MiniPlayer 2.1

You know how they say some things get better over time? Wine falls squarely into that category. MiniPlayer does too. The upcoming 2.1 version, which is being submitted to Cydia’s BigBoss repo today, is a more refined experience than its predecessors.

The first version of MiniPlayer had potential, but left a lot to be desired in the avenue of designed. Now that Surenix has stepped on board with the project to help out with its design, the tweak has come into its own.

Music controls have always been a part of a crowded market in Cydia, so it takes a lot to make any particular tweak stand out in this space. I’m happy to report that not only does MiniPlayer stand out with its latest 2.1 update, it shines. Check out our full video walkthrough of the latest version of MiniPlayer right after the break.

Just to briefly catch you up on things, version 2.0 of MiniPlayer was a huge improvement over the 1.0 release. The developer, MPow, deserves a lot of credit for this, but this tweak has Surenix written all over it. Cody put it best, when covering the 2.0 release:

The initial release saw mixed reviews, but if you weren’t a believer before you need to checkout today’s update. MiniPlayer 2.0 just hit Cydia, and thanks to a complete UI overhaul by Ayecon theme designer Surenix, it looks and feels much better…

I think that’s an apt description of MiniPlayer. With version 2.1, I can report that this version feels even better than the 2.0 version. For starters, there’s a new black theme that looks absolutely stunning. I was never crazy about the bland gray look of the stock theme, but this black theme really makes the tweak stand out amongst the Home screen app icons. The new theme can be set to default in the tweak’s preference panel, but it can be swapped on the fly using a handy double tap gesture on the MiniPlayer itself.

Up next is a new feature that music lovers will surely enjoy — the ability to toggle the music volume directly from the MiniPlayer interface. A simple tap and hold gesture on the now playing album art will yield a slider for the music volume. Once you’ve finished adjusting the volume, just wait, and the player will eventually go back to its default look.

The other big feature included with MiniPlayer 2.1, is the option to open any music app via taping album art. By default, the tweak will open to whatever music app you’re using to play the currently playing song. With version 2.1, you can also configure the tweak to open to any app using a setting in the preference panel. Unfortunately, the only way that you’re able to launch the app configure via the preferences is if you kill the music app that the tweak is currently using. That’s a hiccup that the developer is apparently working on to remedy.

Speaking of development, I’ve talked to Surenix, and he’s confirmed that the pair have discussed the possibility of having MiniPlayer work with landscape mode. Landscape mode support is currently not in version 2.1, but I certainly wouldn’t dare rule it out for a future revision of the tweak.

Overall, I think MiniPlayer 2.1 is the definitive version of the tweak. Version 1.0 showed promise, version 2.0 made it supremely usable, and version 2.1 is as smooth as butter. If you’ve been fence sitting thus far about MiniPlayer, then get off the fence, get over to the BigBoss repo, and purchase MiniPlayer. It’s a free upgrade for previous customers. New customers should plan to fork over $1.99. What do you think about the update?

  • Bob

    I think miniplayer is horrible and it keeps popping up everywhere, so annoying, even when I disable it using an activator gesture.

    • weztimonial

      Use hide on pause

      • Bob

        Doesn’t work for me. It just always pops up and I see it everywhere. Even after having that option enabled and hiding it manually using an activator gesture.

        From now on I’m going to pirate all tweaks and test them out for a few days before I decide to buy them as I end up uninstalling them.

        Piano passcode is also another terrible tweak, just a fad, seems cool at first, but flaws and lack and lack of polish prevent me from using it. You can’t even change the volume of the sound, when you have headphones in the sound of the piano doesn’t play either, my passcode was like 15 keys, I need to be able to listen to it to be able to unlock it, so I would end up pausing my music then doing it. Which would take even longer.

        What i’m getting is that sometimes simple is better.

      • Surenix

        Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

      • Isn’t that letter S from the ‘Sparco’ logo? 😀

      • Surenix

        Yeah, I found that out a couple days ago.

      • Al

        Not sure about the always popping up everywhere issue your having, I’ve haven’t had any issues with this latest update.

