Budget iPhone (Martin Hajek 001)

Another publication has commissioned Dutch concept artist Martin Hajek to bundle all the less-pricey iPhone rumors together in some plausible renderings. The 3D designer’s fresh batch of conceptual renderings imagine the rumored device in two flavors, one with a screen measuring four inches diagonally and the other sporting a larger 4.5-inch display.

Hajek took into account credible talk of the budget iPhone adopting a polycarbonate shell, having combined that rumor with analysts speculating about some vivid colors, too. If you ever though using plastics would ruin the iPhone brand with unwanted and cheap feel to it, have a look at the images and think again…

Our friends over at Dutch publication iPhoneclub have worked with Hajek on these gorgeous renderings.

Here’s one depicting a four-inch budget iPhone in red (left) next to a white iPhone 5 (middle) next to a 4.5-inch version of the budget iPhone in iPod touch-like blue (right).

Budget iPhone (Martin Hajek 002)

The publication’s editor Bastiaan Vroegop told me via email:

We’ve worked together with Martin to think of what the budget iPhone might look like. Based on that, we made two versions: a 4-inch iPhone (red) and a 4,5-inch iPhone (blue). Both are made out of polycarbonate and would be available in several colors, just like the latest iPod touch.

Here’s from Martin, via his personal blog (he isn’t a native English speaker – hence his ignorance toward negative connotations to the adjective ‘cheap’):

Adding colours and cheaper materials to the mix the visuals show that such a cheaper iPhone would look like a mix between the current iPod touch and iPhone 5.

Here’s a nice side-by-side comparison between the supposed four and 4.5-inch models.

Budget iPhone (Martin Hajek 003)

Coincidentally or not, Apple is looking to hire plastics design engineers required for “new Apple product developments.”

Now, some fans fear that by giving the budget iPhone a polycarbonate body the company will turn its iconic smartphone into a cheap product resembling the plasticky Galaxy smartphones.


That’s a load of rubbish.

Apple’s love for materials is legendary.

I’m positive Tim Cook & Co. would never compromise the brand by creating a cheap-looking device just to save a few bucks. Besides, I don’t recall anyone complaining about ‘cheap’ feel to Apple’s phased out white polycarbonate body MacBooks, quite the contrary.

The source article has a few other renders so check out iPhoneclub for some more Martin Hajek awesomeness.

Martin Hajek is the brains behind the recently published iTV concept that Jony Ive would approve of and a bunch of other food-for-though imaginary Apple designs we love.

  • Yikes, it looks pretty legit but I hope it’s either fake or just prototypes!

  • Can’t tell what’s real and what’s not these days. Nice concept though.

  • If nothing is different other than the shell I think I would go for the cheaper model. Possibly if parts are interchangeable, shoot for the glass later.

  • s0me

    looks better than that iphone 5 aluminium back in my opinion

  • Even bigger? Seriously?

  • App-Guru

    This is clearly not going to be a cheaper iPhone, but instead the new iPod Touch….they have to make them different now because the iPad mini is the touches competition…….

    • Well originally the iPhone came out to make the need for an iPod obsolete. That never happened…I really hope you are not right. I would love to see this as the next budget iPhone!

      • App-Guru

        Phil Schiller already confirmed no cheaper iPhone…. So if its not an iPhone it’s got to be the iPod touch….

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Looks good..

  • Mohammed Sahib

    I am sure Apple will not include all features in the budget model. JB of course can rectify that 😉

  • You know what would be funny if they made a budget iPhone that covered in plastic and since Samsung phones are plastic they can make a joke about the budget iphone being plastic and high price phones shouldnt be plastic or something like that lol

  • Kayla

    I think having an IPhone with multiple colors and with polycarbonate material would actually make it even better. Although I like the gorilla glass that apple used on the iphone 4/4s alot, I think for a cheaper IPhone polycarbonate and multiple colors would be a really good option.

  • tariq haidari

    i like it. wonder what the new specs are

  • bigzjoseph

    Nice concept

  • cool looks like the ipod touch

  • I think it would make more sense if the ‘budget’ iPhone was 4″ and then the iPhone 5S/6 was 4.5″ or something like that. It seems a bit silly for the ‘flagship’ iPhone 5S/6 to have a smaller screen than the ‘budget’ iPhone.
    Just my 2 cents…

  • But the renderings are fantastic!

  • Uhhh, where’s the microphone grill on the bottom of the budget iPhone?? haha

    • Kaptivator

      Look to the right of the charging port/connector…5 little holes.

      • That would be the speaker wouldn’t it?
        You can’t have a microphone in the same enclosure as a speaker because in loudspeaker mode the person on the receiving end would just hear themselves…

      • Kaptivator

        Or maybe its just a microphone without a speaker. My reasoning is because the rendering of the red iPhone has no music app. But who really knows what the artist was thinking…

      • I think he is stating that there is either a speaker or a mic down there usually, unless they decide to put them together underneath one grill. Highly unlikely…

  • Dislke plastic

  • Nice Concept, except for the colored glass. That’s something Apple won’t ever do… It took them years to start using white glass.

  • Not too fond of plastic but at least do it right like HTC and the iPhone 3G. Not Samsung.