WWDC 2013

Having posted better-than-expected quarterly earnings yesterday, Apple this morning officially announced that its annual developers conference will take place at Moscone West in San Francisco from Monday, June 10 until Friday, June 14. I know what you must be wondering: will the five-day conference serve as a launchpad for a next major revision to Apple’s iOS and OS X operating systems, right?

According to Apple’s marketing honcho Phil Schiller, that’s in fact in the cards. “Our developers have had the most prolific and profitable year ever, and we’re excited to show them the latest advances in software technologies and developer tools to help them create innovative new apps,” he was quoted as saying in a press release…

“We can’t wait to get new versions of iOS and OS X into their hands at WWDC,” reads the quote.

Apple also confirmed that folks unable to make it to WWDC 2013 can watch videos of developer sessions that will become available during the conference rather than a few weeks later, as was the case in years past.

Can’t make it to WWDC? We’ll be posting videos of all our sessions during the conference, so Registered Apple Developers can take advantage of great WWDC content.

According to the blurb, WWDC attendees will have a chance to get an in-depth look at what’s next in iOS and OS X, and learn how to take their apps “to the next level.”

Per usual, there will be over a hundred sessions, extensive hands–on labs and engaging events. Developers will be able to connect with Apple engineers and fellow developers “for an incredible week of inspiration.”

Apple’s media release mentions the following conference topics:

• More than 100 technical sessions presented by Apple engineers on a wide range of topics for developing, deploying and integrating the latest iOS and OS X technologies;

• more than 1,000 Apple engineers supporting over 100 hands-on labs and events to provide developers with code-level assistance, insight into optimal development techniques and guidance on how they can make the most of iOS and OS X technologies in their apps;

• the latest innovations, features and capabilities of iOS and OS X, and how to enhance an app’s functionality, performance, quality and design;

• the opportunity to connect with thousands of fellow iOS and OS X developers from around the world—last year more than 60 countries were represented;

• engaging and inspirational lunchtime sessions with leading minds and influencers from the worlds of technology, science and entertainment; and

• Apple Design Awards which recognize iPhone, iPad and Mac apps that demonstrate technical excellence, innovation and outstanding design.

Apple confirmed WWDC tickets will go on sale tomorrow, Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 10am PDT via the WWDC web site. Only members of the iOS Developer Program, iOS Developer Enterprise Program or the Mac Developer Program can purchase the tickets.

Per Apple’s rules, ticket purchases are limited to one per person and five per organization. The same credit card may be used up to five times to purchase all of the tickets for an organization, but each team member must sign in with their own Apple ID and purchase their own ticket.

In announcing ticket sales a day early, Apple is hopefully looking to avoid fast sell outs and last year’s fiasco when tickets sold out in two hours with West Coast-based developers being unable to purchase theirs by the time they woke up.

By the way, what’s up with the WWDC 2013 logo?

Does it indicate a new app, a flattened iOS 7 interface or something completely different?

Let the guessing begins…

  • Jerry

    Reads*. And yay for 7.0!

  • Yes, finally! Now let us hope that Jonny Ive and Co had done something new with iOS 7 😀

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Not just new and innovative but attractive and groundbreaking.

    • let us hope that they dont just change the background

  • That’s it, guys. Apple’s really creating the best mobile OS this time. Awesome!

    • How you know? It is going to be good. like you havent seen anything yet… and for me I just stopped with the iPhone and got over to android which is far more better than iOS atm

      • You’ll see :).

      • There’s always this kind of comments… on a iDevice blog.. go figure .. WHY.

  • If ios 7 suck, then I really have nothing to say, i will feel very disappointed in apple

    • It won’t. I’m sure this’ll be the biggest change of iOS.

      • @dongiuj

        How? In what way, exactly?

      • If you will keep commenting in each comment with Qs, I will get an android and crash it on your head… be careful. It really hurts

      • Cheap Plastic don’t hurt mate…

      • Hahaha owned lol

      • @dongiuj

        Looks like that’s already happened to you.

      • felixtaf

        Who are you? a lawyer or an analyst???

      • @dongiuj

        Nope, neither. Just want to know why he’s sure it will be the biggest change of ios.

      • felixtaf

        But all ur comments from top are jus questioning everybody…. No upgrade is worse than previous – so far.. so lets hope iOS 7 will be better… All their comments are their hopes and wishes and you are simply questioning them…

      • @dongiuj

        Fail to see where anybody mentioned hope or wish on any of the comments I replied to. All the comments I replied to seem to have comments from people that are sure they know what they’re talking about and know something that nobody else knows.
        This was exactly like the people way back that said “iPad mini? Never happen. Apple won’t do it. It’s not apple. Bla bla bla”. Now look how dumb these people look that make these kind comments.
        Why talk like you know what you’re talking when actually you really don’t. Sorry, I don’t mean YOU personally, I just mean certain people in general.

      • iamnotfan

        Take it easy my friend,
        This is not a cue for Cancer
        It’s just phones and OS , stuff like that .

