iOS 7 concept (Simply Zesty)

Another day, another iOS 7 concept. In an attempt to depict what Jony Ive-ified, flattened user interface in iOS 7 might look like, digital agency Simply Zesty created this elaborate concept.

The video focuses on a clean look UI and pictures Lock screen widgets, a revamped Notification Center as well as a beautiful new Windows Phone ‘Metro’-fied stock apps like Calendar, Music, Siri and Camera.

I love the cleaner Notification Center with animated widgets. If that’s the future of iOS 7, then I’m very much looking forward to it…

Here’s the video.

By the way, what’s up with those square Home screen icons?

Here are the slides, via The Next Web.

iOS 7 concept (Simply Zesty, Lock screen)

iOS 7 concept (Simply Zesty, Widget Centre)

iOS 7 concept (Simply Zesty, App icons)

iOS 7 concept (Simply Zesty, Stock App icons)

iOS 7 concept (Simply Zesty, Music)

iOS 7 concept (Simply Zesty, Calendar and Camera)

iOS 7 concept (Simply Zesty, Siri)

There’s certainly no shortage of iOS 7 concept as WWDC draws near. An iOS 7 concept by Mohamed Kerroudj seems to be getting a little more attention than others so check it out for more awesomeness, including a new Dashboard feature.

Apple said it will put “new versions of iOS and OS X” into the hands of developers at WWDC, its annual summer developers conference which this year takes place at Moscone West in San Francisco from Monday, June 10 until Friday, June 14.

  • Please God

  • hasnt windows had this clean flat UI for years now?

  • Aaron de Silva

    Somehow all these iOS 7 concepts brings to mind the squareness of Microsoft windows 8.

  • Honestly I’m looking for more of a design change than new features in iOS 7. I’ve had every iPhone since the first, and it feels like I’ve had the same phone the whole time. The biggest design change they’ve made imo, is iOS 6, which wasn’t even that big of a change.

    I’d still like features, but design at this point is #1

  • Zaidan Umar

    I like the lock screen and notification center. Rest everything is ugly.

  • I bet apple will never accept it!!!!

  • Everything is perfect except that the icons could look more original and the unlock slider at the top? Haha That needs to stay at the bottom.

  • leave icons as it is, jesus.. it’s not hard to change ui to be more flatter and leave app icons alone.

  • Steve Wing

    Dam that ugly

  • Anand Kaligotla

    Did Windows just do another Samsung?

  • Microsoft definitly will hire this designer jeje

  • so is this coming out? does it have like a estimated date??

  • Wheatley

    I love it! Simple, clean, beautiful.

  • NO it’s ugly and it looks like the crappy windows phone that noone likes

  • @dongiuj


  • Why are all concepts trying to turn my beautiful iPhone`s UI into an ugly Windows Phones, really why?

  • Gio Patrick Prequencia

    the map app logo is totally like in windows 8 and it’s simplicity but i like it!


  • asda sada

    sad thing is that all the people calling this ugly will be like ” OMG OMG YOLO BEST DEVICE EVER OMG OMG” when apple rolls it out just like the iphone 5 leaked photo , now dont get me wrong i have an iphone an ipad and running hackintosh on my pc but this looks plain ugly we want FEATURES

  • I think this is what “flat” can mean! But I tend to trust Ive’s lead! Most I like here is the widget functionality! Im excited and I guess anything other than current too old screens will do :p Just bored with it…

  • The earlier concepts were even logical
    And frankly Apple even with the maps issue would not change iOS to that extent [I personally think that they will at least retain the looks of the original iOS in memory of Steve Jobs at least for another few years]
    And this is clearly Apple copying Microsoft which they never do[At least till now]
    And if this concept is actually put in
    Then, Google here I come!

    [I know it doen’t matter to anyone whether I
    stick to apple or not nu still…]

  • Dylfo

    It’s nice but not exciting I want more customization like changing ui colors

  • Love the animation style, but a bit too fast- and the edge NEED to be somewhat rounded – this squared idea is a FAD – harder edges yes, but not square – it only appeals to those obsessive with minimalistic style tastes in the long run..

  • I love the concept, just one thing: slide to unlock on the upper hand of the screen doesn’t make any sense, aesthetically it looks cool but it is everything but practical

  • Is there a winterboard theme like that?

  • The icon design just looks like windows to me…

  • neez

    Design is not about the looks. When will you people understand? iOS needs to be useful and pretty at the same time, along with other several key elements and functionalities. I’ve not seen any concept addressing this things.
    This concept isn’t good. Sorry!

  • It’s really cool and fresh! But too much “Windows Phone like”. Unfortunately I think that Apple will never do something closer to it… but it’s beautiful and inspiring.

  • Whatever

    only concept, never happen

  • same windows 8 look


    Several reasons this won’t be the case: 1) They have been working to unify iOS and OS X completely, this would completely thwart that entire goal. 2) It looks a little copyright infringementy. 3) As far as the icons go, they’re probably going to leave those alone and focus more on UI to be honest.

  • Is that will be real ?!? looking nice , i hope it will be really like this 🙂

  • Why is slide to unlock at the top of the screen, as far away from my thumb as you can get? Change for the sake of change, with no plausible UX reasoning…

  • WAYYYYY too much like Windows.

  • Arturo Vasquez

    Hey what happend to passbook voice memos iTunes FaceTime stocks gamecenter reminders and the other iOS icons?

  • niico100

    They’re dropping skeuomorphism but you’ve still got a notepad for notes – think again

  • Alex

    Some people don’t understand the difference between simplicity and minimalism.

  • Kenzie Mariluch

    I feel like the old look of the apps was better. The way it bulged out, and had a gloosy look to it distinguished apple apps from android and other providers. Also, the simpler look of some of the apps like the map make it harder/more confusing to find what you’re looking for quickly. Personally, I don’t associate what looks like a room divider, but is meant to look like an unfolded map, with directional assistance. I’m sure it will work just great because Apple hasn’t let us down with their technology, but I think a drastic change to the whole appearance of the iPhone is a bad idea.