        But it’s quite simple, slide to either left or right side to minimalize and it has the ability to change or pause tracks with embedded controls. I don’t know what else are you implying on simplicity.

      • Bob

        I don’t want to minimise it. I want it to only be there when needed.

        Similar to how Johny Ive describes the sleep light indicator of the Macbook Pro, “An indicator only has a value when it’s indicating something, but if it’s not indicating something, it shouldn’t be there”.

        You’re probably okay with it being there, but for someone who is a designer, it’s these little things that add up and make a difference. I take design very seriously.

        Why would I want to minimise it when I’m not listening to music for it to take up screen real estate unnecessarily and accidentally toggle whilst using applications.

      • Al

        You have some valid points. I believe the screen real estate for the iPad versus the iPhone can play apart in deciding if it’s for you or not.

        iDownloadBlog mention in its podcast that perhaps this tweak is more suitable for the iPad compared to the iPhone due to the screen size. I’d be more inclined to be hesitant to use it on the iPhone, but the fact that it works on both the iPad and iPhone is a bonus IMO. But I’d have to admit before the initial release of this tweak compared to this latest update has improved.

      • Was a bug. Fixed

      • not sure of mini player i just D/L’d it to try out but Piano Passcode works me for flawlessly, even the volume on the sound.

  • Don’t like this tweak .. I’m just using the normal iPhone player … The velox extension .. And for the locksscreen I use pluck… So there is no need for this player

    • velox music extension is fu**ing useless. i love this one with activator gesture

    • Pluck sucks because it plays only one song

      • No u can edit a Full List …

      • If you could use pluck to pluck a playlist & play the list in random order then it would be cool but until those options are available , it doesnt do much for me

  • I like this tweak. It works great and I like what Surenix has done with it. Great tweak.

    • Surenix

      Thank you ;p

      • Alex

        Please add a hide (entirely, only show on springboard and/or lock screen) when an app is launched because it keeps getting in the way when playing games on my i5.

      • Yea i agree… If setting was added for apps you want it hidden then it would have some potential. it doesnt show much but in many apps it is in the way.
        Or being able to tuck it on top of screen would help bcz it wouldnt stick out past status bar , but i wouldnt want it to cover much of the status bar

  • I’m really enjoying this quality tweak. Nice update!

    On another note, I like the new hands + video recorder demos.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Back to the old video style, eh ?

    • David Villamizar


  • It has graphics by Surenix though! Anything with graphics by him is worthy of a place on my iPhone 😛

  • Al

    Great Update, Awesome Tweak. It’s similar to BiteSMS of Music, although it would be perfect to access the full library for the tweak. Just hope there’s more to come.. I enjoy the tweak.

    • Surenix

      We have kinda taken care of the “full library” feature with the album art tap going right into the app.

      • Al

        True, I absolutely understand that. I was just thinking of the PowerMusic tweak that’s for the notification center.. How it has the ability to select music. Although it could be overpowering for the iPhone, due to a smaller screen. But it would be welcoming for the iPad… Just a suggestion, that’s all.

        You mention before you were looking into working on the tweak when it comes to orientation not changing while in an app compared to the lockscreen. Not sure if it does it on the iPhone, but on the iPad.. In Safari or any other app if I was to view it to either landscape or portrait, MiniPlayer doesn’t change to it’s respective viewing angle.

      • Surenix

        We’re looking into making it work in landscape mode for both iPhone and iPad in the next update.

      • Al

        Thanks! Looking forward to it.. Appreciate all the work.

      • Magicbacon

        Happened for me as we’ll. same story when I installed piano passcode. Uninstalled them both!

  • Nice; I got it and I didn’t even really need it; since I had the velox player…

  • Hey anybody got news on Quasar for iOS 6 been a while since we waiting for an update

    • Al

      I’ve literally have given up on it. It’s definitely on the back burner, the developer mention it’s in the works. But it’s no telling when it’s coming out..

      • Really sucks, it’s such a good tweak, best thing for multitask on ipad. I hope someone makes a similar tweak

  • Adil Hussain

    The animations seem to be a little slow in this update. When you open the widget out from the side, it has a noticably slower animation. It would be great if you could hide the widget with a very little swipe to either side. At the moment we have to swipe almost to the very edge of the iPhone screen. Other than that its an amazing tweak, great work guys!