      • @dongiuj

        I know. It’s crazy how people blow it all way out of proportion, isn’t it?
        All I asked was “why?/how?” And look at the replies I got…. “DIE” was one of them…
        Who needs to take it easy, right?

      • In a way I rape your head. Now stfu and leave us.

      • @dongiuj

        I think your head must have already been “raped” as you put it with a dumb ass comment like that. Go get professional help and then stop acting so sure of yourself in your comments about apple when you really have no idea about what the company is thinking/will do.
        Jees, what a twat you are.


    • @dongiuj


      • Ian

        lol XD

      • -.- im just excited about what ios 7 will bring to the table

      • @dongiuj

        And what will ios7 bring?


      • @dongiuj

        Well that’s not very pleasant now, is it! Here I am asking a serious question which, by the sound of it, you seem to know something that nobody on this blog has the answers to and all you have to say is “DIE”. Are you mentally stable?
        I have an iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and an iPad. I’m here to catch up on any significant ios news.
        So now go F&@K yourself because, with the attitude you have, nobody else will assist you with that.

      • We all know your an uncover android agent trying to know about the new features of ios 7 so you can copy it

      • @dongiuj

        That’s really funny! Think of that by yourself did you?

      • Ian

        Me too. Redesigned I hope.

  • omri shtam

    i hope they will finelly after many years they will make a revolution again… or at least make ios and the new iphone (maybe) much better and not only camera upgrades

  • Lets hope for new iOS Design!

  • Good bye android see ya !!!!!

    • @dongiuj


    • iamnotfan

      Welcome to iOS

  • Ian

    6.1.2 jailbreak, or iOS 7? You pick.

    • Boss

      jailbreak all the way unless apple lets you customize some settings

      • Jay


    • @dongiuj

      I guess it depends on what, exactly, apple has in store for ios7. I’m betting it will have new wallpapers (still) and ever so slightly (hardly noticeable to the human eye) altered icons.

    • Under the hood, iOS will be always the same, so… why not iOS7 with JB?

    • With my iPhone, jailbreak trumps new iOS. Always. With my iPad, I couldn’t care less.

      • Gorgonphone

        my ipad stays jailbroken

    • iOS 7

    • iamnotfan

      Ios 7 if with NCSettings (similar)

      • Yes!! If iOS7 get something like NCSettings, I am fine without a jailbreak. I am not a heavy duty jailbreak user.

    • Jay

      iOS 6.1.2 and wait for jailbreak 7

  • MMXIII is Roman numerals for 2013

  • Abdiel Crocamo Diaz

    i hope to see a new UI design of ios because we have the same sh**t beginning 2007

    • Looks the same, but iOS improved a lot since 2007.

      Exactly how MacOSX improved since 2000.

      Radical changes can be a disaster and Apple knows that.

      • Hell yeah bro, finally someone says something on here that makes halfway sense and isn’t based in bias. Look was Windows is going through. Alot of people hate Windows 8. Me included and I work in IT support so I hear it all the time. Too big of a change and no one has a choice. Other than to not upgrade.

  • Multiple colors, No Glossy, Futuristic Font type.
    I bet for a refresh UI.

    Btw, Samsung, start your photocopiers.

    • Gorgonphone

      dissing samsung is frowned upon around here.. be careful..lololo

  • That purple is very Yahoo! wonder if it is an indication of more integration between the two! Think summly news snippets in Siri with Yahoo answers.

  • Jordan

    If apple announces a smart watch, I will cancel my Pebble preorder on the spot.

    Looking forward for the new UI!!!

    • if apple are going to release the iWatch this year, they’ll do it before christmas, because that thing would sell like crazy and be the must have item at christmas. much like the Wii was years ago.

      • Jordan

        I am willing to wait half an year easily

        Did that for my iPhone

      • Gorgonphone

        everyone will have an watch..lol

    • Gorgonphone


  • Let’s hope Siri gets a massive refresh and comes out of beta, with offline diction, and faster more accurate answers. I want Siri to learn the things i do and provide a more tailored experience. it could be the true assistant it was always billed to be.

    • More languages would be great too. Essential for so many countries around the world.

    • Boss

      She’s a spy can’t trust her :S

  • If iOS 7 doesn’t have some major UI changes and customization, I’m sticking with Android.

  • Honestly this is make it or break it for apple at this point. if this WWDC doesn’t include a UI change in iOS 7 then theres gonna be an outrage from all apple fanboys

    • Gorgonphone

      very true… they botched ios6 and iphone5 and far as wow factor… if they bore us again many folks will give up… i will just stick to my iphone 5

    • I really love my iPhone and most Apple products, but they need to realize that google is real competition and that android’s UI is stunning in comparison to iOS and that HTC’s hardware is fantastic in comparison to the iPhone (HTC One) and my next phone may not be an iPhone if iOS 7 does not catch up to the competition.

  • Klikkit

    Anyone else think the logo resembles an icon?

    • yeap… blue (safari); green (messages); orange (music); purple (itunes);

    • Gorgonphone

      yeah same boring icons…

  • Oh i would love to see that as default font in iOS 7 !

