 gram lighter than the iphone 5

    • Gorgonphone

      ipod has a reas camera

  • Gorgonphone

    ipod touch 5 is great.. i want to get rid of my 4..

  • Boss

    Think Apple might get rid of the iPhone 4 & 4S and bring out a budget 4 inch screen to replace them /

  • I could see this kind of lineup in the fall: new budget iphone ($0), iphone 5 ($100), iphone 5S ($200)

    • Andy

      If a budget iPhone is released, I bet it’ll be an iPhone 4S, but with 4 inch screen and Lightning I/O.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I don’t think Apple will kill off support for the iPhone 4 just yet. I’m pretty positive they will for for the 3GS, but I think the 4 still has one more year to go. If anything, and Apple does kill of support for the 4, the 4S will still, definitely be around, especially for those on 2 year contracts restricted to their carriers. Although, 4S owners should be due for an upgrade this Fall. Hmm, we’ll find out June 10th.

  • Micaiah Martin

    Still rocking my 1st gen iPod touch. Yeah!!!

    • Liam Mulcahy


      • Micaiah Martin

        Dude these things are so durable. So far I’ve dropped it off a ski lift and it’s survived. That so far is the highest I’ve dropped it from.

      • Liam Mulcahy


  • I had to upgrade my 16GB 4S, as 16 just wan’t enough anymore…. Instead of getting another phone, I bought the 64GB iPod Touch Yellow. So far, I wish I got an iPhone 5. But, I only miss the phone part. If you don’t need a phone, this iPod is awesome. The taller screen is my favorite improvement. Also the camera flash, and Siri integration.