  • good effort.

    • Surenix

      Thank you

      • Its not something I’d use but its nice to see some nicely designed widgets for once lol

  • To resolve the problem with showing in any app, they could put an option to choose in wich apps to hide the player. (in some games it’s annoying)

    • Surenix

      This is something we are currently looking into as well 🙂

      • Ok, thx 😀

      • Cool
        Also a way to hide it in case you get into an app & it starts getting in the way… Like maybe doublebtap to hide instead of changing color

  • Music Control Pro Vs MiniPlayer?

  • amazing, upgraden and now my phone won’t boot…i forgot to ave my furious! anyone got suggestions?

    • Hold volume button up while the phone is booting until it vibrates, to enter in safe mode and then uninstall the tweak that is causing the problem. Hope it helps. 😀

      • thanks it worked with volume up home and power, thanks a 1000 times!

      • Glad it worked 😀

      • Anyone else experiencing this problem i love the tweak and i oayed for it so i would love to use it!:)

      • this should definitely be common knowledge by now. seriously before this function i was restoring my phone at least every other week (i like to screw around with as many tweaks as possible!) but because i can boot up directly to safe mode and remove anything, i dont restore my phone unless its for some major jailbreakable FW update. (like going from 5.0.1 to 6.1.2)

  • i have a question to you Jeff, why are you using display recorder at the same time you are recording the screen with a camera?

  • Gorgonphone

    nah i just dont need this but its okay

  • dont know why i need another music tweak but i do like this one… although its pretty useless as it is now, i use the jukebox widget on my second home screen and on the lockscreen with lockinfo. if im in an app, i just use the switcher (switchy set to open on ipod) to pause, skip, or volume.

  • Simon Zeiger

    Hey Surenix or Mpow, if you could see this comment it would be great. I was wondering if in the next update you could a add a similarity to Sentry’s original concept where when you pull on the miniplayer when it’s in minimal form you get a small preview to view the album artwork. That would make this tweak much better. Also maybe make it so it defaults to not showing until there is music playing.

  • Anybody have any idea why after the upgrade of the mini player my iPhone will not boot up? I have to boot up in “safe mode” and remove mini player in order to use the the iPhone 5. thanks

    • I have the exact same issue as you do. Can someone tell us what tweaks do not play nice with mini player ?

  • What is the point of the “fast” volume switch if you have volume buttons??

    This tweak is cool but useless !

    • Surenix

      Probably for people with damaged volume buttons.

  • When I play games that on the way don’t like

  • Help, I paid for this tweak and it crashes my iPhone upon install. I’m forced to use the mobilesubstrate boot loop escape. Anyone know what other tweaks are causing this to occur ? Thank you.

    • No conflicts , just user error

      • Please go jump off your nearest 8 floor balcony, you worthless human.

  • I like the fact that for me it doesn’t intrude on what I am doing. I have set it to a press of both volume buttons activator gesture which works brilliant I just press both the volume buttons and it shows up I can then press both volume buttons again to hide it. As far as criticisms are concerned this needs a volume slider/toggle!

    • Surenix

      There is a volume slider (since 2.1)

      • I discovered it by accident but thanks for your reply. I don’t mean to insult you but there must be a better way to toggle it than tapping and holding on the album art. I also think it would be good if it was made larger on the iPad…

  • Hey everyone!
    I like MiniPlayer but I would like it more with a search button for songs & play next option.
    Could you guys please tell me the name of the tweak that makes a circle while touching on the screen on that MiniPlayer video.


  • Mini Player sux since its not compatible with springtomize locksscreen notification centre !!!

    • Surenix

      We’ll look into this.

      • Nice !! Problem is it looks like when mini player gets activated in the loockscreen the notification centre always comes down …

  • iViperzLTD

    I must say the tweak looks amazing compared to before, I have a question before I consider purchasing this tweak, does it play nice with Zephyr? If it does interfere with one of my most used tweaks then unfortunately this won’t be a tweak on my list

  • How cani get that circle while touching screen? Answer me someone.