  • iBanks

    I agree with the logo expressing an iWatch in 6 different colors.

  • Yeah wondering bout the ios7

  • dear god.. please let those spare exploits work on the upcoming is 7!!

    • ios 7*

    • Gorgonphone

      oMG yes

    • Gorgonphone

      buut if iOS 7 is the big over haul and update it need to be then appl tweaks will need to be re written for it.. that will take a looooong time so i have a feeling i will be staying on my iphone 5 until he ipon 6 comes out

      • yeah good point though i learned my lesson the hard way when i updated my iphone 4 to ios 6 when it came out at first but now its become a common thing and pretty much all the tweaks are compatible and working great 😛

  • omri shtam

    Why they wrote in the reflection of the “DC” XIII? 0.0

    • Devam

      It stands for roman number 2013 😉

  • Multiple flat colors…I predict a fugly metro like UI change.

    • qosmio

      I really hope not!

      Maybe not all of the UI just the app icons I think will be 2D , with flat colours . At the end of the day we are all guessing and to tell the truth 95% of the general public don’t use there iPhone/iPad to its full potential .
      They really only use it to Im their friends,check their Facebook (worst thing ever IMO!) social apps with hundreds of online friends! ( they really don’t know and will never meet ;-p and make the odd call! Oh and not forgetting “games ” .
      Sadly that and good looks! Is what they really care about ” The NEWEST phone” Dam I did more on my spectrum Z81 than the general public use their mobiles for … Hahaha think I’m showing my age 🙁 what ever it looks like and if there is a new UI ? I’m sure we will all just buy into it.

      Coz at the end of the day the only other half decent OS would be “Android” hahahahahahaha which you’ll get bored with very fast 😉 Now Ubuntu mobile is another story and a very happy one…. That’s the one I’m waiting for ..

      Kind regards Q

    • Gorgonphone

      i am very afraid that will happen also..

  • Sure Simply cant wait! iOS7, iphone 5S, cheaper iphones and i watch! Go Apple #TeamApple

  • iOS 7. Bring it! It’s going to look modern, slick, and just plain beautiful, I just know it!

  • Guest

    Praying for a speedy jailbreak

  • iphone4sgamer

    9:30 AM- wakes up
    Goes to IDB…
    10:45 AM- Apple announces WWDC 2013
















  • let’s hope for some macbook – ipad prototype or maybe a smartwatch!

    • Gorgonphone

      the mac book pro is still fresh.. apple needs o focus on the IOS update..

  • an iWatch with MMX III technology?? *joke*

  • Awh I’m gonna be in Europe on those days. 🙁 what’s the best way to get data for cheap in Europe?

  • I do think IOS 7 is going to be a game changer. It will be tweaks within the jailbreak community that apple will now incorporate into their IOS. CANT WAIT FOR VELOX TO BE RELEASED!

    • Gorgonphone

      it needs to be new and exciting… god help us if its is still that boring grid of icons..

  • I ‘m still hoping that iOS 7 has been completely redesigned and the logo may indicate a whole new look and theme to iOS.

    • Gorgonphone

      i am hoping also

  • Ian

    If iOS 7 had apps in the app store, as well as themes (including your favorite one) would you upgrade and lose your jailbreak?

    • Gorgonphone


      • Ian

        Fair enough..

  • MMXIII IS 2013 in Roman numerals

  • Gorgonphone

    omg if they flatten the IOS UI it will look even more boring stoic and static than it does now…. i am not excited about any apple announcements anymore cause they has trained me not to expect much at all..

  • Tim

    I just Hope OS X 10.9 gets rid of the full menu bars in applications. It’s really hard adjusting from a windows environment only to be taken 3 generations back. Look at programs like Firefox, opera and office they have their own redefined nice looking menu buttons replacing the traditional (File, Edit, View, Tools, Help) menu bar.

  • Lets hope with Siri we can now do things like toggle Bluetooth and Wifi.

  • *TEARS OF JOY* – I’m so happy :’)

  • David L

    Looks like all of the iOS 7 icons were stacked on top of each other with the WWDC app on top.

  • Jay

    I am fine with iOS 6. Need to hire some developer from cydia

  • Apple Inc. is always concerned about security and that’s why they have not allowed Bluetooth data sharing to universal devices yet. But i hope after spending so long time improving iOS year-by-year, they must have a solution and will make it available to all iDevices. Another thing, for consumers are bored of current GUI of iOS (i guess!). Apple has not looked much into this aspect, so hope they will do some radical changes.

  • Well_Said

    Calm down guys don’t get too excited. iOS 7 aka iOS 6.5 = bunch of bug fixes and few extra feature an iWatch and that’s pretty much it. Lol

  • Sahil

    What does MMXIII mean .. It’s in the logo??

    • Ian

      Roman numerals for 2013.

  • I agree it’s a watch in many colors.
    Think about it, speak to your watch xD

    Which will be better Google Glass or iWatch?

  • Anggareksa Putra

    well, I want to know when the iOS 7 could be download?