Office for iOS (The Verge 001)

Over the last several months, there’s been a lot of talk regarding the potential for an iOS version of MS Office. Folks particularly want to see it land on the iPad, as research shows the move could be worth some $2.5 billion to Microsoft.

But despite all of the chatter, we have yet to see any indication that Office is on its way to Apple’s mobile platform. And it doesn’t look like we’re going to anytime soon. A new report suggests the app suite won’t land on iOS until next fall…

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley claims that a reliable source has shown her a real roadmap for Microsoft’s upcoming ‘Gemini’ updates. This includes major updates to Office for Windows 8, Office for Mac, and yes, Office for iOS and Android.

“Also on the roadmap for fall 2014 is what’s listed as iOS/Android support for Office. One would assume this is the expected and widely rumored Office for iPad release. It could, however, be Office for iPhone and Android phone, given that it’s not listed on the roadmap as being tablet-specific.

Rumors about Microsoft’s plans to deliver Office for iOS and Android have been circulating for more than a year. Microsoft officials have never outright denied these apps were in development. A number of us Microsoft watchers heard from our various sources that these apps were on track to be delivered by early- to mid-2013.”

The list of Office for iOS rumors is getting pretty lengthy these days. Last summer, Microsoft was seen hiring an iOS engineer to work on its Office team. And in December, references to an iOS Office suite were spotted on the company’s website.

But in order for it to happen, Apple and Microsoft will have to agree on a revenue sharing model for the software. The word is, Microsoft wants a discount on Apple’s usual 30% cut it takes from developers on MS Office, and Apple’s not budging.

  • coderdroid

    This would be awesome if it actually did happen. I can’t imagine using it on an iPhone but definitely on an iPad. I know there is an app that lets you use MS Office at the moment but it just doesn’t cut it for me.

  • When will they update Office for Mac???

  • Greatt! Ima big user of office it would be really great if we had office on our device no more laptop will be required! Do anything in one touch especially school/college assignments. Great work Bill Gates!

  • I remember last year the “new report” was for a spring release. Facts are irreverent when dealing with rumors. Oh well.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    I just hope that microsoft won’t implement a subscription model for iOS office. I am ready to pay $9.99 for each of word and powerpoint and enjoy them on all my iDevices.

    • I think the best choice for them is to offer each type of app separate (Word, powerpoint) and also have a whole suite too.

  • this will not be what folks are hoping for.. its will be a gimped version watch

  • As long as this isn’t a watered down M$ O££ic€ I’d be happy to use it since as great as Pages is its compatibility is not great so unless Apple came out with Pages for Window$ (which I seriously doubt they will) I’d switch to this immediately…

  • seyss

    october 2014……. fail M$ just like fail surface. the only pic I can remember of surface is a brown dork holding it exiting a store imitating apple