Mailbox Later

Dropbox-owned Mailbox soon became my go-to email client on iOS because it vastly reduced the overhead of dealing with email messages on iDevices by taking delegating most background stuff to the cloud. What the iPhone or iPod touch in turn becomes is a thin, responsive client.

And that has allowed for some interesting possibilities, such as rearranging the individual messages in your inbox or snoozing them as if they were reminders.

Although developers mostly concentrated on creating an effective user interface to support these unique features, the Mailbox app has a few annoyances that today’s maintenance update, its second update post Dropbox acquisition, strives to address.

For example, no longer are you limited to snoozing messages until Later Today, This Evening, Tomorrow, This Weekend, Next Week, In a Month, Someday or a specific date: the app now adds more granular choices allowing for snooze adjustments based on time of day and week…

The application also lets you “swipe as many items at one time as you want,” according to iTunes release notes. I’m actually most excited about a little UI tweak that now makes it possible to double-tap a name bubble in an email message to reveal the sender’s email address.

Previously, tapping on the name bubble would slide a new panel into view containing only the underlying email address. It was both a waste of screen real estate and time as you’d have to hit the Back button to get back to your message.

The remaining changes in this version include the obligatory performance improvements and bug fixes, including one fixing the swipe-to-open bug

Mailbox is free to download from the App Store.

However, you may not be available to start using the software right away due to the reservation system – I had to wait about three weeks to gain access.

If it’s any consolation, it’s most definitely been worth a wait.

  • Bob

    Useless for me as it only supports Gmail. I emailed them they said there’s no ETA for a Hotmail version.

    • People still use hotmail?

      • To be fair the new Hotmail aka Outlook is pretty cool. I still prefer Gmail though.

      • Bob

        I’ve been using Hotmail for over 10 years. I’m 20 years old now and still use it. I don’t use Google stuff. When you sign up for one thing with Google, you get a Youtube account, a plus account and I don’t even know what other accounts you get, which is really annoying.

      • bloodshed

        which is really awesome..using Google’s software has made my life a lot more easier..everything is connected with one account:
        Youtube, Google+, Gmail, Drive (docs, forms, spreadsheets..etc), google Bookmarks, url shortner, calender, translate and more. Annoying?

      • That’s the point. One username for all accounts. How is this a negative?

    • Thumbs up to this as I need Hotmail support but more importantly, Exchange. So, nope…

  • Unfortunately, the world doesn’t revolve around Gmail. I have a gmail account myself, but don’t use it for business purposes. I would say it could be the best mail client for the iPhone if only they supported other major mail clients as well as corporate emails.

    • Can’t agree more..!!! I am only using the default mail client so that my office mails are up to date. Waiting for dropbox to get updated with this.

      • It would help so much! Especially with those snoozing options. I can’t remember how many times I have forgotten to reply back to important emails.

  • I don’t see any difference in the way the snoozes are handled in this latest update. Any additional info on “the app now adds more granular choices allowing for snooze adjustments based on time of day and week…”?

    • Same experience here. Don’t see any changes to snoozing.

    • if it’s already late in the day, “later today” and “this evening” presented overlap. now you have “later today” and “tomorrow evening”.

      If it’s still early in the day, it will say “later today” and “this evening”.

  • Best email app ever

  • bloodshed

    while Mailbox is a product owned by Dropbox now, how about they merge them together giving users the ability to attach dropbox files right from Mailbox?!..That, is an update i would strongly appreciate.
    it’s not gonna happen i know, at least for the near mention a reason, simply because apple’s stock mail cannot do that yet!!

  • Sequoia Murray

    If you delete or restore your iPhone you’ll have to wait again for a reservation. Sucks

  • double-tapping a name still slides to a new panel.

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    Still a very slow experience, nothing i’ve ever tried beats the fast, responsive Mail App. Its shitty and limited on so many levels, but the speed is amazing.